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Posted - 2010.12.31 15:22:00 - [31]

Back when the NOS Domi was win...I think.

Murev Vorchilde
End Game.
Posted - 2010.12.31 15:33:00 - [32]

Dont remember, the one where they added interceptors

Midnight Elites
Echelon Rising
Posted - 2010.12.31 15:38:00 - [33]

Originally by: Murev Vorchilde
Dont remember, the one where they added interceptors

Sgt Blade
Save Yourself Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.31 16:15:00 - [34]

Exodus Cool

Kushan Industrial
Posted - 2010.12.31 16:21:00 - [35]

The one before interdictors were introduced. Exodus I think it was?

Anyways, little known fact: interdictors used to be able to pull a ship out of warp in a safe spot which was in line with the victim's warp path. IE, an interdictor would be at a safe spot half way between Gate A and Gate B. A Victim who warps between these gates would be pulled out of warp at the bubble in the safe spot.

That only lasted for about a week, IIRC. Anyways, that was way before I even considered going out to null sec.

Handsome Millionaire Playboys
Posted - 2010.12.31 16:39:00 - [36]

i started off when RMR was live...

The game was soo new and unkown back then...

all i remember was living in half (0.2) system killing angel primuses in my brutix and killing pirates... (back then the brutix was the best BC no tier 2 yet)

Oh gosh... back when Gallente we consitered OP...
i miss those days... oh and my brown poop domi...

Alexi Komanov
Posted - 2010.12.31 18:05:00 - [37]

Trinity, best expansion in my humble opinion.

JAG Wolfe
Posted - 2010.12.31 18:06:00 - [38]

Exodus. Few months before RMR. Joined a Corp and moved to Impass. Couldn't even fly a BS. Became a good tackler though.. Seems like soooooo long ago.

Atropos Group
Posted - 2010.12.31 18:49:00 - [39]

Edited by: Myxx on 31/12/2010 18:54:40
bah, no, during cold war, two months before RMR. Its been way too long for me to recall, had to go look it up.

Blind Man
Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2010.12.31 18:52:00 - [40]

Edited by: Blind Man on 31/12/2010 18:52:16
I believe I started in Exodus, or just before it

Neo Spartans
Laconian Syndicate
Posted - 2010.12.31 18:58:00 - [41]

I seem to be the only one who started with Castor, unfortunately (buggy as hell).

Posted - 2010.12.31 19:27:00 - [42]

Exodus. Was a good time to start tbh.

Cosmic Fusion
Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2010.12.31 19:29:00 - [43]

I started when sentry guns killed pods not just ships

State War Academy
Posted - 2010.12.31 19:50:00 - [44]

I started when Red Moon Rising was introduced, or just afterward. I remember numerous times of just starting the game to listen to Shiva Theme, "feeling" the vastness of the open universe calling out to me.

Erid Tangor
Posted - 2010.12.31 20:07:00 - [45]

I started a week after the release of Dominion.

Ts'ao Ts'ao
Capsuleer Profit Sharing Enterprise
Posted - 2010.12.31 20:20:00 - [46]


Well I know it was before Faction warfare, and when BoB and Goonswarm where still around, honestly I cannot remember the specific expansion!

Comodore John
Trixi IFI
Posted - 2010.12.31 21:16:00 - [47]

Empyrean Age

Syndikos Consortium
Posted - 2010.12.31 21:20:00 - [48]

Started just before Apocrypha or just after it. Still learning, still enjoying.

Karn Velora
Posted - 2010.12.31 21:26:00 - [49]

Don't know... First time around I remember that in the right part of high sec, you could be all alone - for days. That was a very long time ago...

Meerkat Maner
Posted - 2010.12.31 21:31:00 - [50]


Kane Darkstar
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.12.31 21:38:00 - [51]

I started when Red Moon Rising was introduced, or right afterward. I deeply miss the Shiva theme log on music. I remember many times just starting the game to listen to Shiva Theme, The "feeling" the vastness of the open universe calling out.
I felt so small back then, Eve seemed so huge.

Good times...

Krotfric McEnchroe
Medical Mechanical
Nabaal Syndicate
Posted - 2010.12.31 22:24:00 - [52]

Started a week before Apocrypha, so Quantum Rise for me.

Tyber Zaan
Posted - 2010.12.31 22:33:00 - [53]

Had a stint back in empyrean age. Failed miserably.

Oh how i long to be ignorant of game mechanics again.

Deej Montana
Outbound Flight
Posted - 2010.12.31 22:50:00 - [54]

I started towards the end of Revelations.

Dante Marcellus
Belligerent Underpayed Tactical Team
Posted - 2010.12.31 23:54:00 - [55]

Apocrypha. Had a character that I trained up for a month or two and then got into Hulkaggedon. Needless to say, after that party was all said and done I believe I was at about -2 or 3 sec status and had no way of securing myself an income -- at least I didn't think so, at the time, since I was still pretty much a noob (hell I'm still a noob).

Deleted that guy and made this guy a little later, beginning of this year sometime. Well, last year in a few hours. :P

Have loved the game since and have been enjoying pretty much all aspects.

soldieroffortune 258
Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2011.01.01 00:06:00 - [56]

I started about 6 months'ish from Faction Warfare, maybe that was Dominion, IDK. Didn't have skill ques, wormholes, before the Nano Nerf, before the new scan probe system we have. And you used to be able to spam the directional scanner button.

Harbingers Of Destruction
Posted - 2011.01.01 00:10:00 - [57]

Started back in Castor.
Ahh the days where the only tech II ships were covert ops and interceptors, and there were only Frigs, cruisers, BS, and Indy's (shuttles dont count)

Uneducated Soldiers
Posted - 2011.01.01 00:21:00 - [58]

I started playing just after Exodus came out :)

Something Random
The Barrow Boys
Posted - 2011.01.01 00:46:00 - [59]

Edited by: Something Random on 01/01/2011 00:50:23
The only name i remember is castor being spued about but id started before that.

Basically there was no t2 and people were having fun stacking microwarp drives.

/me shakes fist in an old man kinda way

EDIT : Does anyone remember the bug when there was like a million rockets or missiles sitting static in belts cometimes - i had an old screenshot of my fresh new crusader being chased by wtf pwnage in missiles. Was a great shot ill miss it.

Neti Keire
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2011.01.01 00:53:00 - [60]

Same as the OP, Revelations II.

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