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Posted - 2010.12.16 11:53:00 - [1]

I have two clients. I fired them both up after downtime this morning, they prompted me saying they weren't a compatible build, would I like to remove the last patch and reconnect? I hadn't seen that before, so I said yes on one, and no one the other, just to see if I was about to bork both my clients.

It didn't seem to matter, the one that removed the patch wasn't able to connect afterwards, and the one that didn't continued to prompt.

The server went back down, and then restarted, and now I'm getting incompatible build on both. Did I do something here, or should I just sit tight?

Posted - 2010.12.16 11:57:00 - [2]

I'm having the same issue. hoping to see a fix for this.

Posted - 2010.12.16 11:58:00 - [3]

I feel a lot better now I know it is not just me!!Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2010.12.16 11:59:00 - [4]

Same issue, but... Downtime is expected to be completed at 13:00 UTC... We must wait til then

Zeuth Proxy
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.16 12:00:00 - [5]

Same issue.. Though it appears the servers went back down. Might be correcting it as we speak.

Posted - 2010.12.16 12:00:00 - [6]

EVE Online Incursion 1.0.2 will be deployed Thursday, December 16, 2010. Incursion 1.0.2 includes several fixes to issues introduced by Incursion 1.0.1. Full patch notes of Incursion 1.0.2 can be found here. The deployment process will begin at 11:00 UTC and is expected to be completed by 13:00 UTC.

sheeeesh a needs mi fix man

roaming flower
Posted - 2010.12.16 12:00:00 - [7]

Edited by: roaming flower on 16/12/2010 12:01:10
Oh, patch day. Nevermind. Way to read the notes!

Papa EarthDance
Posted - 2010.12.16 12:01:00 - [8]

Edited by: Papa EarthDance on 16/12/2010 12:02:25
Heh, we posted at the same time with same issue. Glad to see I'm not the only time-traveling compy!

I think they accidentally put the live server up using test server patch info, which is why we have incompatible clients that are trying to connect to a server that has a patch on it that was intended for test, rather than live. We should be connecting to a server with version 214310, but clients are patched to 214371.

Bummer, guess I'll have to go to sleep instead of play more ='(

Intergalactic Syndicate
Nulli Tertius
Posted - 2010.12.16 12:07:00 - [9]

well this has put me at ease.

Posted - 2010.12.16 12:08:00 - [10]

Edited by: Juggati on 16/12/2010 12:09:23
You mean I may have to wait?Shocked no!! I REFUSE!
How long roughly will we wait, any clues? <-(I loled when I read that)
NVM, saw the note. 13OO.

Posted - 2010.12.16 12:14:00 - [11]

patch is up for download

Posted - 2010.12.16 12:46:00 - [12]

I joined already, there was only 1 person in game!! :D


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