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Miss Typo
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:25:00 - [1]

What is the first skill you will train when you login (Don't lie you know you have it all planned out)

***Only reply with the skill name and a one sentence description of why you are a badass...

Heavy Interdictors 5

Because somebody has to be the trap...

Posted - 2010.12.15 14:26:00 - [2]

Titan V

Because i enjoy going down swinging Very Happy

Vargo Breen
Blue Republic
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:27:00 - [3]

Jump Drive Operation 5. Been picking away at it for months lol.

Sunshine and Lollipops
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:28:00 - [4]

My list here says Refining V, because it's been marked as partially trained for ages now and I've grown tired of it… Razz

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:28:00 - [5]

Cybernetics V Very Happy

Rek Seven
Zandathorn Industries
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:29:00 - [6]

Just Gunnery V for me Embarassed I'm gonna save the rest for cruisers V

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:29:00 - [7]

Battlecruisers 5, got like 400k left on it.

Planetary Colony Construction
New Horizon Enterprise's
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:30:00 - [8]

Amarr Cruiser 5, Because Iam tired of Caldari T2 cruisers.

Captain Muscles
Vindictive Bastards
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:30:00 - [9]

Amarr Cruiser V

...and I know I'm a badass, 'cause I asked my mom and she said I totally am.

Brutal Deliverance
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:32:00 - [10]

Battlecruisers 5

Plus some more.

Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:32:00 - [11]

Capital Industrial Ships 5

Save 60 days training time. Woot!

Shiho Weitong
Koa Mai Hoku
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:37:00 - [12]

Edited by: Shiho Weitong on 15/12/2010 14:37:18
Warfare link specialist V.

Because I need my brain more jacked up than it already already.

Amanda Eidolo
The Python Cartel.
The Defenders of Pen Island
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:37:00 - [13]

skirmish warfare specialization.

..because 32km unoverloaded longpoints 8)

Infinitus Odium
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:38:00 - [14]

I already have command ships lvl 4->5 in the queue. That's not what I'll spend my sp refund on though, which I suppose you meant.

And no, I haven't got it planned out. At least not anything specific. I still don't know how I'm going to distribute the refunded sp, but I do know that I'll be using them on cha/int/mem skills. Probably mostly leadership and electronics.

Chesty McJubblies
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:38:00 - [15]

Sweet, another one of these threads. Rolling Eyes

Rawls Canardly
Special Forces Operation Detachment Delta
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:40:00 - [16]

I'm going to train Useless Banter to 5.

Syn Callibri
21st Eridani Lighthorse
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:41:00 - [17]

Minmatar Frigate V

Aeronwen Carys
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:42:00 - [18]

Im going to be throwing all mine in to drone skills :D I seem to have neglected them whilst focusing entirely on gunnery. It's no wonder the poor things die so easily Confused

Mamba Lev
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:44:00 - [19]

Edited by: Mamba Lev on 15/12/2010 14:45:39
Edited by: Mamba Lev on 15/12/2010 14:45:24
Originally by: Amanda Eidolo
skirmish warfare specialization.

..because 32km unoverloaded longpoints 8)

47km here, buy a Domi warp disruptor you cheap bastard :)

Large Energy Turrets V, my PvP Golem is a joy to fly and kill with but a huge chunk of ISK to lose compared to an Abaddon..

Point of No Return
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:45:00 - [20]

Sentry Drone Operation V.

Need that and heavy drone op V to be able to fully unlock the potential of my Shura-snake (Rattlesnake) :D.

King Gore
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:47:00 - [21]

Pimpin' 5

Unleashed' Fury
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:48:00 - [22]

Real Life V

Cally Docious
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:49:00 - [23]

Learning V

:) or maybe not.......

Increasing Success by Lowering Expectations
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:49:00 - [24]

Ouch I made my list as a note ingame, and now I can't log in to look it up^^.

Nomen Luni
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:55:00 - [25]

with my refund I should just be able to finish off Astrometric pinpointing 5

Anne Arqui
Diamonds in the Rough Enterprises
Posted - 2010.12.15 14:59:00 - [26]

Minmatar Cruiser V

.. because I bought a Loki ages ago and it's about time I give it a shakedown

Idicious Lightbane
Percussive Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.12.15 15:05:00 - [27]

Large Energy Turret V to finish off amarr gunnery Smile

Durnin Stormbrow
Posted - 2010.12.15 15:07:00 - [28]

Retail V up thru Tycoon I.

I'm finishing off the int/mem skills I want, and the next remap will be for a years worth of wil/pers skills; but when would I ever actually remap to chr/mem?

Isaac Apylon
Lobster Adoption Agency
Posted - 2010.12.15 15:11:00 - [29]

Recon V.

Because I want my cloaks to cost me exactly 0 cpu.

Rosalina Sarinna
Intergalactic Syndicate
Nulli Tertius
Posted - 2010.12.15 15:15:00 - [30]

Trade skills to V.

Because (unlike it seems everyone else) I don't have a multitude of trade alts Cool

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