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Julianus Soter
Posted - 2010.12.06 11:42:00 - [1]

Edited by: Julianus Soter on 06/12/2010 11:45:04
The past 24 hours have been extremely eventful for all participants in the fight against Sansha's Nation. The fight in Antem, Imya, and Anyed is over, however, there are still a large number of unanswered questions regarding the true motivations of the Sansha Attack. Additionally, there are new questions regarding CONCORD's status and one of their pilots, Reimina Muar. The purpose of this report is to address some of these, and provide an account of leadership decisions and efforts of pilots of the coalition to counter the threats by Sansha's Nation and others in league with it.

Lead-up to the attacks in Genesis:

Node 06 of the Sansha network was decoded and disseminated last week, roughly four days before the attack was scheduled to occur. The transmission was fairly simple: An attack involving four commanders, three of which were named, to establish an uplink of some kind in the area of operations. SYNE and her partners quickly came to a consensus that this was to become a top priority, and we began getting our ships and pilots prepared for the event.

It was at this time that we started asking questions about the intelligence. Why were only three out of four commanders named? What would the fourth commander do? And what was the purpose of the uplink? Pilots within Moira. began re-working Node 06 to attempt to uncover any form of sub-text that could've been planted regarding the true plan. There was, buried within the sound of the transmission, a secondary voice, the one who at the end says "free will". A voice print of this voice was taken, and then used to sift through the rest of the transmission. A series of numbers was detected, but the middle of the sequence was corrupted. Moira. pilot General Stargazer spent significant time trying to piece together the rest of the sequence, but unfortunately, this was done to no avail. To this day, however, it seems unlikely that this was anything of major significance, or if we did acquire the numbers, the method to using them was not immediately obvious.

Node 07 was unveiled roughly 16 hours before the attack was to begin. Fortunately, the participants of the SYNEPublic channel banded together to rapidly crack the information within. The continued ingenuity and drive of the pilots fighting Kuvakei is a symbol of all that humanity is: individual initiative, zeal, and cooperative spirit.

There was, however, significant disagreement on the true meaning of Node 07. Several pilots who had participated in the SYNEPublic channel stated that the warehouse located in Antem, as given by the Node's access terminal, was of significance. They claimed to have launched an operation there, to destroy or damage an 'uplink' device. Even if this was true, the real question remains that there was no way to trace or find the other devices in the other two systems: there were no convenient addresses or obvious targets. It was my view, and the view of others, the only way to stop Nation from conducting this operation was to destroy their forces in space. And starting at 18:00 hours, the fleet began to rally to do so.

Form-up and organization
Moira formed a squadron of 22 pilots, including everything from frigates to battleships, and arrived in Gergish, the fleet rally point at roughly 19:15. Moira. has an active wardec against TS-F and Naqam, both Sansha Sympathizer organizations, requiring us to operate separate from the main FCORD fleet which was being assembled. Moira. affiliates within FCORD assisted with the creation and maintenance of FCORD fleets and squadrons leading up and during the attacks, however, and we attempted to maintain communication with the main body of forces during the attack.

Julianus Soter
Posted - 2010.12.06 11:45:00 - [2]

Edited by: Julianus Soter on 06/12/2010 12:11:13

The main engagement begins:
At 20:00, as predicted, the Sansha began their attack. Slave 32152 launched probing attacks in Imya, attempting to find a weak location in the Capsuleer defense to begin her operation. As we were rapidly destroying her forces, it took her several minutes to find a stable location to deploy her flagship. Moira. shifted position to Anyed, where KOTMC and other allied forces required assistance in orbit of Anyed Prime.

We noticed while in Imya, and as we were fighting in Anyed, that there was a CONCORD agent on the scene, like at other attacks. Her name was Reimina Muar.

Reimina Muar:

Reimina Muar was a veteran CONCORD operative, who had participated in several battles of the ongoing war of Sansha's Nation in the past seven months. Indeed, she was present at the battle of Balle II, 5/12/112, before the incidents with Sutola Endoma, and her discovery as a Sansha agent. Operation Snowblind, the CONCORD taskforce designed to alleviate fears regarding CONCORD's participation in the defense against Nation, was formed on 5/16/112, after Endoma publicly vowed eternal support for Sansha Kuvakei. Up until her appearance in Imya, Reimina has behaved rationally and professionally.

While capsuleers were in pitched battle attempting to track down and destroy Sansha forces, before they could deploy the uplinks and arrays to hack into CONCORD networks, Reimina Muar began making extremely unusual, even alarming statements:

Reimina Muar > Reminder: Aiding a criminal is a criminal act. CONCORD is dedicated to insuring a safe combat environment and will intervene in incidents violating established regulations.


[20:32:47] Reimina Muar > To afford as much freedom in combat as possible, CONCORD places no restrictions on cargo scanning or the shooting of asteroids. We ask that you do not abuse these privileges and we wish you a successful and enjoyable war.

If Reimina was making attempts at humor, they were ill-advised. Heavy combat was underway at the two times of these transmissions, with billions of lives possibly in the balance. Insuring a safe combat environment? Might have been more safe if she had helped to shoot down the Chimera-class carrier that was hacking her organization's networks.

Indeed, she was never seen in space again after those statements. She drops off of public awareness, while the climax of the battle approached.

Deployment of the Array and Uplinks:
The main objective of Nation was to uplink to the local network and insert override protocols, to gain intel on CONCORD movements, or so we believed. This was done with three commanders, Slave 32152 in Imya, Slave Heavenbound02 in Anyed, and Citizen Astur in Antem. Astur was spotted flying a Wyvern, and the combat situation in Antem prevented any conceivable effort to destroy it. Every attempt was made to destroy the Chimeras in Imya and Anyed. They were scanned down in orbit of the targeted planets in these systems, and defence forces arrived to deal with them.

This is where it becomes strange. The Chimera in Imya was totally destroyed, and Slave 32152 was podded in the aftermath. The uplink in that system, however, was somehow completed. In Anyed, the Chimera was able to vanish through its wormhole while it was in flames. . . only after which it was announced that the uplink was complete. Reimina Muar was physically absent for both events and did not comment.

Operating hypothesis:

Reimina Muar's mental stability is now in serious doubt. There are grave concerns regarding her capability to participate in future engagements. Furthermore there is the extremely disturbing possibility that Reimina Muar directly facilitated the establishment of the uplinks in at least one system, Imya, after the Chimera was destroyed. This will be the subject of a continued inquiry.

Julianus Soter
Posted - 2010.12.06 12:10:00 - [3]

The "missing commander", the unnamed Sansha operative involved in yesterday's brazen attacks, may have been Reimina Muar, who was present in the attacks but provided no material aid in defeating the Sansha forces in the system, and was unaccounted for throughout the attacks.

Because of this, the Synenose Accord and her affiliate, Moira., will launch an independent investigation into Reimina Muar's participation in the battle, and the possibility she might be a Sansha mole. If other CONCORD agents or operatives were complicit in the situation in Imya, that will also be determined and released when available.

My personal gratitude goes to all pilots who bravely participated and sacrificed on behalf of freedom and humanity yesterday. Despite any setback we might have suffered, this fight is not over, indeed, it's barely just begun. Kuvakei and his minions will be defeated, one way or another.

Hooch Flux
Posted - 2010.12.06 12:56:00 - [4]

Originally by: Julianus Soter[quote

[20:32:47] Reimina Muar > To afford as much freedom in combat as possible, CONCORD places no restrictions on cargo scanning or the shooting of asteroids. We ask that you do not abuse these privileges and we wish you a successful and enjoyable war.

I had wondered about that when I saw it over Neocom...

Meizu Kho
Posted - 2010.12.06 14:24:00 - [5]

Edited by: Meizu Kho on 06/12/2010 14:43:35
Kho incorporated would like to offer the following video-log about the events of yesterday:

Fcord Log

Yoshitaka Moromuo
Distant Light Galactic
Apocalypse Now.
Posted - 2010.12.06 18:41:00 - [6]

Edited by: Yo****aka Moromuo on 06/12/2010 18:41:26
While levity is generally acceptable, it is hardly so during a heavy engagement. It's concerning enough, to see that Muar's statements seemed to have absolutely no relevance to the battle at hand...

... hmmm, maybe not relevant to us, though. This may be worth looking into... or not...

Returning to the topic... are there any short-lists as to who the general overseeing commander may have been?

Sinjin Mokk
Stillwater Corporation
Posted - 2010.12.06 19:22:00 - [7]

Actually, given recent events, it makes perfect sense to have a force on standby to maintain a ôsafe combat environment."

As I've previously noted, there have been situations where elements of the Republic Militia have committed acts of piracy and terrorism before, during and after Nation incursions. Additionally, we have seen several other pirate groups using these attacks to prey on the weak. It may very well be that Concord was acting in coordination with the Empire on making sure that events did not turn into a free-for-all. If the Imperial Navy had shown up, they would have been forced to not only attack the Nation and the various pirates, but several units that the Empire is nominally at war with. But by having Concord maintain the greater share of law-enforcement operations during the attack, it allowed all defenders to do their jobs and avoided a lot of messy diplomatic complications.

While a bit vague, her other words are not all that illogical. By allowing free-scanning, it seems to have helped to speed up the process of salvaging. This aids navigation and clears the field quickly, preventing piracy or other criminal behavior. Concord rules regarding the shooting of asteroids are in place to prevent other kinds of navigational hazards. If Concord were tied up in enforcing this law, then they would be slower to respond to real acts of piracy and/or the incursion in general.

I cannot comment on her alleged disappearance. I was commanding ground forces at the time. I can say that I did not see her at my location during this time frame.

Wynteryth Fett
Posted - 2010.12.06 20:02:00 - [8]

What about Muar's other broadcasts? Including the one where she stated that a Carrier had exited a Wormhole at Imya X, and, low and behold, it had? I know because I was there and firing upon it before our wing commander warped us the Antem gate.


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