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Posted - 2010.12.04 10:13:00 - [31]

Favourite ship: Cynabal (It's pretty and fast, and can do l4's, though some reduction in tank or firepower might be warranted)
Least favourite ship: Freighters: They are fat, they are slow and you can't do anything with them but haul. No fun, all rolled in to one big block.

Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2010.12.04 10:16:00 - [32]

650mm arty cane.

good alpha to ***** killmails, light enough to fit some nanos

De BuG2
Rise on Chaos
The Fendahlian Collective
Posted - 2010.12.04 10:55:00 - [33]

The machariel! Smile

Posted - 2010.12.04 11:05:00 - [34]

Originally by: Alara IonStorm
Thats pretty hard.

I would say my favorite class is the Tech 2 Battlecruisers. Especially the Drake and the Cane, they are a lot of fun to fly.

Least Favorite is the T1 Logi's, so forgotten.

It's Tier 2 FYI,

Back on topic, Has to be the sleipnir ugh

Isaac Apylon
Lobster Adoption Agency
Posted - 2010.12.04 14:32:00 - [35]

Favorites: Vargur, Merlin

It's always kinda of hilarious to see how fast the Varg tears through missions; it makes isk making very easy. The Merlin has been one of my favorite frigs to fly in pvp ever since I realized that it is a reasonable alternative to a Rifter. The Rifter is a great ship, but I like to do things differently.

Least Favorites: Any battleship besides my Varg

The things are damn bricks. I don't know how people can enjoy going that slow, in any situation.

Posted - 2010.12.04 14:55:00 - [36]

Originally by: Bruce Carraway
to op, if you like the ishtar check out the gila

Ish is better than the gila any day. Anyone who says otherwise is a noob who thinks the passive shield tank makes it better, and that your Ogres will hit unwebbed unscrammed targets.

Percussive Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.12.04 14:59:00 - [37]

To look at? Omen navy issue.
To fly? Eh, too circumstantial.

James Lyrus
Lyrus Associates
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.12.04 15:10:00 - [38]

I think it would have to be the Rook. I like the paint job, and I like having 80% of a Cerberus, 80% of a Falcon.

Bloody Amarr's
Posted - 2010.12.04 16:29:00 - [39]

Best: Omen navy issue
Crap: t1 cruisers except rupture

Sonya Kranz
Posted - 2010.12.04 16:36:00 - [40]

My personal favourite ship is defenitely the ishtar, just love the versatility of that ship!

Ann Ripley
Posted - 2010.12.07 09:50:00 - [41]

1. Bhaalgorn - its a curse on stearoids, nuff said, 3200 cap drained every 14 secs with 3 faction neuts
2. Nightmare - WTF dmg and good tank - needs better cap though but still awsome. Model is great too
3. Machariel - Weeeeee im a vaga on roids! needs an extra med slot though for better tank. one of the best looking models in game by far.

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2010.12.07 10:47:00 - [42]

Edited by: NightmareX on 07/12/2010 10:53:22
My favourite ships are those under.

1. Vindicator. Because it makes peoples to go 'DUDE, where's my shield / armor gone?'. Yes my Vindicator does 1438 DPS (1610 DPS with the guns overloaded) with Federation Navy Antimatter L. And it does 1570 DPS (1760 DPS with the guns overloaded) with Void L. With the LG Slave set i have atm the Vindicator have 191k EHP. This is before gang bonuses.

2. Maelstrom. My Maelstrom is a crazy shield tanker. It can tank about 1.5k DPS with the LG Crystal set i have on another clone. When my shield mods are overloaded it can tank about 2k DPS. And still it does 1150 DPS (1270 DPS with the guns overloaded) with Republic Fleet Fusion L. And it does around 1250 DPS (1380 DPS with the guns overloaded) with Hail L.

3. Cynabal. This ship is just fast and agile. It's agile like a frig and it still does quite alot of DPS. The last Cynabal i had before i sold mine had 602 DPS. This ship is just freaking fun to use in roaming gangs.

Posted - 2010.12.07 12:11:00 - [43]

this is a tough one, but its either maelstrom, mega, scimitar or bhaalgorn. (i can never really deside wich one i prefer to fly)

Dodixie hoes
Posted - 2010.12.07 12:34:00 - [44]

Megathron hull for me.

Tengu for my alt Razz

Zachary Crow
Posted - 2010.12.07 12:46:00 - [45]

Haven't flown it, but my favourite would be the Widow (can't wait to sit on one... Not sure what I'd do in it but whatever) and other versions of the scorpion.

Also, I'm in a love story with the Crow (thus my surname).

What I hate? The Caracal. It's a fine ship but the looks are horrible, and I don't like that the caldari flagship cruiser is useless in solo PvP.

Midas Tycho
Posted - 2010.12.07 12:50:00 - [46]

There has always been a place in my heart for the Megathron and Ishtar, however; the Nightmare and Sac are just awesome, more awesome than something that is really awesome!

The Sagan Clan
Pax Romana Alliance
Posted - 2010.12.07 13:32:00 - [47]

Favourite to look at: Anything with an Executioner hull, they just look fantastic, although I have never flown one. Or the Scorpion, it looks like a beast.

Favouitre to fly: My Myrmidon, a mix between a boomerang and a B-Wing, all rolled into one resilient package.

Least favourite ship to look at: Celestis by a long way. The thing is hideous.

Alexandra Stormwing
Cry Wolf.
Posted - 2010.12.07 15:55:00 - [48]

Favorite Solo Ship: Sentinel. It's the Curse's little brother. Fast and fun and not at all forgiving if you make a mistake.

Favorite Gang Ship: Blackbird. It's cheap, it can jam a nice distance, and it can fit a decent buffer. I love ECM.

Brutal Deliverance
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2010.12.07 16:02:00 - [49]

I love flying a mach on paper, but in reality I never fly it beyond empire wardecs since its price is so high I'm never confident to roam into the unknown.

In reality my favourite ship is likely a cane or vagabond. Both great ships. Canes problem is I cannot run away all the time, vagas problem is I cannot tank much.

Korg Leaf
Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2010.12.07 16:06:00 - [50]

Fav has to be Dual Rep Stabber Fleet Issue

Least favourite Vagabond cause I hate to kite

Jai Di
Posted - 2010.12.07 16:06:00 - [51]

Favorite to fly is probably the crow or Rook, but to look at I really like the Noctis at the moment.

Posted - 2010.12.07 16:14:00 - [52]

I like the prowler to ninja loot and run.

but a little vigil turns into some kind of superstar in a torpedo gang.

Posted - 2010.12.07 16:23:00 - [53]

Favorite: Loki, because I can shape it to whatever I want to do today, missions or exploration

Least favorite: Loki, because it looks like %/#) no matter what subsystems are on it.

Qui Binder
Dead Pilots Society
Posted - 2010.12.07 16:40:00 - [54]

Favorite: Vagabond. Agile, good DPS, looks good.

Least Favorite: Capsule. It means I just died. Razz

Actually, my least favorite... Celestis. I don't like flying the role.

Seriously Bored
Posted - 2010.12.07 17:34:00 - [55]

Here's a pathetic carebear statement...

I think I like my Vargur the most, even though I try to keep a rational opinion of its abilities.

I like how it looks, I like how it handles, I like how I can pack a cargo-load of ammo and charges and move 12 jumps to finish five missions of an Epic Arc and never have to touch the market there for supplies.

But most of all, I like how it gives me iskies so I can go gloriously (or pathetically) lose the other ships I like in lowsec.

I think the ships I like the least are pretty well documented on this forum.

Sean Faust
Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2010.12.07 17:40:00 - [56]

Favorite to fly: Taranis, Crusader, Ares, Curse, Zealot, Rupture Navy Slicer, Cynabal, Vaga

Least favorite to fly: Anything that's big and slow with a poor align time.

Best looking: Damnation, Vengeance, Daredevil, Ashimmu, Rifter

Worst looking: Imicus, Dominix

Corporal Punishment08
Nostradamus Effect
Posted - 2010.12.07 17:43:00 - [57]

Scorpion is my favourite's nice to be needed. Also, it's my favourite to look at ;) Also, if I ever run in to frog0ut, he will be primary for my jammers, no matter what.
Second favourite to look at is the Tengu with the CPU Efficiency Gate, Amp Node, Fuel Cat, Accel Ejec Bay, and Augm Cap Res. it looks pretty bada** for a cruiser, though the CPU isn't needed.

I don't really have a least favourite ship. Maybe the Moa cause it's so ugly

Xolornem Srrpep
Posted - 2010.12.07 17:49:00 - [58]

Muninn, factoring in costs.

lag kills
Original Sin.
Underworld Excavators
Posted - 2010.12.07 18:40:00 - [59]

if i want to fly cheaply and efficiently - hurricane

if i want to have more fun - vagabond

if i want to fly something pimp - loki

favorite to look at - loki, easily. so much more detail in the latest ship designs.

least favorite - any battleship. just don't like flying that class of ship and avoid using it unless it's required by the FC.

Larton Dretta
Posted - 2010.12.07 18:40:00 - [60]

ecm boats cuz they **** people off and i heard being an ******* is cool in this game, GO HULKAGEDDON and stuff

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