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Anna Ooze
Posted - 2010.12.01 13:53:00 - [1]

Edited by: Anna Ooze on 02/12/2010 17:31:11
Hi all

First of all, great job on getting many nice fixes into Incursion 1.0!! :-)

Here's a couple ideas of mine that I think could make all of our EVE experiences even better:

1) Icons of GSC and Station Container (possibly others?) are the same. Always have to show info or open them to see which it is

2) Icons of BPC and BPO need to be different

3) Allow identical BPCs to be stacked

4) Add column to hangar showing BPC remaining runs

5) Can't rename containers anywhere but in personal hangar. Should be able to do so in Cargo, and in Corp Hangars (POS? Ship hangar?)

6) Remove blocking windows (Some popups prevent you to "do anything else" before closing the popup. Can kill you very fast.
Examples: Auto Link -> Select Item Type

7) Multiple "Show Info" windows side-by-side.
- That's something industrialists do, not combat pilots -- Resource usage and lag is a non-issue here.
- Aware of the "compare tool" -- however this should be much easier, and "Compare" isn't availabe for e.g. blueprints
- Perhaps add an option in general settings such as "Open info windows separately"

8) Hotkey for Auto-Link Item Type
- or even better: make ALL items searchable in the market (many many T2 BP's missing)

9) Show total #of selected items and total volume in a hangar "status bar"
Find out earlier if they'll fit in cargo / courier contract without putting them into a station container first just to check that.

10) Allow manufacturing to be done from within a station container
- they already have a mechanism to not allow their repackaging while they've got log entries in the last x weeks, so just extend that "lockdown" when it has active jobs.
- would help a LOT to organize large manufacturing operations
- few alts, 5-10 jobs each, you're spending most of your time moving stuff in and out of containers

Anna Ooze
Posted - 2010.12.01 13:55:00 - [2]

11) For all kinds of jobs, have the server automatically pick the slot with the lowest waiting time, or a random free one.
- waiting for that list of installations to load each time is a huge time sink, and pointless, as you'd never choose any other than the next available one anyway.
- can still keep the option to select, but pre-select one for the user

12) Fix undock-bug. You click Abort, it says "Aborting undock" but still throws you into space. Sometimes have to click Abort TWICE.

13) Repair items located in corp hangar, and in containers

14) Add the ability to clear waypoints / destination without opening the map

15) Add a "Items placed by me" into a container are Locked / Unlocked GLOBAL SETTING.
- Some need to be able to do it on a per-container basis
- For others it's ultra-annoying having to do it with every alt, for every container
- Or perhaps a "free for all" flag that a CEO / Director can set on a container, that ignores the locked/unlocked setting for everyone

16) Add option to "unload container cargo to hangar" (personal / corp) when right-clicking your ship in a station
- Empties all containers, but leaves containers in cargo bay
- Haulers usually stuff their cargo with containers to maximize capacity
- Very annoying and unnecessary to fill & empty each container individually

17) New type of container, with user-defined capacity
- Also solves the problem of unloading countless containers
- A tech2 container perhaps, that you can configure to have a certain size ?
- When built, they have 100'000m3, and can be configured to be smaller
- Still give bonus to hold / volume proportionally to size, such as existing containers
- When ship is blown up, container is always dropped with its "original" volume (100'000m3)
- Same skill could apply here, as mentoned in # 18

18) New type of container, with a impenetrable containment field
- A tech2 container perhaps, whose contents cannot be scanned
- Make them expensive to prevent each and everyone using them
- Perhaps introduce a new, long to train, skill needed to be able to open them. Prereq: Racial Industrial V for instance

19) Allow mining crystals to be repaired in space, using nanite paste
- Perhaps use a different kind of paste
- Provides additional use of paste for a huge part of EVE population that don't use it at all yet

20) Be able to create your own corp hangar divisions

21) Remove the forum timer for old characters. They won't spam most likely (guess when I added this one) :-)

Mr LaForge
Posted - 2010.12.01 14:52:00 - [3]

Supported with this addition:

22) Option to turn off or dim the sun and nebulae

Anna Ooze
Posted - 2010.12.02 16:43:00 - [4]

Edited by: Anna Ooze on 02/12/2010 17:31:37
Edited by: Anna Ooze on 02/12/2010 17:31:25
Updated Title.

Task Force A.S.T.E.R.O.I.D
Posted - 2010.12.03 01:15:00 - [5]

Originally by: Anna Ooze

20) Be able to create your own corp hangar divisions

My alt's training for an Orca, and for mining ops this would be a great addition to help keep ore apart.

Invictra Atreides
Posted - 2010.12.03 10:52:00 - [6]

14) Add the ability to clear waypoints / destination without opening the map
OMG this idea is brilliant! There is rly no need to load the whole map to just configure your autopilot.

Anna Ooze
Posted - 2010.12.04 14:19:00 - [7]

Supporting 22) above, and as well:

23) Allow ship cargoholds to be opened inside corp hangars as well - why move them to personal hangar first (assuming I have the right to do so anyway)

24) Allow items to be repackaged anywhere

Anna Ooze
Posted - 2010.12.05 16:03:00 - [8]

25) Allow skills to be injected from anywhere ("Item is not yours to take" when trying to inject from corp hangar, even though I can take the item and move it anywhere I want just doesn't make sense).


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