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Posted - 2010.11.29 21:43:00 - [1]

Under Trade Goods, we have alot of personal standing around do nothing. "Slackers" Granted, some stations demand some, but other then that, the Exotic Dancer gets all the attention.

I suggest adding slots in ships to add personal to your crew.

They will act like rigs, but can be removed and replaced at anytime. Plus, they do not give negative, only positive. The postivie will need to be a small %, but enough to attract people to use them.

For example -
Scientist - Give 5% bonus to mining, scanning, probing.
Militia - Give 5% bonus to attack strength of certain weapon type.

Now with Slaves, since they are used mainly by Amarr, can only be used by Amarr and one of the personal slots will have to be filled with a Slaver Hound or a Slave Handler, of sorts, but Slaves give a 3% bonus to everything. (EXAMPLE)

This will add another phase to eve, one which I think is good. It will require Charisma to be used more, since all skills needed to actually use personal will require it as the primary attribute. This will give new meaning to role players, make it to where your race actually means something, and will increase the traffic for Personal use in game.

Not quite sure about Exotic Dancer, but I am sure someone can help determine the right bonus for her/him.

Posted - 2010.11.29 23:37:00 - [2]

Since driving from work, I thought of a twist to this, to make it interesting.

When your ship goes down, your crew escapes with you in your pod. Now if you get podded, then your crew can be rescued and used by the enemy, if they survive. Make pod killing alittle more worth while.

Uronksur Suth
Posted - 2010.11.30 04:50:00 - [3]

Can you explain how the crew is supposed to get into a sealed, fluid-filled capsule with delicate brain scanner, no cargo hold, and a total volume of 1,000m3?

Antihrist Pripravnik
Scorpion Road Industry
Posted - 2010.11.30 13:12:00 - [4]

Edited by: Antihrist Pripravnik on 30/11/2010 13:12:55
And how about you check previous posts before throwing your own on the forum?

Btw. it got 15,15% of votes and got on the 10th place on priority list made of 203 suggestions:

Posted - 2010.11.30 13:29:00 - [5]

Ahh thanks. Sorry, I did searchs, but didnt come up with anything. Thanks for the link.


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