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FinnAgain Zero
Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2010.12.05 21:18:00 - [61]

Not very good at trolling, eh?
A pity, to be sure.

Mimiru Minahiro
Posted - 2010.12.05 21:33:00 - [62]

so long as logi drones cause a dock/jump timer this could be ok.

Hirana Yoshida
Behavioral Affront

Posted - 2010.12.05 21:54:00 - [63]

Don't even need to add any new orders/functions, just have them repair whatever they are orbiting.
Launch and they start self-repair, send to other and they repair that instead ..

Should be easy enough.

Kabaal S'sylistha
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.12.06 00:31:00 - [64]

[email protected] people trying to argue with Finn.

As for self repair drones, it definitely needs more argument than the obvious fact that they should be able to from a realistic perspective.

My first instinct does lean towards "Sure, why not," but it could cause some craziness (I would so pack some repair drones onto a drake). The flip side is any tank gain from it is at the cost of damage gain.

Jessica Autumn
Posted - 2010.12.06 01:08:00 - [65]

Actually this isn't all that bad, I mean even if the Drones repairing you is put in the repping wouldn't help all that much, If u look at the Numbers, a Supper Carrier with 20 Heavy Armor Rep drones T1, is equal to 1 capital RR. So a Drake with 5 Light Shield drones self repping wouldn't do anything.

But I still support it, I has it's use's, but not in combat.

Anubis Xian
Ministry of War
Posted - 2010.12.06 05:22:00 - [66]

Originally by: FinnAgain Zero
Originally by: Anubis Xian
Originally by: FinnAgain Zero
Describe the process of directing drones onto a ship that they don't autoaggro onto.

I don't have to, because the statement you replied to invalidated your entire argument about why this shouldn't be possible.

In other words, "you don't have to" means "you can't".
And since you can't, you'd rather pretend that the error you made somehow "invalidates" my argument. The fact is, of course, you're wrong. The reason you can't describe the process of directing drones onto a ship that they don't autoaggro onto is that it involves targeting that ship.

I am not wrong. Drones target independently of the controller. Letting repair drones auto engage and repair targets wasn't put in because there was no way to make them not repair enemy ships without revamping the whole of the behavioral code.

When you claim "Drones don't have to be directed to a target." you are ignoring game mechanics.

My Warrior IIs never have to be told to kill the stupid fool in the Interceptor. Unless they go for the wrong one. The mechanics are not different for rep drones, just one command line is nullified to keep them from autorepping your enemy.

Ignoring game mechanics does not "negate" an argument any more than claiming that you can shoot at ships while you're cloaked would negate a discussion of the cloak-warp trick.

I don't argue, and even if I did... I'd win.

You cannot dispute this statement: There is no game mechanic reason repair drones shouldn't be able to repair the ship they serve. Drones are perfectly able to target anything targetable within their range. They are just never triggered into targeting their master, because you can't initiate combat against yourself.

Coalition Of Gentlemen.

Posted - 2010.12.06 06:03:00 - [67]


Posted - 2010.12.06 08:22:00 - [68]

While I do not have insight directly into the minds of the developers, I think I can safely say that the reason you can not self-rep with a logistic drone is a technical one, and not related to game design or balancing.

To command a drone to engage something, you must lock it. Players may not 'lock' onto themselves, ergo they are unable to send drones after themselves.

The simple fix to this would be to allow players to 'lock' themselves. An alternate fix would be to make it so that logistic drones immediately begin repping the player that launched them when they are 'idle'.

The longer fix that would do exactly what is requested in this fix would be to rework the logic of drone engagement completely such that drones are able to be sent after targets which are not 'locked' which would be a nerf to all electronic warfare related to denying targets lock, or make it so that the game client proactively determines what drones you have and allows them and only them to be deployed onto a specified target without using the target lock as a mechanism for target selection.

This could potentially be a lot of work, and in the larger scheme of things may not be worth the time of a full development team. It also doesn't do much into the future, it's a one-off change.

Please support the DRONE AI thread, this would be a much smaller fix if the full drone AI were rebuilt and this request were merely baked into the final product.

Just a humble suggestion to help organize game development for the good of everyone. This is a great request, and were the fix easy I know it would have already been done.

Aphrodite Skripalle
Galactic Defence Consortium
Posted - 2010.12.06 10:57:00 - [69]

Edited by: Aphrodite Skripalle on 06/12/2010 10:59:14
Originally by: gargars
I agree - the two things I found most surprising to find out was that repair drones couldn't repair 'their master' and that the orca couldn't mine. Yah I have noob moments lol. Rolling Eyes

I agree with that, but orca can mine with 5 mining drones.
After many years playing eve i still feel like a noob. But there are lots of others who are really bloody noobs. Wink
Well repping yourself will overpower some ships in a very strong way, think about a rattlesnake going into a DED 10of10.
While repping itself it can almost tank everyhing.
No good imho.

Cpt Cosmic
Posted - 2010.12.06 14:49:00 - [70]

I always wanted repair drones to repair myself after a fight.

many might consider it too strong on some ships nut they forget that you are giving up DAMAGE for it. anyway, CCP could introduce new drones with less repair amount, but can repair structure and armor (shield recharges by itself anyway)?

Testic El'Hed
Posted - 2010.12.06 16:35:00 - [71]

Originally by: Anubis Xian
Letting repair drones auto engage and repair targets wasn't put in because there was no way to make them not repair enemy ships without revamping the whole of the behavioral code.

Which is the balancing factor to using them to try and repair yourself! Unless assigned to a specific target they should run a chance of repping an aggressor; including rats.

This will limit the use of rep drones into a very small niche.


Naomi Knight
Posted - 2010.12.06 17:32:00 - [72]

Edited by: Naomi Knight on 06/12/2010 17:32:28
So another stealthy caldari/shield tank nerf... Thx but no.

BuBu Chan
Posted - 2010.12.06 17:49:00 - [73]

quite disappointed to find out they actually cant...Rolling Eyes

Alvin Exe

Posted - 2010.12.07 15:29:00 - [74]

Definitely supported.

Since I cant lock myself, just right-click on drones and click "auto repair" => Drones lock me and repair me.

Wouldnt be cheated since it will never be as good as a local rep, but wouldnt require cap Very Happy

Eve Cluster Explorations

Posted - 2010.12.07 15:58:00 - [75]

Originally by: Black Dranzer
I was baffled to find out that you couldn't do this.

Posted - 2010.12.07 16:05:00 - [76]

Originally by: Crumplecorn
Originally by: Black Dranzer
I was baffled to find out that you couldn't do this.

Tiberius Drake
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.12.07 16:40:00 - [77]

I can remember having a "cunning" plan while running level ones back in the day. The realised self-repping withe drones was not possible Sad

Please implement


Posted - 2010.12.08 12:06:00 - [78]

+100500, it's will be nice :)
All support dron's must can help to owner of this dron's.

Great Creator
Jacks of all trades

Posted - 2010.12.08 12:07:00 - [79]


Lilian Imp
Posted - 2010.12.08 12:30:00 - [80]

Definitely do want.

Jennifer Starling
Posted - 2010.12.08 12:43:00 - [81]

Let the niiice dronies repair me ..

Posted - 2010.12.08 12:55:00 - [82]

Its a must!

last lady
Posted - 2010.12.08 13:52:00 - [83]


Posted - 2010.12.08 14:20:00 - [84]

Originally by: Werawulf
A fairly simple proposal, not much needing to be said. Obviously being able to target yourself is out of the question, so perhaps all that is needed is an additional right-click option to Repair Self. I don't foresee any major unbalancing issues here. Although tactics may change. True though you could go on and on about how this would change so many things. I just happen to think that being able to repair yourself with your own repair drones is logical, simply put.

+1, good idea.

Posted - 2010.12.08 14:28:00 - [85]

yeah i was pretty stupified when i found out that you cant repair yourself with them.

Lord Recarus
Posted - 2010.12.08 14:32:00 - [86]


Frakir Shedimbirut
Posted - 2010.12.08 15:19:00 - [87]

Atra Hasis
Posted - 2010.12.08 16:36:00 - [88]

I think this would be most useful not in combat or not even in PVE but in mining operations. I can see using repair drones as a great asset for the noob miner who still can't fully tank tank belt rats but has the skill to field a few shield bots. I really dont see how you could use drones to repair yourself in PvP unless you aer just sitting around playing station/gate games, and if you need to repair yourself with drones during a mission or plex, then you are prolly doing something wrong and should go down a level or so.

Jeweller style
Only For Fun
Posted - 2010.12.08 19:13:00 - [89]


Posted - 2010.12.08 22:07:00 - [90]


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