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Posted - 2010.11.15 16:27:00 - [61]

We just got trolled by CCP again didn't we...

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.11.15 17:00:00 - [62]

Originally by: Wacktopia
Edited by: Wacktopia on 15/11/2010 15:05:21

Oh what so rockets and blasters remain broken for years but users being able to talk in colours... HOLD THE PHONE we better fix that asap. Crying or Very sad

Rocket rebalancing may well be part of the Nov 30 patch, you know.

Muul Udonii
THORN Syndicate
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.11.15 17:23:00 - [63]

Originally by: Max Cetera

Since some dumb people people don't get it...

Sploit = Using a bug to your advantage (i.e typing in color, if you didn't think it made you look cooler, annoy more others, ... you wouldn't even bother)

Well, since some other dumb people don't appear able to read I'll simply state the question again:

Originally by: Muul Udonii

Exactly what is exploitative about using coloured text?

And explain a little more with reference to a dictionary and the EULA:

An exploit is using game mechanics in such a way as to gain an unfair advantage over an opponent. If the advantage is 'typing in colour' then the opponent clearly needs to as they say 'htfu'.

An exploit would be using the coloured text to pretend to be a CCP staffer, and use THAT to an unfair advantage. Not posting ASCII spam of pink *****es.

Posted - 2010.11.15 18:26:00 - [64]

I really have to wonder why would ccp include feature that is exploit to use in first place? Anyone in ccp staff care to explain what monkey made that decision to include it in release? Must have been monkey, since no human with branes would include such trap on release.

Seriously stop brakeing our game ccp. Dont include things that are exploits. Fix the damn bugs.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2010.11.15 19:02:00 - [65]

one wonders why the iskf armers havent utilized this yet.

Yuki Kulotsuki
Posted - 2010.11.15 19:17:00 - [66]

Nothing says good fight like: <font color="green"><font size="200">gf</font>

Maelstrom Crew
Posted - 2010.11.17 00:02:00 - [67]

So this got fixed in the latest patch?


Yuki Kulotsuki
Posted - 2010.11.17 00:16:00 - [68]

Originally by: Denalak
So this got fixed in the latest patch?

CCP nerfed the best feature ever. Sad

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