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Matt Kaiser
Posted - 2010.10.24 11:23:00 - [1]

Hello All,
I'm looking for a Pve focused corp for mission running and with some WH action possible. I'm based in US CST TZ so i'm usually active later in the 1800 - 0230 Eve time area. I fly Amarr ships and i'm currently aiming to max out my BS skills then move towards a Legion for plex'ing. I'm willing to locate to pretty much anywhere and my standings are not terrible with any faction so that shouldn't be a problem. I have an industry alt as well for building and mining but he is still fairly new.

If I sound like a good fit for your corp let me know through a post or an evemail.
Kaiser Very Happy

Dead Rats Tell No Tales
Posted - 2010.10.27 16:30:00 - [2]

Hiya Matt,
Please check us out, we have the same interests and might fit well together. Our recruiting thread is here. I look forward to talking with you.


Nelios Ran
New Eden Regimental Navy
Rebel Alliance of New Eden
Posted - 2010.10.27 16:42:00 - [3]

New Eden Regimental Navy is looking to fill out its ranks. To be eligible to join NERN you need to have a minimum of 12 mil sp, exceptions can and will be made.

You also need to be willing to work independently and in a group situation as NERN is a real life first corp. As such our activity levels have drastic swings, some days you will see 5 people on others you will see 30+.

What are we looking for? We are looking for people who arent in a rush to have it all in Eve, this corp and alliance both move in slow methodical steps that are planned out. We dont want our entire lives to be about Eve, but there are times.

What we need is PVPer to help secure the 0.0 that the alliance just obtained. We are still looking for missioners/miner and explorers but our next push is for PVP people. Rebel Alliance is a NBSI alliance and we are looking at building up our pvp abilities as well as support our C6 WH with new pilots.

Here is a little information about the corp and what we offer:

ArrowWhere is your current HQ?

We are currently working out of the Kador region. Alliance HQ is based in Gensela.

ArrowHow long are your ops?
Op times vary, most mining ops are at least 4 hrs, mission ops can run 6-8hrs depending on when they start and peoples interest. WH Sites can last 2-4hrs, also depends on how many sites are available and the time the op starts. As for PVP, generally a 4hr run, can be longer depending on what is going on. PVP is currently not a regularly scheduled op at this time, but the alliance is working to change this the our recent 0.0 acquisition.

ArrowHow do you distribute earnings after an op is over, particularly if I was using an orca?

We use a heavily modified version of the mining buddy system that has been refined and reworked in house to meet the needs of the Corp and hopefully soon of the alliance. The mining buddy system works off of raw ore that the Corp buys from its members at 5% above the average median buy price off Eve-Central. Additional functionality that has been added to our version that is not in the original:

Invoicing System for Ore/Salvage

Missioning module for splitting the value of salvages and refined minerals from op

T1 Ordering System Allows Corp members to buy discounted Ships/Modules from Corp. All non-named T1 items produced on request. This acts as our ship replacement program as there is a 45% discount on items purchased from corp.

Character Skillz Allows you to share your skills with Corp Member securely.

Navigation Application Basic app that tells number of belts in given system and their radius.

ArrowDo you manufacture at all or are the minerals just sold directly to stations?

All ore is used in the production of ships/modules for the Corp/market.

ArrowHow old is the Corp and do you think it will be around for a while? Most of the mining Corps I've joined closed almost instantly, or within a month. :(

New Eden Regimental Navy is 2.5 years old. The leadership is too stubborn to give it up. At one point we had three active members but maintained and started profiting. Now NERN is sitting at nearly 100+ toons roughly 75-80 actual people.

ArrowWhat's your average age?

Average age of the Corp is about 20-60s. With the alliance following the same age cycle; though we are a bunch of crazies and some nights you would think we were a bunch of kids. Or is that drunks? /me looks over his shoulder to quiet the voices.

ArrowDo you do anything with WH life?

The corp and the alliance have been living in a C6 wh for over a year in some cases. We are well established in our C6 known as Pandora.

Arrow What are the requirements to apply?

To apply to NERN you must go through a short interview process, and then submit an application containing a limited-api key and meet the minimum SP requirements. If you do not meet the minimum SP requirements exceptions can be made by the CEO.

Join NEW NAVY pub chat

Serenity Rising.
Posted - 2010.10.27 19:46:00 - [4]

Greetings mate.

I represent a Amarr based corp, Steel Talon Initiative. The tax rate is 0%, which means you get to keep 100% of isk earned from missions. We offer experienced WH FC and level 5 FC, also extensive knowledge on level 4 missions and help in fitting your ships. I myself fly Amarr ships so I would be happy to help you fit your ship. We also have a lot of experience in running WHs, and we will do them regularly. We will do some small scale PvP for fun, as relaxation from PvE (it is not obligatory to join them).

Mail/convo Zamolxi for more info, or join STLE PUB.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Fly safe!

Jolly Codgr
Posted - 2010.10.27 20:00:00 - [5]

Edited by: Jolly Codgr on 27/10/2010 23:25:00
We could be what you are interested in if you play from Eve Time 20:00 to 02:00. We do have an age limit as well. Check out the link for more information.
Good Luck in your search.

Gabbie Tinks
Posted - 2010.10.27 22:54:00 - [6]

Jolly Codgers

He's a little senile Shocked but a jolly guy, corrected link above.


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