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captain savage
Posted - 2010.10.22 22:18:00 - [1]

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i am a 70 mill +player from the uk timezone looking for a small freindly corp to relax and do the eve thing with
i am a capital pilot ,self sufficient in ships,iskies,i have a great singing voice on t.s and have getting drunk down to a fine art...anyway enough of what i have to offer.
i am looking for a small/medium freindly corp in the u.k/ timezone (pref french free)to have fun and laughs without taking the game too seriously
i am not interested in yor killboard ****e and stuff or how uber your alliance is ..just looking to relight the spark in my eve life

unfortunately i am 40+years years old so no kids or idiots are acceptable feel free to message me ingame.

Joe Starbreaker
M. Corp
Posted - 2010.10.22 22:25:00 - [2]

Yes, but when they're having fun, they're not surfing the forums. So it's kind of a catch-22 here for you.

Warped Aggression
Posted - 2010.10.22 22:30:00 - [3]

Consider our corporation Captain Savage,

Clubs and Diamonds is a small, PvP focused, EU and US based corporation that co-founded the Ka'ge Kumi Alliance. The corporation has spent the last two years PvPing, first as professional mercenaries for hire, later turning to more exciting pirating endeavors. Having moved away from pirating Clubs and Diamonds is now building itself as a war machine that will one day see 0.0 sovereignty in the Alliance it co-created.

Check out our killboard and our recuritment thread, then if your interested head over to our forums to apply, you can also join our in-game channel "CLADI Cigar Lounge" for more information, look for or feel free to contact:

Director of US Recruitment: Nazol Abara
Director of EU Recruitment: Siorix
or Kagutsuchi
CEO: Vonlin

Good luck in your searches and fly safe.

P.S. And yea, what the above poster said, to answer your question.

captain savage
Posted - 2010.10.22 22:45:00 - [4]

joe is an example of the sort of guy/corp i am not interested in joining

Posted - 2010.10.23 01:59:00 - [5]

savage, we live in wormhole/unknown space. Small gang efficient PVP. Smart / Pricy flying. Could always use another carrier on the field with us when we hot drop.

Not too EU though. Mostly US.

Vectis Guderian
Posted - 2010.10.23 04:03:00 - [6]

On the off chans..

Nothing ber about us, we just want to have fun.
EU and non-french.

Just send a ingame mail if you have any questions :)

Posted - 2010.10.23 05:32:00 - [7]

bump for badass OP info.

captain savage
Posted - 2010.10.24 01:56:00 - [8]


Bunpei Shiatori
Arkons of Myth
Posted - 2010.10.24 19:15:00 - [9]

We're laid back college students with wonky schedules. We have another UK member who needs some training if you wanted to take him under your wing ;)
We are mostly US TZ, but our weird college schedules mean we are online at non-native TZ hours, so usually during your time we'll be around. Most of the alliance is EU TZ, so if we are not on you can holla at some of them, our neighbors being very nice and all German.
You will have full access to all space, and can do your eve thing here with or without us whenever you are online.
Check us out!
You might find we fit like a shoe!

The Fourth District
Posted - 2010.10.24 19:34:00 - [10]

Sup captain savage

Our corp Therapy is in the Wildly Innapropriate Alliance We have a great corp in 0.0 space based in fade and branch with good infrastructure in place. I think you would enjoy spending some of your time there. We have a strong industrial section to our corp, also our pvp division is quiet experienced, but as always, its good to strengthen our ranks with more pvpers who like blowing **** up.

We are backed by a large and well established alliance with great logistics and like i said a industrial backbone, We have a good mix of EU/US TZ with a growing EU contingent, I just think we would be perfect for you.

More info in this thread Linkage

Please feel free to contact me in game any time. Iv sent you an in game mail if it helps or if you're interested hop into our public channel 'Therapy Public' to get to know us more before you decide.




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