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PriceCheck Kotare
Posted - 2010.10.28 00:33:00 - [751]


I dislike this idea enough that I actually logged into the forums (which I almost never do) to post against it. PLEX is bad enough, and especially don't allow people to buy $$-only items, doubly so if they're account-bound.

Posted - 2010.10.28 02:04:00 - [752]

A resounding NO.

Alathus Christensen
Blue Sun Enterprises
Blue Moon Alliance
Posted - 2010.10.28 02:58:00 - [753]

I'm going to do something I rarely do here - which is be serious on the forums.

CCP, if you do decide to go ahead with microtransactions - and they're anything but cosmetic - you'll successfully do what years upon years of drama, radical changes, and other companies couldn't do.

You'll kill EVE. Flat out. Many of us have put time into this game, into characters, corporations, and friends that have been with us through all of it.. but we won't support a system which supports the out-of-game wealth of players to better their experience.

Some of us work for a living, and we work hard - especially in this day and economic situation. Yet, we're still willing to pay you for the pleasure of EVE. Most of us on multiple accounts.

Please don't ruin that.

It's a no vote from me as well, chaps.

Sapphire Blackheart
Posted - 2010.10.28 03:33:00 - [754]


this has been the only MMO i've played since the day i "discovered" it.
that CCP has taken this next step without regard to it's playerbase is no surprise to me, i had a feeling that CCP had sold it's soul to the dark side when it teamed up with microsoft for dust.
on a side note, i will more then likely stop playing my self and play more FPS, and hey, i hear they are patching new vegas again Very Happy


Posted - 2010.10.28 05:19:00 - [755]

NO! its a terrible idea and a huge step in the wrong direction!

Zergling Alpha
Posted - 2010.10.28 06:03:00 - [756]


Unremarkable Patience
Posted - 2010.10.28 06:05:00 - [757]

I will not be renewing my account.
You may not have my stuff.

Rouksobada Micyba
Posted - 2010.10.28 06:08:00 - [758]

WTF are you thinking, sims in space microtransactions? NO!

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2010.10.28 06:09:00 - [759]

A thousand times no!

Posted - 2010.10.28 08:00:00 - [760]


Jowen Datloran
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2010.10.28 08:17:00 - [761]

That will be a big fat NO.

CCP is already well ahead in the MMO lead and there is no reason why they should adopt practices from inferior companies/products.

Rage Spear
Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.10.28 08:25:00 - [762]


Kern Walzky
Posted - 2010.10.28 08:30:00 - [763]


Maru Sha
The Department of Justice
Posted - 2010.10.28 08:35:00 - [764]

No - from the player base as well as from the developer point of view it makes no sense

Arrow If CCP wants to introduce unique items it can do so (and already did in the past) by ingame events where player have to put some effort into it to get it.

Posted - 2010.10.28 08:53:00 - [765]

Cosmetic Only

Paying extra for a little bit of extra comfort is fine by me - but it should neither be required or "strongly suggested".

Lord Saradomin
Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2010.10.28 11:48:00 - [766]

CCPs monthly subs are already 20-40% more than other mmo's, this may be because of the introduction of "shops" or "microtransactions" in those games, but the idiots suggesting "I would rather they increased my subs, than bring in extra stuff I can pay for" can take a jump off a very high cliff.

It's already difficult enough to play EVE with 1 account, increasing subs is a stupid idea, please do not put this in CCPs head!!!!

Now cutting subs by 50%, introducing the shop with attribute adjustments/learning implant purchase/"cosmetics" for plex/rl ISKies...go right ahead. Modules/ships which give clear advantages ingame no though.

Ray Banner
Posted - 2010.10.28 12:22:00 - [767]

COSMETIC ONLY. As long as it gives no advantage ingame I don't care.
It will probably make PLEXs more useful and thus increasing its price, but guess what ?
It's a tradable good, and price increase/decrease is normal.
I've no more sympathy for someone who won't be able to buy a PLEX for his 3rd account than I have for the miner who lost his hulk to griefers.

Posted - 2010.10.28 12:49:00 - [768]


Ariel Avery
Ministry of War
Posted - 2010.10.28 13:10:00 - [769]


Eira Auvehro
Posted - 2010.10.28 13:53:00 - [770]


market checks
Posted - 2010.10.28 14:09:00 - [771]

No, do not want, and will gank any found using them if they are added.

Ex Caminus
Posted - 2010.10.28 17:44:00 - [772]


colera deldios
Posted - 2010.10.28 17:52:00 - [773]



Dovan Atar
Posted - 2010.10.28 18:52:00 - [774]


Posted - 2010.10.28 19:12:00 - [775]

Edited by: ExoriGreg on 28/10/2010 19:16:07

1st phase: emorage subscribers would quit, as a protest for microtransactions.
2nd phase: rich in RL players would become to have direct or indirect advantage over the rest of playerbase.
3rd phase: casual playerbase would drop in numbers, as a result of being constantly f*ed and ****d by those who has advantages.
4th phase: rich RL players would stop playing eve because there is less and less others to **** and grief;
5th phase EVE dies

if CCP indeed applies microtransactions, can I export myself to Tranquility 2 without microtransactions?

Oneiros IV
Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.10.28 19:19:00 - [776]


Skeer Ollani
Lamb Federation Navy
Posted - 2010.10.28 19:26:00 - [777]


Jessica Evening
Lamb Federation Navy
Posted - 2010.10.28 19:46:00 - [778]

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and i almost forgot to mention: NO

Posted - 2010.10.28 19:52:00 - [779]


Posted - 2010.10.28 20:01:00 - [780]


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