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Ocelot Mix
Posted - 2011.01.27 02:57:00 - [91]

I bought Glen Cook's book based on what I read here and in the charter.

Whilst I found the 'grittiness' refreshing, I thought it more appropriate to a fantasy setting (such as WoW) than a science fiction one (Eve) - I read about half of it, never finished it - not my cup of tea.

Would that indicate that I am unsuitable for TBC in Eve?

Also, is role play required? If so, then to what degree?


Posted - 2011.01.27 05:21:00 - [92]

Sorry to spam up the chat :( but finished the black company series and the dread empire series and both had pretty cliff hanger endings. But if you guys are paying homage to that would love to fly with ya sometime. I'm not seeing any dread empire love here tho Evil or Very Mad

Psyclown Lucyphre
Posted - 2011.01.27 14:34:00 - [93]

Edited by: Psyclown Lucyphre on 27/01/2011 14:35:40
I read every word. Loved the whole journey. By the end I was totally enamored and wanted nothing more for the rest of my EVE career than to start at the bottom and work my way all the way up to Brother.

It wasn't to be. I will never know what I said or did wrong, but communications were cut and as the charter said in more than a dozen places we went our separate ways like mature adults.

but I learnt so much on the journey that now I will form my very own corp along the exact same lines.

Thank you for the experience

Conclave Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.27 14:43:00 - [94]

I too did apply to be considered, and was turned down. Refreshing to find a Guild that follows its own stated rules.

(Though, I shan't lie, I'd like to know why I was turned down. No hard feelings, of course.)

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.01.27 23:43:00 - [95]

Ocelot Mix: Cook's writing isn't for everyone. Neither is TBC. To answer both your questions is easy: Both answers are in the Charter. The first question is explicitly answered. Your second question is for you to decide.

We know that most guild charters and recruiting posts say this and that and attempt to sell you on something that is a farce. We are precisely what we claim to be. Nothing more ,nothing less. While we always bear in mind this is a Gaming Organization, it is very much a Way of Life that it is simply playing games. The idea is that if we're going to dedicate 10+ hours a week of our lives to something, we want it to have a deeper meaning and greater, lasting results. In those, we have succeeded.

Varcaus: We occasionally open up our Militia Patrols to outsiders. See the first post in this thread for more details.

Psyclown Lucyphre + Vendraen: Both of your responses here show a great deal of maturity. This has impressed upon the Brass, enough so that we're willing to give you another chance to apply properly. You should both receive an EVE mail. This is the recommendation and Requirement to you both: Read the Registration agreement at Do Not Skip it, Do Not Skim it. Among the information found within, you will be directed to read the Charter, many times.

You Must read it in full. You must read it enough times to understand it. When and If you can read all the way down to Section Eight, follow the instructions to the letter. If you do not follow the instructions to the letter, you will be denied, as you found out.

The last thing we can say is this: We're not looking for part timers. While we're never going to ask you for 40 hours a week or 10 hours a day, we are looking for those who Choose to do this full time. We understand and Demand that IRL comes first, but again, we're looking for those who Choose this lifestyle and are willing to do their part to EARN the hundreds of man hours we're going to put into training you, teaching you both the Game and the Company. Not to mention all the gear we supply our troops with. That's doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Again, thank you for your interest and inquiries. We hope to see you if and when you are ready to follow through with diligence, attention to detail, and the right Personal Choice.

Posted - 2011.01.28 00:39:00 - [96]

Edited by: StabWound9 on 28/01/2011 00:39:12
Looks like quite the interesting Corp. I got reading as far as to the part where your not allowed to have a number in your name. Too bad and good luck!

Conclave Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.28 12:50:00 - [97]

Originally by: Travis Steeman
Psyclown Lucyphre + Vendraen: Both of your responses here show a great deal of maturity. This has impressed upon the Brass, enough so that we're willing to give you another chance to apply properly. You should both receive an EVE mail. This is the recommendation and Requirement to you both: Read the Registration agreement at Do Not Skip it, Do Not Skim it. Among the information found within, you will be directed to read the Charter, many times.

You Must read it in full. You must read it enough times to understand it. When and If you can read all the way down to Section Eight, follow the instructions to the letter. If you do not follow the instructions to the letter, you will be denied, as you found out.

Excellent; I shall await said EVE mail.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.01.28 14:48:00 - [98]

Edited by: Travis Steeman on 28/01/2011 14:48:44
We appreciate the interest. Bear in mind that ours is a long and arduous process in comparison to most guilds in existence in any game or genre. It is very much worth the trip for those who stick it out and find their ilk.

@Stabwound9 - If you interest runs deep enough and this is the type of organization you believe would truly match your gaming lifestyle, we're open to hearing you out on your name.

People often misconstrue the reasoning for our naming convention. It is a simple matter of insight into the person, not the character. We aren't roleplayers. If you truly wanted that name and the number was the only way to get it, we're open to hearing the tale, should you care to share it. Drop by our site, read the Registration agreement, finish reading the Charter and drop the story on us. We are not unreasonable, but we do have standards in place for very specific reasons.

Posted - 2011.01.28 19:16:00 - [99]

I have been with TBC for little over a month now, regretably I am not as involved with the corp as much as I would like to be due to school and military life, but what I have experienced with TBC is that it is a corp like no other. It is not a corp full of 1,000 members that dont care about you or value themselves over you it is a true brotherhood. Like the Charter says there is a lot of influence taken from the USMC and army, in that respect we want the best and we expect the best, if you stick around it will be well worth you while and you will get from the corp 100x what you put into it.

Ian Vhai
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.01.29 22:11:00 - [100]

By now you've read through posts about the Charter, the background of the Company, and several testaments by Brothers in the Company.

What I'd like to impart could be misconstrued as an advertisement, but it's more then that. It's what I was looking for in Eve.

Before coming into TBC I've flown with some great people, and great friends within Eve. Had some good times, too. But there was always that time around re-upping the sub that I wondered and pondered about canceling. One thing that was missing from Eve for me was hands-on leadership, that wanted and required the best of me, that didn't demand, but expected for me to do what I could do to help my corpmates, to better myself, to learn from mistakes. I've found sound leadership in TBC.

Another thing that was missing was the feeling of "Belongingness". That feeling that your contribution is not only appreciated but -you- feel as it was worthwhile because you know it will be used judiciously and will better the whole. I have found a place to belong in TBC.

While Eve is a great game, it is only as good as you make it. Sure, buying that new ship or faction mod is a nice feeling of accomplishment, but it only took me so far. What CCP has done best in my opinion is give us this big ol' sandbox that allows us to make something much bigger, the proverbial big picture. TBC makes the most out of it, we are taking what's given to us in Eve and making it our own, and yes, they have thrived in other games before my arrival. But in Eve we shine.

Gordon McClaine
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.01.30 11:28:00 - [101]

Edited by: Gordon McClaine on 30/01/2011 11:31:25

For those of you with sharp-eyes you will see that we've had a recent change of leadership.

You would expect with most organisations that this would throw a spanner in the works and things would fall apart; if only for a short time.

However in The Black Company nothing could be further from the truth.

Our members and our officers take the change of leadership in their stride, we congratulate and honour the past and the present. We move on as if nothing major has happened at all. We rely on each other, not just the man at the top. That is what true Brotherhood is about.

We cannot be broken.

The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.01.31 17:37:00 - [102]

Not one of the more eloquent members of the Company, but here it goes. I have been with the company for about 4 months now. Before I joined, I was a carebear and a missioner with no PVP experience other than letting people shoot at my Rupture to test their DPS out or getting ganked in wormholes. Since joining I have worked and read and applied what I have learned to actual combat ops. I have participated in patrols and gotten kills and even lead a squad of brothers into a combat op. Its a lot of work and reading but well worth it.
A surly bunch of mooks we are but, we are Company. If you are looking to learn and become then this is a great spot to look and see if you fit in. The Cap and SB are aces in PVP and can transform the worst carebear (like me) into a lifetaking grunt. The brothers are great guys and the whole Company is drama free, which is breath of fresh air from normal corps.
Drop by our boards, check us out, see what you think.

The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.02.18 11:50:00 - [103]

Edited by: Nexyrius on 18/02/2011 11:50:40
When I applied to join The Black Company, I was expecting to find a decent corporation, that would make me enjoy playing EVE as a new player. As I proceeded through the recruitment phases (yes, there are a lot of them), I realized that TBC is a place with defined rules which are observed diligently and where everyone makes you feel comfortable, even if you are but a conscript; a place where each member feels part of a strong, bonded team and where all strive for the common goals. Needless to say, it has proved to be much more than what I expected.

I should have to mention that TBC has a vast forum, which serves both as a meeting place outside EVE, and a source of information, incorporating its very own, private wiki. Since my recent recruitment I have been using the wiki extensively and I have found it to be extremely helpful and illuminating. I can say without doubt that it's totally redefining the way I play EVE. It's a valuable source and a guide on how to do things. I think I might have to spend months and maybe years in EVE to figure out myself things that I was able to find and put in practice in a matter of minutes, just by reading the wiki. I could say, without exaggerating, that I have learned more from the wiki in 4 days than I have learned in 4 months as a player, and I expect there is a lot more to learn. One more good thing about it is the fact that you know where to go to find what you need. There are a lot of sources about EVE and how to do things in it, some good, some not so good. The wiki saves me not only the trouble to search for them, but, more importantly, the trouble to determine which are more reliable. The Brothers of TBC have done a fantastic job with it!

As a closing statement I'd say TBC is the perfect place for anyone who understands that great things are achieved through teamwork and personal contribution and who's seeking to find a place with excellent leadership, motivated members, defined rules and roles, a deep sense of belonging and camaraderie, a place where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.02.20 08:13:00 - [104]

Edited by: Travis Steeman on 21/02/2011 13:09:47

We have just completed our yearly re-vamp our Recruiting Process. We update the process annually, taking what works best and refining the processes that have proven to provide the most return for the time investment for both Applicant and Company. We have worked for several weeks on this new process and are very much looking forward to seeing the benefits, again for both Applicant and Company alike.

If you are interested in experiencing a guild unlike any other, stop by our site at and have a solid, thorough read of our Charter. If you like what you see, follow the instructions contained therein.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.02.23 08:07:00 - [105]

Recruiting is now open.

Many great changes to our system with all the trimmings.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.02.25 13:02:00 - [106]

An excerpt from our Charter:

"For newcomers to PVP, we will teach you everything you need to know. You need bring only an open mind and your confidence. TBC CPCT is the complete package for learning PVP in EVE Online. While some of the techniques can be applied to PVM, understand first and foremost that TBC is a Mercenary Military outfit which exists to wage the wars our Employers have no desire nor capability to do themselves. In order to charge our Clients for services rendered, we must prepare each of our Brothers to be an efficient, thinking, motivated, confident, educated killing machine. You will learn every aspect of PVP, from fittings, UI, piloting, terrain awareness, support coordination, squad leadership, fleet leadership, ship recognition, and above all the teamwork to tie it all together. We operate as a unit to accomplish our goals, Of By and For.

We realize that many newcomers to TBC have experience with PVP. Your experience will become our experience and we will listen to everything you have to say, in due time. You must first learn the TBC Way. In that, you must first unlearn what you know to learn what we know. Only then can you bring forth the wealth of your knowledge and add it to the collective knowledge base stored here at TBCHQ and in the minds of our Brothers. We take what works and put it to use regardless of the source.

This is but one aspect to everything TBC has to offer. If you are seeking to elevate not simply your game experience, but your guild experience to the level of an actual gaming Organization, you owe it to yourself to head over to to have an honest, thorough read of our Official Guild Charter. While most guilds/corporations have some type of propaganda or articles of formation, our Charter is far more than obligatorily hacked inane banalities. It defines us, shapes us, guides us, explains us, and above all, is Of, By, and For The Black Company.

If this interests you as a person, a gamer, an EVE player, or any/all of the above, we look forward to seeing you there when you're ready to explore something wholly unique. No matter your choice in guild (corporation) selection, Good Luck, Better Skill to you in your search and endeavours.

Gordon McClaine
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.02.28 10:57:00 - [107]

For those of you not paying attention - The Black Company has opened it's doors to new recruits.

The Company now has an improved training programme and excellent information with which we will train you into a man-o-war.

This is no place for slackers or part-timers. Join us now by going to our Website and reading our Charter.

It may just be the best the move you ever make.

Gordon McClaine
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.03.01 14:23:00 - [108]

If you are looking for that something extra in a Guild/Corp/Clan then you are without a doubt looking in the right place.

If you've skipped to the end of this thread and not read the beginning - go back and read it now.

We don't mess around, there are no drama queens or emoragers here.

We are adults that enjoying gaming with the best at our side.

We don't take prisoners and we show no mercy.

The Black Company stands for being the best, therefore we recruit only the best.

If you think you've got what it takes; get on our website and get to know us.


Gordon McClaine
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.03.03 23:32:00 - [109]

Edited by: Gordon McClaine on 03/03/2011 23:32:28
The Hammer Speaks

'Why so hard?' The charcoal once said to the diamond; 'for are we not close relations?'

Why so soft, O my Brothers, thus I ask you: for are you not - my Brothers?

Why so soft, unresisting and yielding? Why is there so much denial and abnegation in your hearts, so little Fate in your glances?

And if you will not be Fates, if you will not be inexorable: how can you Conquer with me?

And if your hardness with not flash and cut and cut to pieces: how can you one day - create with me?

For all Creators are hard, and it must seem bliss to you to press your Hand upon millenia as upon wax,

bliss to write upon millenia as upon metal - harder than metal, nobler than metal. Only the noblest is perfectly hard.

This new law-table do I put over you, my Brothers: Become Hard!

We are The Black Company and you cannot break us.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.03.07 18:52:00 - [110]

The Black Company is eager to put our stamp on the new forums launching soon. We would like to take this time to thank CCP for their hard work and vision in making EVE Gate further integrated into the entire experience. It is a methodology which is akin to TBC's very own communications network, tying in all venues to create a seamless flow of communications for maximum efficiency.

On our end, we utilize not only the full scope of in game tools, we have a full host of software at our site which provides us with every tool we need to create the foundation for professional grade organization. From forums, to multiple wiki's, to custom built input forms, to ventrilo, our own killboard, and the list goes on. We have spent nearly eight years building our guild and infrastructure, making it into one of the finest you are likely to find anywhere.

To learn more, stop on over at and have a look around. If you like what you see and are interested in applying, have a full, honest, thorough read of The Black Company OFFICIAL GUILD CHARTER (c). All you need to know can be found within.

CCP Adida

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.03.07 20:23:00 - [111]

Removed a trolling post from a recruitment thread.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.03.13 20:50:00 - [112]

Edited by: Travis Steeman on 13/03/2011 20:51:48

We are looking for a very specific, rare type of person, one who is ready to commit themselves to a degree which most cannot fathom. We take our Company, our gaming, our time spent here, seriously. We take it seriously because this is our Fun; this is where we spend our off-time, away from the real world in order to relieve stress, not create it. Understand that while we use the word "seriously", it does not denote "life and death" seriousness. It simply means we put a great deal of work into making this the best place to play. We don't want impatient, immature slackers who think about nothing but themselves. We want those who can believe in the team by way of a method of operation which gives it value inherent to its meaning.

The Company membership roster has high and low number points. There are other times when you'll find you have your choice of squadrons to join. There are times when you may find yourself the only one online. There are times when Recruiting is at a high and we are swelling in numbers. There are other times when we hold off Recruiting for any number of reasons and our ranks thin out. If you expect to be entertained without a modicum of self-sufficiency, you are barking up the wrong tree because that dog don't hunt. We are adults, we are gamers, we are Company. This is to say that we are not what you typically find in mmo gaming, a collection of friends doing this and that. We aim to be as professionally organized as possible while never forgetting that our Primary Goal is to Have as Much Fuggin Fun as humanly possible.

Head over to TBCHQ and have a read of The Black Company OFFICIAL GUILD CHARTER (c).

If you like what you see, follow the instructions contained therein.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.03.19 08:54:00 - [113]

A quick update:

We are currently accepting new Applications for those who qualify. If you are reading this post before reading the original post in this thread, there is an "Applicant's Check List" of sorts explaining what most people ask first when looking for the guild they were meant to be in.

We also want to take a moment to announce that we are quite honored to have a recent influx of EU and AU players. Each has been a very welcome addition to the Company in both terms of cultural diversity and rounding out our available time slots for all parts of the world.

We welcome people from all over the world to explore the highly active public area on our forums, known as The Commons. To say that we have a vibrant, activity community is somewhat of an understatement. Our conversations there cover the gamut of possible topics, making it much more appealing to the type of members for whom we are searching.

We are an adults only guild with much to offer the more dedicated gamer who is seeking a place to provide structure, organization, and purpose. TBC is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a guild choice. We make no bones about our Recruiting process: It takes time and is designed to be thorough, allowing both Company and potential applicant to utilize every step and tool in our system to provide each with all they need to know in order to make an informed decision about applying.

But first, have a look around our site, read a bit and register if you want to take an active part in the many conversations active on any given day. Be sure to read the registration agreement as it isn't just the standard reg/ag you find on most forums. Ours is a custom message designed to welcome potential applicants as well as potential Employers.

If you like what you see, the next step is to read "The Black Company - Official Guild Charter(c)". Read it thoroughly. Read it with purpose. Many people leave the site before finishing the second section. We're not looking for those people. If you are the type of person for whom we're searching, we assure you'll know it in your gut almost immediately, and definitely by the time you finish reading the Charter. If you "get it", just follow the instructions explicitly detailed within.

Posted - 2011.03.24 02:34:00 - [114]

I joined TBC late January looking for a place to belong, have fun, feel a sense of achievment and most of all find a community that is alive. Finding these four atributes hasn't always been easy due to my TZ and being green to the game but in TBC pretty much what I was looking for and more is what I've experienced. The thriving communitity means no matter what time of day it is - which ever TZ you're in - there is always something going or someone to have a yarn with no matter the topic. The Company's structure is next to none in terms of what I've experienced in any game. Organized and goal driven the Company is always moving forward and upward, maturing and growing - whether it be the complexity of the forums, wikis or the depth of its training programs. Which works well for me as a continually growing guild is a guild that I know I can sink my roots into, giving it my all, safe in the knowledge that it is stable soil.

In-game, flying with the Company has been THE most fun I have had in Eve since I started. I love how all units on the field move as one pack under skilled leadership whilst the banter and comeradery of people hanging out still shines through.

So yeah, the community coupled with its carefully designed structure and organization makes TBC the guild to be for me. Very Happy

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.04.01 00:50:00 - [115]

The Black Company is celebrating our 8th Birthday today!

It's been one hell of a ride.

Here's to eight more years!!!

Damage Unlimited Inc
Posted - 2011.04.01 13:41:00 - [116]

I was in TBC for a couple of month and left due to inability to stay active in EVE in general. As I come back to EVE and make time for it day to day I wish I could make the commitment again to the Company. They are a great group of people who know what EVE is about, know what it takes to be a good mercenary group, and know how to blow **** up!

It will not be long before you start hearing about them in engagements for sure!

Yarho Brothers!

Virgil Algheri
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.04.05 22:35:00 - [117]

Edited by: Virgil Algheri on 05/04/2011 22:37:13
Edited by: Virgil Algheri on 05/04/2011 22:36:28
As one can no doubt see, the players we recruit and make it into The Black Company are always Black Company at heart. Being a part of this organization is more than just a gaming guild. We are a Brotherhood. A tight group of people who enjoy each other's company. I've been in the Company for about 7 months and in my time I have seen Recruits come and Recruits go. I've seen Recruits make it to Brother. I've seen a change of command. In all this, one thing remains clear: The Company Remains.

We are still actively Recruiting and if you read our Charter and find it in yourself to become one of the hardest bastids this side of the gates of Hell, then put in an application for Recruitment. It is VERY important that you read the Registration Agreement and the Charter. Skimming will not suffice and will most likely earn you a one-way ticket back the way you came. So if you're serious, do yourself a favor and thoroughly read both documents. Understand both documents.

One day you may find youself on the opposite end of our barrels. Do not take it personally. We are Mercenaries and we do what we're paid to do. You ****ed off the wrong guy, you owe the wrong guy money, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We don't care. Sorry for your luck. Soon, you will hear of our exploits and it might inspire you to become a part of our history.

If you like the thought of taking down a Faction Battleship with eight (8) frigates (Vindicator Kill), or earning money by doing what you love, or the structure of a mature gaming community, or being a part of a Brotherhood, then by all means, apply. You won't be sorry.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.04.07 09:44:00 - [118]

We're often asked about drama in the guild, because as anyone who has been around the MMO Guild scene long enough knows, NOTHING kills a guild faster than Drama. We are proud to say it isn't something that we see very often. That is going to be difficult for many folks to believe, we know. There are a couple of very good reasons for it, among them the fact that we recruit adults only. We're extremely thorough in our background checks for applicants and one of the things we're looking for is to determine if you have a public history of doing silly things that children do in public.

The other part is simply our Policy, as clearly stated in our Charter:

As we maintain a policy of Freedom of Speech, be aware that the real world can and will be discussed amongst the Brothers. We do not discriminate on the topics. We understand that for most people, most guilds, this generally refers to religion and politics, two topics which most guilds avoid at all costs for a variety of reasons. While we will not disparage any other group for creating rules against such topics, each person who joins the Company should be aware that you will be exposed to those subjects at some point in your Company career. You will also see nudity and graphic images of violence. As a matter of course, you will find those with whom you disagree, perhaps vehemently, perhaps only slightly. At no time is attacking a person for their beliefs acceptable in any form. You are, however, free to state your own beliefs and thoughts on any subject, so long as you bear in mind that you are likely to encounter someone for whom the opposite viewpoint is a matter of culture, lifestyle, upbringing and/or choice.

Any debate or response to any opposing viewpoint regardless of medium is simply this: Attack the subject, not the speaker.

If your cultural, political, and/or religious views are important enough to you that other people believing differently, behaving differently, speaking differently, bothers you, you probably won't fit in.

There will come a time when communication and camaraderie fails. It can and will happen whenever more than one human being coexist in the same place. We're all human and on some days, we are not at our best, to ourselves or others. We understand, **** happens. We have a well established protocol for these times:

It is our belief than nobody needs to be told to take personal issues to private channels. As adults, you are expected to handle your own personal issues. Should you ever find the need for a moderator in order to establish a starting point for conflict resolution, simply ask Any Brother to stand in. Officers do not hold the reigns on personal behavior and preference; this right and privilege is endowed upon you by your creator, whosoever you believe that to be. You alone can choose to be here as you alone choose how you will behave. Simply put, the Company Officers and NCO's are not babysitters, are not your personal counselors. Be an adult and communicate with each other to solve your differences.

If you become a problem for the Company on a regular basis, you will be discharged.

If and when you are ready to experience something wholly unique in all of MMO gaming, drop by our site, have a thorough, honest read of The Black Company Official Guild Charter (tm) and if you like what you see, follow the instructions therein.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.04.26 08:23:00 - [119]

Edited by: Travis Steeman on 26/04/2011 08:28:05
Our Mission: To seek out lucrative Contracts and Commissions requiring precision military operations while maintaining a constant state of readiness for the Combat and Support divisions of a mobile expeditionary force.

The Black Company is first and foremost a mercenary army which wages the wars our Employer's have no desire nor strategic capability to accomplish themselves.

NA Based (East to West Coast Time Zones) - EU/AU Welcome, 21+ Age, Ventrilo and Forum Usage Mandatory

If and when you are ready to experience something wholly unique in all of MMO gaming, drop by our site, have a thorough, honest read of The Black Company Official Guild Charter (tm) and if you like what you see, follow the instructions therein.

Travis Steeman
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.04.28 04:16:00 - [120]

To reiterate:

Most Importantly: We are hiring Soldiers. We are hiring those born with the instincts of a Killer. We're hiring those who seek to kill and get paid for it, in that order. If you want to spend your time running missions all day, do not apply. If your main goal is to mine, trade, and craft, do not apply. This isn't to say we don't do these things in TBC, simply that they are tertiary aspects of our guild experience.

If you want to learn how to become a skilled combat pilot and put those skills to use on a daily basis to kill for money, to murder the crap out of those our employers wish to send back to the mud, TBC just may be the place for you. You have to have it in you from birth. We cannot teach you to have the need for combat, to be ruthless, cunning, and bloodthirsty. We'll teach you the skill if you bring the desire. We'll demand your best while we give you ours, all in service Of By and For the Company.

If and when you are ready to experience something wholly unique in all of MMO gaming, drop by our site, have a thorough, honest read of The Black Company Official Guild Charter (tm) and if you like what you see, follow the instructions therein.

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