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Jada Maroo
Posted - 2010.09.07 09:37:00 - [31]

Couple things. First, as other posters have said, keep your stuff.

Second, I always tell players who pass through my admittedly small corp to never let Eve become a job. Don't let yourself get burned out by creating some bloated bureaucracy or some logistcal nightmare that is impossible to manage.

One of the reasons I've held off on plunging my corp into a WH despite some members who were overly eager to get there is because I know it's a logistical pain in the ass and you need to be able to spread the effort around between people you trust.

Sounds like you let your responsibilities grow beyond the level of fun and got burned out. So, yeah, take a break. Maybe pull out of the WH until you can find enough help. Chill out for a few months, queue up some long skills, and maybe return with a lot less to be responsible for.

But keep your stuff!

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2010.09.07 09:38:00 - [32]

You should give ALL your stuff to me for two reasons : first, I don't really need it, and last, because you WILL be back in half a year or one year and a half... and I'll be still here and you can have your stuff back then (if I still have it - I probably will).

Flynn Fetladral
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2010.09.07 10:33:00 - [33]

You'll be back ;-) Good luck in the mean time.

Posted - 2010.09.07 10:47:00 - [34]

Edited by: Buhtlica on 07/09/2010 12:09:38
Edited by: Buhtlica on 07/09/2010 10:49:09
Once upon a time , in a poor section of eastern Europe, there was a simple, but quite wonderfull lady named Buhtlica.

Most of her time, when she didn't work hard in the corn fields to feed her family, she spent dreaming of a prince on a white horse to come and rescue her from the chains of RL. But years passed and he didn't come.

Tepell was a guy from a well established US Texas (Very Happy) family, a never was a problem on his mind. He lived happily, enyoing life to the fullest. Nothing was unreachable for him, and he took full advantage of it.

But one day, Tepell realized that he isn't interested in material forms of pleasure anymore. Money ment nothing to him. So he decided to travel around the world and see if he can find something to pick his curiosity.

And found it he did. One night in some god-forsaken country in Europe, after drinking heavily all day, he decided to take a walk on the outskirts of a little town he has taken for his residence.

And just when he decided it was time to call it a night, he saw a beautifull young lady. And she saw him also. Teppel was immediatly attracted to her and she did found him very handsome.

They started to spend more and more time together and Teppel learnt all about the hardships of her life. He realized that she is what he's looking for.

But he didn't know that it would never come to be. His father, an oil magnate, was furious when he learnt that Tepell is seeing some peasant girl from half-across the globe. He forced him to marry his competitors doughter and to make his company stronger. Teppel was against it, but his father wish was his command,as there is nothing more sacred then the family.

But he did do one thing before he married. He sent all his stuff to Buhtlica, so she never must work in the accursed corn fields again. Seeing her taken care off fullfield him more then any material possesion he could ever have.

Tepell was finally truly happy.

Lillith Starfire
Posted - 2010.09.07 10:59:00 - [35]

Edited by: Lillith Starfire on 07/09/2010 11:00:18
Ah why not :) I don't know you I'm afraid but 6 years is an awfully long time but I guess it happens to everyone after a while. As for me well I am new to Eve only entering my second month but have played plenty of online games before.

I'm not going to ask for billions or a wormhole or Thanatos but if you would like to help out a newbie I can assure you it would make a lot more difference than giving billions to those who are already well established. I'd use the money to invest and trade and to basically try to get better at the game with the hopes to eventually do the same with other people.

But even if I don't get anything, maybe consider giving away smaller amounts to genuinely new players? Check Rookie chat perhaps? Yes Eve is a cold harsh place and scamming is rife but sometimes a ray of light and a helping friendly stranger can bring a bit of joy to someone's life and they will probably remember you more than some random guy who has ganked or podded them. Easier to build than to destroy, after all. Anyway, something to think about :)

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2010.09.07 11:13:00 - [36]

Moved from General Discussion.

Rashmika Clavain
Posted - 2010.09.07 11:21:00 - [37]

Dood, seriously... liquidate your assets and sit on the ISK.

If you ever deicde to resub, you might be thnakful for that.

If not, well give the ISk to me for being helpful to you? ugh

Drama Llamas
Posted - 2010.09.07 11:57:00 - [38]

Could I have some isk please.

I feel you should give it to me as I will give it back to you in a year or two down the line, should you ever return. On that, you have my word.

Thanks in advance.

Foundation Vox
Posted - 2010.09.07 12:34:00 - [39]

Originally by: annoing
I want your stuff cos im greedy. I will horde it and call it 'my precious' every single day Wink

I endorse this person receiving said stuffs as I laughed after reading his post.

Unjustified Ancients of MuMu
Posted - 2010.09.07 13:15:00 - [40]

I would like your stuff as I have cancelled my subs. Your stuff would purchase enough PLEX to allow me to continue training skills without paying RL money just incase I decide to return.

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2010.09.07 13:32:00 - [41]

I spend most of my time helping people in EVE and rarely make any isk whatsoever.
One day I'd like to buy a capital ship but my total inability to make isk and love for PVP will prevent this from ever happening...unless you give me your stuff Wink

Posted - 2010.09.07 13:44:00 - [42]

I would like some of your stuff, I wish to buy a Tengu for use in nul-sec.

Posted - 2010.09.07 14:54:00 - [43]

You should give my corp some of your stuff. We're just starting out and could use some additional funding/ships whatever. As with the other posts, your non liquid assets will still most likely be here when/if you decide to return. We're located in Gallente high sec.


Posted - 2010.09.07 15:53:00 - [44]

Not that I couldn't use any of your stuff. But as some of the other posters mentioned - dont give it all away, just let it all slumber. Interesting additions to the game will have you having a look again, maybe in 2 months, maybe in 2 years. It will be nice to have bits of stuff waiting for ya.

I'm sorta in the process of the burnout thing myself, I kinda decided to let all the things that dont deserve my energy any longer slide, and go it alone for a while in a more casual playstyle. Maybe revive the old EVE feeling again if possible, play with my noob forum alt, roam some WH's, see what this market pvp stuff is all about... whatever. Also an idea perhapse? I have a hard time believing you keep a hobby for 6 years and then suddenly decide to 'move on', its gotta go nag at you at some point in the future.

Paradox Collective
Posted - 2010.09.07 16:48:00 - [45]

Send some ISk to me. Its expensive running a one-man corp dedicated to killing those carebears who think they are playing a single player game.

I will send tears if you supply contact details.

Awesome Possum
Original Sin.
Posted - 2010.09.07 17:10:00 - [46]

Originally by: OneTimeAt BannedSpank
I would like your stuff because I have downs syndrome in real life and eve is my favourite escape from my tortured reality.

Confirming, as I forced my sister on a blind date with Spank... was tragic.

Mr M
Posted - 2010.09.07 17:57:00 - [47]

...or just take a break and come back later.

dr doooo
Posted - 2010.09.07 19:18:00 - [48]

Edited by: dr doooo on 07/09/2010 19:18:44

give it to the guy who wants to organise events though

Charles Baker
Unour Heavy Industries
Posted - 2010.09.07 21:39:00 - [49]

Originally by: Tepell
After 6 years in EVE ive decided its time to move on. And yes you can have my stuff but who should i give it too and why?

Assests include a c3 wormhole with thanatos and around 6bil of other assets so go ahead and eve mail me and tell me why i should give u my stuff before i leave.

Fly safe.

I will accept your assets in the form of an extremely low yield bond, the value of your possessions will be returns to you with a 0.0000000001% interest should you ever return to EVE online.

Quafe Company Logistics
Posted - 2010.09.07 22:09:00 - [50]

I don't want all your stuff, but as a guy about to kick start a corp venture into a WH, I'd gladly take possession of your real estate in W-space. ugh

Quarks LLC
Posted - 2010.09.07 22:14:00 - [51]

I have just started eve a little under 2 weeks ago, and I really do Love this game. But I find it is a little slow to start even if I cant really advance until my skills shine some more. So I ask thee for some money to buy +4 implants? or maybe a cruiser or 2 so I can jump start the income infrastucture for my new life in eve

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