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Posted - 2010.09.04 01:16:00 - [1]

See topic, I play demon's souls and garry's mod, both are incredibly fun games, and DS is very hard, but fun.

Gistatis Tribunus
Posted - 2010.09.04 01:56:00 - [2]

I should really try DS, I've seen good things about it.

Honourable East India Trading Company
Posted - 2010.09.04 06:11:00 - [3]

Eve, Ai wars and supcom: fa along with cod4. Thats about it. Everything else seems a waste of precious time that can never be recovered..

Elysarian Corp
Posted - 2010.09.04 07:41:00 - [4]

Modern Warfare (both ones)

I also play Runescape when I feel like switching my brain off for a bit :)

El Barco Pirata
Posted - 2010.09.04 07:55:00 - [5]

Project reality, fh2 (both bf2 mods), company of heroes, supcom: fa, arma, sins of a solar empire, IL2 sturmovik

Situation: Normal
Posted - 2010.09.04 13:30:00 - [6]

Games I have played in the last month in no particular order:
EVE (No, really?)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC version is effing awesome)
Knights of the Old Republic II
Dragon Age: Origins
Sins of a Solar Empire
Master of Magic
Elemental: War of Magic (getting better but still needs a lot of work; game will probably kick ass inside a month or two)

I have a crapton more games, but I never finished reinstalling all of them since my last computer wipe.

Zeke Mobius
Posted - 2010.09.04 19:30:00 - [7]

Global Agenda

The Scope
Posted - 2010.09.04 19:35:00 - [8]

Dawn of War and Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Viral Effect
Posted - 2010.09.04 21:08:00 - [9]

I still keep going back to Fallout 3.

trite boon
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2010.09.05 00:53:00 - [10]

Global Agenda.........Was crap now its free its ok

Arma 2................very good but also hard

IL2...................old but alot of fun online

BFBC 2................just wow

Men of War............good game

Supreme Commander 2...its ok

Company of Heroes.....good game

Navyfield.............lots of fun with mates when drunk

Jusat Cause 2.........was free with my gtx 470

Battlefield 2.........old but still ok waiting for BF3


Neo Spartans
Laconian Syndicate
Posted - 2010.09.05 02:04:00 - [11]

Edited by: Grez on 05/09/2010 02:05:28
DarkSpace (free space-based game)

Intense Thinker
Posted - 2010.09.05 02:18:00 - [12]

World of Tanks! YARRRR!!

Signed up for the beta after I saw the teaser with the orc Laughing

Posted - 2010.09.05 06:29:00 - [13]

Played thru last 2 weeks:

Dragon age origins + awakening
Assassins creed 1 + 2
Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Always playing more or less:

Counter-strike: Source
Armed Assault 1 or 2

Current games running:

Everquest 2

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2010.09.05 11:23:00 - [14]

Mostly I just play EVE but when there's an update I play Planetside.

Posted - 2010.09.06 07:34:00 - [15]

Edited by: sasabor on 06/09/2010 07:38:00
War in the pacific ( lmatrix s admiral edition) mostly PBEM
Jutland a little unknown company that made a great Game not many people know about that is why i highlighted it
Sins of a solar empire
Total war medeival II only with mods never the vanilla version
Silent hunter III grey wolves mod
IL2 series
Europa universalis II still the best version ever

Y Berion
Posted - 2010.09.06 08:03:00 - [16]

Edited by: Y Berion on 06/09/2010 08:08:05
World of tanks (beta)
Hearts of Iron III
Medieval 2 Total war
Fallout 3
Silent Hunter III
Close Combat: Cross of Iron

Brutal Deliverance
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2010.09.06 08:42:00 - [17]

Recently: The Witcher, Dragon Age, Oblivion, Eve, Dawn of War, Alien Swarm

I have 94 games on steam though so I like to swap around. Downloading both STALKERs atm.

Anddeh McNab
Cadre Assault Force
Posted - 2010.09.06 10:09:00 - [18]

Mostly just EVE but I can see myself playing Mass Effect 2 again very soon, new DLC <3. Sometimes kick about in SiN Episodes Arena mode during updates and played Alien Swarm alot when it came out. Also Borderlands with my brothers.

Corozan Aspinall
Posted - 2010.09.06 19:37:00 - [19]

Crusader Kings (Deus Vult)
Football Manager (10.3)
An old 4x called Fragile Allegiance
Very Happy

Most of which could run on any modern toasted sandwich maker ..

Sinister Dextor
Posted - 2010.09.06 19:57:00 - [20]

ATM, all I'm playing is Oblivion. Hated it when it first came out, was nowhere near the epicness of Morrowind, but now as that memory has faded, I'm quite enjoying it.

Corozan Aspinall
Posted - 2010.09.06 21:07:00 - [21]

Edited by: Corozan Aspinall on 06/09/2010 21:10:40

Oblivion was amazing. Weak ass mechanics, twee as **** and terrible levelling npc's but the ambiance and the sheer nekkid hypnotic beauty of it just captures you eh? Was hesitant to put it on the list of my played games as, admittedly I had a mod list looking something like this:
Active Mods 00 Oblivion.esm 01 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm 02 Mart's Monster Mod.esm 03 HorseCombatMaster.esm 04 Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp (Version 2.2.0) 05 Living Economy.esp 06 DLCShiveringIsles.esp 07 Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp (Version 1.2.0) 08 DLCHorseArmor.esp 09 DLCOrrery.esp 0A DLCMehrunesRazor.esp 0B DLCSpellTomes.esp 0C TNR ALL RACES FINAL.esp 0D Beautiful People.esp 0E Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp 0F Level_Rates_Modified_x4.esp 10 Living Economy - Items.esp 11 OOO-Respawn_Month.esp 12 OOO-BirthSigns.esp 13 OOO-Armor_Perks_WearRate_Repair.esp 14 OOO-Combat_Skills_Perks_Marksmanship.esp 15 OOO-Magic_Game_Settings.esp 16 OOO-Potions.esp 17 OOO-Magic_Effects+Spells.esp 18 OOO-Magic_Effects+Enchantments.esp 19 OOO-DaedraLord_Quests.esp 1A OOO-DLT_Immersion.esp 1B OOO-Water_Weeds.esp 1C OOO-Magic_Script_Effect_Fix.esp 1D OOOHangoverRemedy.esp 1E OOO132RC3MapMarkers.esp 1F OOO132DLTRemover.esp 20 OOO132RC3Hotfixes.esp 21 OOO-Deadly_Combat.esp 22 Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp 23 Mart's Monster Mod - Gems & Gem Dust.esp 24 Mart's Monster Mod - Resized Races.esp 25 Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness Life.esp 26 Mart's Monster Mod - Looting NPCs & Creatures.esp 27 Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Imperial Armor.esp 28 Mart's Monster Mod - Less Bone Loot.esp 29 Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Creature Skins.esp 2A Martigen's Monster Mod - Resized Races.esp 2B Knights.esp 2C Deadly Reflex - Timed Block + Higher Damage.esp 2D Mounted_Spellcasting Deadly Reflex Compatible.esp 2E DeadlyReflex - Combat Moves.esp 2F Streamline 3.0.esp

.. before it was even halfway playable. Thats all my AMD 4000+ could handle! I would have added everything if I could. Meh. Hundreds of hrs happily wasted tho.

Fallout 3 was equally amazing but in a different way. I just think it was a little too shallow and well, empty. Shame. A bit of a prick teaser tbh. All mouth and no trousers. The power armour thing was especially poor. As were the 'Space Marines' ripped clean off from 40k right down to the ultra-orthodox xenos loathing monastic monosyllabic warrior cult guff.

Its safe to say tho, I only look forward to three games: Elite IV, TES V & Crusader Kings 2.

It does surprise me how many people still list Oblivion as a most-played game despite all its flaws and all the obvious bugs and gameplay issues etc. It probably does deserve to be regarded as one of the more captivating single player games of recent years. If I ever hear about another mud crab tho. ugh

Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.09.06 22:52:00 - [22]

World of Tanks
Global Agenda
Modern Warfare 2
Bad Company 2
Company of Heroes

Max Hamburgers
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2010.09.06 22:56:00 - [23]

Other than EVE.... Uh... Assassin's Creed 2, Starcraft 2, Europa Universalis 3, Victoria 2 (waiting for the patch though), Hearts Of Iron 3 and Just Cause 2. Smile

Euphoria Released
Posted - 2010.09.07 00:27:00 - [24]



Europa Universalis 3, best historical strategy game I've played to date, infact best strategy I've played.

Europa Universalis Rome, 2nd best strategy game I've played, one day I will conquer the med as Carthage but those f**king Seleucids keep f**king up my ****, they're like lag in Eve always there and unstoppable.

Grand Prix Legends. Oldie but goodie.

Magic the gathering:Duels of the planeswalkers. Gotta love some pixie poker.

Been playing original Quake through again with the Darkplaces engine update.

Also spend a lot of time with emulators playing old titles from my youth, have to be honest though, a lot of what I thought was superb back in the day hasn't aged very well.

Posted - 2010.09.07 20:29:00 - [25]

No Team Fortress 2 peeps yet? What's wrong with you people! (master at spy, along with several others in my clan.) YARRRR!!

Chris Bailey
Posted - 2010.09.07 20:56:00 - [26]

Originally by: Elysarian
Modern Warfare (both ones)

I also play Runescape when I feel like switching my brain off for a bit :)

Tell me your trolling

Posted - 2010.09.07 21:00:00 - [27]

Originally by: Zeke Mobius
Global Agenda


Posted - 2010.09.08 06:57:00 - [28]

Edited by: Zismarin on 08/09/2010 07:03:56
Edited by: Zismarin on 08/09/2010 06:57:53
Err atm I play

Mass Effect (on my 30th or so PT lol)
Halo 3 Matchmaking (Because MW2 has gone to hell, gonna be replaced by reach)
Simcity 4
Perfect Dark
Phantasy Star Universe

Mutant Caldari
Percussive Diplomacy
The Phoenix. Consortium
Posted - 2010.09.08 07:47:00 - [29]

Originally by: Zismarin
Edited by: Zismarin on 08/09/2010 07:03:56
Edited by: Zismarin on 08/09/2010 06:57:53
Err atm I play

Halo 3 Matchmaking (Because MW2 has gone to hell, gonna be replaced by reach)

They both are ****, currently. MW2 is less **** atm, imo. This is coming from someone who has played about 15,000 or so ranked games in H3(Roughly). Anyway, I play MW2 and Halo 3 currently along with whatever random game I end up renting or borrowing.

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2010.09.08 09:57:00 - [30]

Installed Dwarf Fortress yesterday.
Hating it already...also seem not to be able to stop playing it Wink

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