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Posted - 2010.09.11 09:18:00 - [61]

27 bought so far GL to ALL!

Machato Nek
Posted - 2010.09.11 11:12:00 - [62]

Hope I win this bonus prize!! and then the CNR for even more [email protected]!
*crosses fingers*
Very Happy

Molesty Smurf
Posted - 2010.09.11 16:32:00 - [63]

Edited by: Molesty Smurf on 11/09/2010 16:36:23
Morning bump - and a bonus roll. Check the third post for winners details.

EDIT : Congrats Nanohasan, your one ticket has already paid off.

Less than 150 tickets to go; good luck to all for the CNR

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.09.12 04:32:00 - [64]

Friendly Bump!! Grab the tickets while you can peeps!!!

Molesty Smurf
Posted - 2010.09.12 16:49:00 - [65]

Morning bump - 126 tickets left; 26 until the next bonus prize

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2010.09.13 12:56:00 - [66]

to the top

Molesty Smurf
Posted - 2010.09.13 14:37:00 - [67]

Monday bump; almost there - 75% sold

Shogun monk
Posted - 2010.09.14 00:16:00 - [68]

5th page to 1st bump

Selvaria Bless
Posted - 2010.09.14 00:34:00 - [69]

10 Bought, free bamp.

China Chinchin
Posted - 2010.09.14 00:46:00 - [70]

bought 11 more to roll the bonus draw.

Molesty Smurf
Posted - 2010.09.14 01:08:00 - [71]

Edited by: Molesty Smurf on 14/09/2010 01:12:05
Bonus roll is incoming, check third post for winner information.

And that brings us to the final 100 tickets! Get your tickets while you still have a chance and good luck everyone.

EDIT: Congrats, Machato Nek, you've won the 8th bonus prize

Posted - 2010.09.14 05:54:00 - [72]

gg. i win. bought out!

Posted - 2010.09.14 06:00:00 - [73]

Wow Kaptin Is BALLIN 99 Tickets bought to finish off the Lottery with 109 total tickets. Now that's what I call dedicated!

Posted - 2010.09.14 06:05:00 - [74]

all i do.

Molesty Smurf
Posted - 2010.09.14 14:06:00 - [75]

Lotto is sold out, good luck to everyone who entered.

I will do the various draws later this evening, as I have the unfortunate problem of being at work right now.

Good luck everyone!

Posted - 2010.09.14 15:11:00 - [76]

How much later this evening? The lottery has been bought out for almost 12 hours now and all you've done is post saying thatnks for spending all your money now you have to wait until i get home so i can click a button!

Reapers Legion
Posted - 2010.09.14 16:21:00 - [77]

dude seriously we have waited this long for the lotto to finish, what difference does it make to wait another few hours?

Posted - 2010.09.14 16:34:00 - [78]

my fingers are crossed for atleast a bonus prize :P

Posted - 2010.09.14 16:41:00 - [79]

JaWarrior did you spend over a bil? no

Molesty Smurf
Posted - 2010.09.14 20:05:00 - [80]

Edited by: Molesty Smurf on 14/09/2010 20:14:02
Unfortunately it looks like we're in different time zones, as this lotto closed after I went to bed, and the only access I have during the day is from my phone, which is only really good for bumping forum posts.

Anyway, I'm back from work, and am now rolling the draws.

EDIT: For anyone reading in real time, congrats go to fur (AGAIN!) and Zecks Marquise for winning bonus prizes 9 and 10, respectively. Their prizes are listed in the third post. I am now rolling the first and second prize. The winners of the CNR and Gila will receive a confirmation email by me if you have won, and the winners will receive contracts by Somerset Mahm.

Congrats to the winners and thanks for playing.

Posted - 2010.09.14 20:27:00 - [81]

This guy's lotterys are rigged

Molesty Smurf
Posted - 2010.09.14 20:39:00 - [82]

Edited by: Molesty Smurf on 14/09/2010 21:31:19
Originally by: KaptinKronik
This guy's lotterys are rigged

All rolls were made prior to the lottery start. All rolls created by this character are entered there - I cannot remove or replace a roll.

I'm sorry you didnt win, but if you can't afford to lose, you probably shouldn't be gambling in the first place.

Kyra Mercury
Mercury Innovations
Posted - 2010.09.14 20:41:00 - [83]

/me facepalms

Buying 109 or so tickets does not mean you'll win sir.
Yes, it increases the odds, but in no way, shape or form does it influence the luck of the draw.

Sadis Kale
Posted - 2010.09.15 02:46:00 - [84]

Contract Accepted! I am one happy person right now!!! Wonderful thing to wake up to before heading to work!!!

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