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Posted - 2010.08.27 14:22:00 - [1]

I went and trained up to be able to overheat my mods because i thought it would be useful to go a little bit faster, or shoot a little bit faster, or web/scram a little bit farther, or tank a little bit more....etc. - for a very brief period of time.

Since then, the skill HAS been quite useful, and has saved me in a variety of situations, even in PvE (i remember warping out of a drone anomoly once with 10% hull and all modules broken after killing all the scram frigs - thanks to overheating for letting me live!)

i DO have one problem with the overheating ability:

i don't understand exactly how it works! Obviously as your specific rack heats up (high, medium, low), the modules there are more likely to take damage, but is it random? does the module you're overheating have a higher chance to take damage? How much does thermodynamics really help - at level V its only a 25% reduction....with the speed i take heat damage when overheating MWDs and such, 25% reduction just doesn't quite seem enough.

Also, nanites.....i know they can be used to repair damaged modules. What skills are needed, what item do i need (specifically which item.....nanite paste?) to repair damaged mods....can it be done during combat or do i need to offline the module?

thaks in advance to anyone who can help me out and give me some numbers, guidelines, or general info.

Posted - 2010.08.27 14:45:00 - [2]

The heat damage is random with a non-uniform distribution. Modules closer to the overheating module, including itself, are more likely to be damaged. If you can, stop the overload for a few cycles to cool it down.

Reducing heat output is just one part of overheating. Repairing on the fly is another part. Nanite repair paste can be used on modules that are currently not active - including all passive and offline modules. You cannot repair currently active modules or completely broken modules. There are skills that help repair more for less time and paste.

Read this article

Posted - 2010.08.27 16:27:00 - [3]

thank you very much. A most helpful article!


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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