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Posted - 2010.07.12 00:02:00 - [1]

Edited by: FlightGlobal on 12/07/2010 07:19:02

Well? Favourite ship that you fly? U can pick only 1 ship, with fit and or role info if u want.

NO ARGUING- this is for fun only.

For my part I am going for the Tengu.

Reason: Expensive, yes, but for sheer versatility it (like all t3's) can't be beaten, and u can do lots of different things in it; eg- pvp (solo/fleet), ewar, scout, tackle(ish), bait, pve, probe etc. I just picked the tengu coz I'm native caldari ATM.

'that's why I love the tengu' (if only I could afford to loose them!!!!

Beverly Sparks
Posted - 2010.07.12 00:17:00 - [2]

Pulse Apoc, if you have flown one, you know why.

Xai Rayna
Posted - 2010.07.12 00:18:00 - [3]

Blaster Taranis or Ares, depending upon fleet requirements. They are fun.

Pr1ncess Alia
Posted - 2010.07.12 00:30:00 - [4]

AC cane

Relatively cheap, in your face OVERHEATED!!BULLETS!!!!

buffer fit, max damage. neuts make sense but i like to go with HAMs just incase my 'i want to **** you in the face' point didn't get across well enough with guns alone.

and everyone but a complete **** can afford to lose them Very Happy

The Djego
Hellequin Inc.
Posted - 2010.07.12 00:46:00 - [5]

Mega with a max gank solo fit, as soon as it gets back the needed stopping power at point blank.

Queen Jane
Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2010.07.12 00:57:00 - [6]

Edited by: Queen Jane on 12/07/2010 00:57:04
Falcon because interrupting ganks in progress never gets old.

Alara IonStorm
Posted - 2010.07.12 02:04:00 - [7]

Seige Typhoon with neuts, large drone bay armour tanked and if torps arnt' your thing then projectile works to. Its also fast and fits a full tackle.

Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2010.07.12 05:09:00 - [8]

Blaster Rokh.

Good dps and excellent active tank while still allowing for 3 damage mods Cool

Plus you can say things like, ready to rokh and he was stuck between my rokh and a hard place (the puns don't get old)

Red Federation
Posted - 2010.07.12 08:11:00 - [9]

pre interdictor nerf:
Sabre: dual extender, i would solo terrorize alliances in 'My Little Pony'
pre speed nerf:
Hyena, 41km web and point, travelled 21km per sec. i still have her to this day
Stealth Bombers..(hound)? i guess. everything 'old school fun' has been nerfed

Abbot Laarkin
Order Of Mystical Mountain Monks
Posted - 2010.07.12 10:58:00 - [10]

Easy, Hurricane.
Flexible, cheap, fun. Great gang ship, great solo ship. LR/ SR, nano, shield, armour. Whatever the flavour it's hard to find a ship as flexible as the 'cane.
And it looks good while doing itCool.

Before nano/ web nerf..Rapier.


Pascal Almaric
The Solipsist Nation
Posted - 2010.07.12 11:13:00 - [11]

Drake. With HAMs it has the same attraction as the autocane, with HML it can reach out and hit EWAR ships, and in PvE it is a good breadwinner.

MoeJoe Green
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2010.07.12 12:11:00 - [12]

Drake... A drooling monkey could pilot it.

Lutz Major
Posted - 2010.07.12 12:25:00 - [13]


Nora Rage
Posted - 2010.07.12 12:29:00 - [14]


Hatsumi Kobayashi
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.07.12 13:08:00 - [15]


Executive Intervention
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2010.07.12 13:20:00 - [16]

Any T1/T2 Gallentean cruiser/BC class vessel ugh

CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2010.07.12 13:32:00 - [17]

Ishtar. So versatile and heavenly drone damage Smile

Laughlyn Vaughns
Lagos-Vaughn Industries
Posted - 2010.07.12 13:58:00 - [18]

I've been having gret sucess recently with a Rupture but my pride and joy is my Sleipnir and probs one i fly most the time. Tank is good, its fast and agile and thanks to the med turrets my dps isnt reduced a lot when confronted with frigs and cruisers, a T2 fit i have atm pulls around 930-950 dps depending on which clone i'm in and the tank is sturdy and holds long enuff to kill the ships i've come across (t2 cruisers upto BS, T3 and other command ships)

Laughlyn Vaughns
Lagos-Vaughn Industries
Posted - 2010.07.12 14:00:00 - [19]

Originally by: Alara IonStorm
Seige Typhoon with neuts, large drone bay armour tanked and if torps arnt' your thing then projectile works to. Its also fast and fits a full tackle.

Posted - 2010.07.12 14:15:00 - [20]


The little ship that wants to be so much more!

Guillieme Lohran
Posted - 2010.07.12 14:36:00 - [21]

My Ishkur. That thing is just a lot of fun.

Alexandra Stormwing
Cry Wolf.
Posted - 2010.07.12 15:28:00 - [22]

Sentinel. I only fly it once in a while but I really enjoy flying it when I do. There's two main fits that I like:

1. Triple neut solo PvP kiting fit. With 18.9km neuts, it can disable most frigates very easily and pick away at them with the drones.

2. Triple nos, dual SAR tackle fit. This is a surprisingly great tackler. Dual SAR keeps you alive under drone attacks, and triple nos gives great survivability even under neut pressure.

Only problem with the sentinel is the low damage output if you fill the top rack with neuts/nos, but when you are winning, it's a slow, agonizing death which lends to good ransom opportunities.

THORN Syndicate
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.07.12 15:43:00 - [23]

Edited by: Indeterminacy on 12/07/2010 15:45:04
hmm...I want to do/fly a lot of things...but so far...

Heavy missile nano cerb. In a gang with tackler support. Burning out of hostile bubbles, warping off as needed/calling for reps. Toasting reds from range. Sometimes getting bbq'd.


Ministry Of Eternal Disorder
Posted - 2010.07.12 15:56:00 - [24]

Edited by: Ultim8Evil on 12/07/2010 15:57:31
PVE: Paladin with Tachyon IIs, Federation Web, Imperial Navy Repper, 3x HS IIs.
Reason: Anti-Ninja setup. Tank damage until target <40km, pop, tractor, salvage, repeat, profit. No wrecks left behind.

PVP: Not pvped for over 2 years now, but I had a lot of fun in Crusaders back in the day.
Reason: Excellent for pod-killing.

Posted - 2010.07.12 16:28:00 - [25]

Edited by: Rognin on 12/07/2010 16:33:03
Nano/Shield Fleet Phoon.

-Perfect for lowsec pirates and gate camps.
-2 nano's = 7.7 sec align (AWESOME)
-1000+ dps
-Jungle camo in space

Danny Lonnegan
United Amarr Templar Legion
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2010.07.12 16:43:00 - [26]

I love the Harbinger. The orthodox buffer fit is solid and useful, but I have the most fun with a nano/shield fit in fast gangs. I keep at least one of each at all times. :D

Posted - 2010.07.12 17:04:00 - [27]

Definitely the typhoon. Most flexible pre-t3 ship around. One of the only ships in this game I've absolutely never got tired of using.

Torp/AC fit.

Posted - 2010.07.12 17:55:00 - [28]

For PVE I liked using the Myrm the most. It was just fun. Also it is


It's not the best obviously but it a lot of fun (and a decent excuse to mount projectile weapons).

For PVP I always preferred the Taranis because it was the only ship I ever got killmails with.

Guillame Herschel
Posted - 2010.07.12 19:09:00 - [29]

According to the KB, it is the Arty Thrasher for me, followed by the Huginn and Typhoon.

Frontier Explorer's League
Posted - 2010.07.12 19:46:00 - [30]

Arbitrator lineup, Curse for the most part.

Reason: Survivability. Fast, and anything that can catch it gets nueted, and becomes... Unable to catch me.

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