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nat longshot
Posted - 2010.07.07 12:50:00 - [1]

the story that has been see in my eyes.

1 as we all know the sleepers come from a race older the ours.
2 rouge drones are tied toghter some way have not pulled out how yet and why.,
3 The Sansha raids and them makeing worm holes came from sleeper tec. they the sleepers are that far ahead of ours why not. the gm have said that the npc are raiding wormholes allso so why not the sanshas they have the know how to build the own ships and have mind in slaving tec so it easdy to belive they have raided sleeper sites and got hold of the tec needed to make temp. wormholes and are useing it to raid other systems now that would explain how they got into jove space. i guess the system there in eather has not jump gates or the sansha blown up the gate leading in to the system they now hold in jove space.

As we all know jove space is off limit to everyone that the only way to hold a system and so no one cant get into it is to blow up all the jump gates. if the sanshas jump in a huge fleet with many wormholes they could have shut down a jove system and took contral of the station easy with a sneak attack.

4 i have a feeling that at some point to retake the system your going to see the story unfold some what like this.
Jove are going to have to open jove space and let us the players come in and help kill the sanshas given they can move around in large fleets with the tec to open wormholes. no cyno fields there to easy seen with ship scaners and opening a wornhole is like opening a covert ops cyno.
5 the resaon jove will open there space is that they dont have the numbers to hit the sanshas hard given there a dieing race. they know they need new dna in there race or they will die out. I.e they open jove space and start to mix witht there races.

Yes i love storyline in a game make it fun to see how they play out and how we are worked into them.
so that my thoughts please feel free to add to this or to tell me iam nuts but given that the iteans from sleepers talk about thing like space destorion and time its right there in front of us. this story line is real time base the gm said in the blog the sooner its called out the soon they will start to run the full story line.

p.s side note the sanshs have kidnaped over 2 mil people so far best guess theyre all slave part of that fleet pic we saw from inside jove space. 2mil slave that one hell of a fight force to hold off even the jove. rember the amarr attack with alot less number then that and the jove won but only with the first doomsday weapon seen in eve.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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