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Posted - 2010.07.07 01:02:00 - [1]

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This is an obvious alt.

So yes I have 48mill sp I fly just all Caldari. Inty's ,bombers, Recons, HACS, Commandships, Fleet BS, Carrier, Dread yada yada. All t2 fit. I've done **** tons of pvp but looking to use my caps at this point. I'm tired of them getting dusty in the hanger.

What I'm looking for:
- Larger Corp 80+ members
- 0.0 is a must, weather you have sov or not doesn't matter
- Don't be a damn renter. There is a difference b/w renter and ally remember that
- I'm US tz so I expect you to have a solid USTZ group
- Cap fights and a good amount of them
- No NC Alliances

Being this is an alt and I won't check the mail, if you don't post here I won't reply with my main. Thats it. Talk with the corps I want to soon.

Edit: I didn't mention but I have been living in 0.0 for 2.5 yrs and been playing for 3. I can handle my own in 0.0 with no probs

The Illuminatii
Mildly Intoxicated
Posted - 2010.07.07 03:01:00 - [2]

Greetings. I am Zarofdium from the Imperial Syndicate Forces. We are primarily a pvp corporation, but support ourselves with logistics, mining, and industry.

As part of a PVP Corporation we offer:

  • "Alliance Sovereignty" Across Multiple Regions

  • Access to Multiple Stations to Sage Assets Securely

  • Alliance Call to Arms/ Roams/ Fleets

  • Upcoming Capital Programs

  • Access to Stain (Great 0.0 Missioning)

  • Ratting Opportunities (Anomolies, Belts, Etc)

  • One of the most vibrant economies in the South

Great Things to Have

  • Characters with 25 Million SP

  • Know how to handle yourself in 0.0

  • Fly Tech II Battleships and Above (and fit them)

  • Are Nearly Ready for Capital Ships

  • Have a history of low-sec/ 0.0 warfare/ previous combat experience

Contact myself or one of our recruiters in our public channel (or have a convo with us): UNITED BRAINS

Recruitment Director
The Imperial Syndicate Forces- Corp

Posted - 2010.07.07 23:08:00 - [3]


Fire Hawk
Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.07.08 22:26:00 - [4]

Warhouse 13
Posted - 2010.07.09 19:46:00 - [5]

Edited by: RevrendStyx on 09/07/2010 19:46:47
Shoot me a convo in game

Posted - 2010.07.11 21:12:00 - [6]

Check out our corporation as well:
- Lots to shoot at / daily roams.
- All adults
- PVP oriented / NBSI
- Mostly US TZ with some EU guys
- Free move of your stuff to our systems
- Ship replacement program

DotLan Maps Corp Info


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