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Posted - 2010.07.06 13:48:00 - [1]

im just curious as to what has been your most embarrassing Loss.

ill start

Myrmidon V rifter . i was a noob when this happened dint know about scrams or webs, i also remember not turning on my reppor...... Fail

Tolis Irithel
Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:12:00 - [2]

Easy, the Tengu I fell asleep in running an 8/10 out in 0.0.

Damn drugs.

Viibl Triibl
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:28:00 - [3]

Edited by: Viibl Triibl on 06/07/2010 14:29:17
Lost a Hoarder with 300 million in cargo (my entire net worth) when I got clipped by a WT in high sec.

I took a few days off after that. Still haven't recovered even 15% of the losses, either.

Ichire Dacar
The Scope
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:44:00 - [4]

Back in the days (long ago) when I used to mine, I was returning to empire after a stint out in 0.0. I got out of 0.0 and into hisec in my mining fit Domi Embarassed only to be caught by a wartarget in an inty. It was the first time I'd been in a war and it hadn't occurred to me that I might be targeted in hisec and should refit my ship.

I was scrammed and webbed. And me having zero PVP experience panicked. The pilot kited me, killing all my drones and eventually my ship (cappped out trying to warp and couldn't rep the damage I was taking quickly enough).

I learned a few very useful lessons about EVE that day. ugh


Stillwater Corporation
Posted - 2010.07.06 15:08:00 - [5]

Edited by: LadyZelda on 06/07/2010 15:09:43
It wasn't my kill or loss, but I do think this guy must have felt so bad about this.

He definately needs to walk the walk of shame.

Oh and my own was the loss of a Legion. Didn't pay attention while doing a low-sec plex. Got pointed by an Arazu at 56km when they flew in. Didn't pay attention to local, so also not at my directional.

Posted - 2010.07.06 15:29:00 - [6]

oh dear thats a big loss. i wonder does he play anymore :)

LOl at your domi loss sounds kinda like what happned to me only my guy in teh rifter stole from my can.

i have a mate that lost a tngu to a lvl3 mission... he went afk and forgot about it ;D

Out Siders
Posted - 2010.07.06 16:16:00 - [7]

Lost a Drake to a dude in what I think was a vastly smaller ship after he scrammed/webbed me and turned on his AB and kited me. I don't even think I touched him. The only good thing was that we had a friendly chat for the 10-15 minutes it took him to kill me. I was so embarassed I didn't even beg for him to ask for a ransom. He let me come back and get my wrecked belongings.

Also, I lost my Manticore after attacking some guy near a stargate that had SGs. Not sure if the torps hit before I popped.

Actually, I think every loss of mine has been an embarassing one. I'm trying to get better at pew pew but it's a slow go.

Amanda Mor
Posted - 2010.07.06 17:10:00 - [8]

Not me, but a corpmate - lost his missioning Maelstrom to a T3 in highsec. What's embarassing about this? Well, he was aligned out to leave the mission, and the Proteus (I think) was at 70km just sitting there, so he decides to take a pot shot at him before leaving while he (the T3) is too far out of range to do anything about it. So he fires, then goes to warp out. Lo and behold, the T3 has a 70km point - 5 minutes of waiting for the Proteus to get in range, then another few minutes for it to kill him, all while I'm listening in on vent.

Again, it's not all that uncommon for inexperienced mission runners to fall into this type of trap - my corpmate knows this very well, as he does this type of thing to mission runners all the time, and should really have known better than to fall for it himself.

And, since he forum stalks my posts, it's a matter of time before he gives me **** for sharing this story...

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.07.06 17:55:00 - [9]

Cynabal. Spent ages pulling a Deimos off-gate then overheated the mwd instead of turning it off when I'd pulled them far enough.

Still nearly got the Deimos, not funny at the time but it was.

eddie valvetino
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.07.06 18:03:00 - [10]

Edited by: eddie valvetino on 06/07/2010 18:04:30
Jag to a bunch of battle haulers

i'm still feeling sick from it, don't wanna relive the memories

hmmm, might be the thanny i failed warped to a PL POS...

Failed Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.07.06 19:01:00 - [11]

I know the Malediction is pretty fail, but it does have its uses.

Getting killed by an MSE / Dual pulse laser Vigil strongly made me reconsider my ship and my career course how ever... .

Corvus Dove
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2010.07.06 19:06:00 - [12]

Lemming Leap.

Granted, against that many noobships only a titan might tank, and my BC was screwed. But there's something about drunkenly chasing down an Ibis with your drones only to be jumped by 100+ more of them in the process that removes one's dignity.

Posted - 2010.07.06 19:10:00 - [13]

lol. some nice ones here lads, keep them coming :)

Neu Bastian
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.07.06 19:14:00 - [14]

My first sabre poped to gate guns when I willingly attacked a non-flashy ceptor at a gate. that's how I learned about low sec aggression mechanics. I still say hi to the ceptor pilot when I see him online.

Augin Soric
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.07.06 20:10:00 - [15]

Way back I lost a vagabond because I was too busy trying to get the PW for a POS shield from my corp. I was being attacked by a vexor, a drake and a caracal and didn't stop and think as to how easy it would have been just to outrun them past the field of bubbles (pre- scramblers shut down mwds). I still shake my head at myself when I think about it.

Posted - 2010.07.06 20:38:00 - [16]

Mine was when (as a n00b to pvp) I first got manticore and tried to kill a megathron in nullsec :(

Most embarassing loss that I've seen was a can flip in highsec

Pyro Ninja
Viral Industry
Posted - 2010.07.06 20:40:00 - [17]

Way back in the day when I was just getting into PVP and war decs, we ran after some war targets trying to take down there Raven (year 2005 or right around there) they undocked and I locked him shot him and was killed by the station guns... I didn't target the raven I had locked the station and went to town.. looking back I still get a laugh and make sure it doesn't happen again YARRRR!!

Posted - 2010.07.06 21:18:00 - [18]

Had been running lvl 4's for about a month filling my orca up with loot. Finally got about 100,000 m3 worth and ready to head to Jita to unload and get some new shinies. Had about 10 jumps left and was time for a work meeting, hmm, I'll hit auto pilot and when I get out of the meeting I'll be in Jita....Sure enough, i was in Jita, but in my pod!

Guessing between the ship and loot, was close to a billion isk at the time.

Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2010.07.06 21:49:00 - [19]

This was one of my more "recent" lapses in judgment.

AC Brutix of DOOM

Long story short; it was "cleaning day" in the hanger and I had all this stuff lying around. Specifically, I had quite a few auto-cannon/artillery stuff. I also had a "spare" Brutix whose insurance was running out. In a moment of temporary insanity I openly exclaimed, "Why the hell not?"

It wasn't much of a loss ISK-wise, however the guys I fly with gave me a ton of **** and still poke fun at me from time to time. Embarassed

At the end of day, I regret nothing. I like to experiment with random fits rather than EFT warrior it.

Posted - 2010.07.06 21:51:00 - [20]

All of them.

Posted - 2010.07.06 21:55:00 - [21]

Well I just lost 800 mill for a Mammoth today, how embarassing is that Smile

NoLimit Soldier
Posted - 2010.07.06 22:14:00 - [22]

I have tons, if you don't have any you are not having enough fun.

Lost a deadspace fit stealth bomber I used to grind sec status up when I warped at 70 not realizing some one warping to 0 from the same point will turn off your cloak.

Lost a rook to 2 battleships and 2 battle cruisers because I thought I could jam them all out.

Tried warping to 30 using the center of a bubble as the point of reference. Lost another stealth bomber this way.

Lost a dramiel to a taranis by not realizing I had a station in my orbit path.

Lost a stealth bomber for damping a neutral outside station that I thought was shooting us, he wasn't. Station guns popped me. I was the only loss all night.

Fey Niral
Exile Consortium
Nihilists Social Club
Posted - 2010.07.07 12:01:00 - [23]

Aggroed a harbie with my ashimmu in low sec, forgetting that said harbie pilot always has a falcon alt with him. After being jammed for a while and armor going down fast managed to get a lock on the harbie, neuted him dry and warped out with 21% hull...
To a station...
With globals and aggression timer on.

Illadelph Justice
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.07.07 18:12:00 - [24]

When i was about a month old, fell asleep in a retriever in a high sec belt and lost it to frigate rat spawns.


Camping a station in a stiletto, target undocks, turn on my point and start locking the target --> explode. Turns out i locked the station by accident.

Villa Wolfsbane
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2010.07.07 19:00:00 - [25]

I lost a freighter by misclicking on the overview and warping to the wrong gate, then jumping without looking - into lowsec and a group of gankers.

Only saving grace for me was that it was on the way back, having unloaded 7 billion isk's worth of cargo.

Posted - 2010.07.07 20:35:00 - [26]


Was just flying along in highsec, cargo mostly empty as i was just moving the ship, when I see a wreck of some unfortunate person. I'm the curious type, so always check out random cans to see what is in them.

I see a little bit of nox. Nothing much. I steal it anyway (bad habit...).

Most embarrassing bits:

1. Didn't bother to check what was around me. Notably the dramiel sitting right off the can.

2. Forgot that I was warped stabbed.

3. I only tried to WMD away (scram shut it off) and didn't try to warp...

So I just sat there for a little bit and died.

One of the guys corpmates mailed me asking if his buddy forged the killmail as surely no one could be that stupid?


I am normally a much better thief, I swear!

Posted - 2010.07.07 22:01:00 - [27]

I was two weeks into playing EvE and was mining in a Burst. OK maybe 1 week. And we (old mining corp) were war dec'd by a 1 man corp. He hit me with a web and warp disrupter, and I was trying to figure out why I couldn't move. I didn't have anything to shoot back, and didn't even think about losing the ship. Just trying to figure out why my ship couldn't move. Thought there was a hold up in my internet connection.
Very Happy <--- Newb

Goldadler Enterprises
The Seventh Legion
Posted - 2010.07.07 22:29:00 - [28]

I was doing a level 4 mission with a couple corp mates in my shiney new Raven. It was a long drawn out missions and I had been drilling them the whole time to watch for scramble drones. Then on the last wave I was getting impatient and overconfident. The battleships that spawned were tearing through my tanks quicker. I also noticed there were scramble drones in there.

So, Ignoring all of the advice I had ben drilling into my corp mates for the last 2 hours I didnt immediately target the scramble frig and instead decided I should finish off the other frig that was only webbing me.

I got the drone I was aiming for and almost got that second drone but alas those battleships fniished me off. What's worse I hadn't insured my Raven Embarassed

Posted - 2010.07.07 22:37:00 - [29]

I got my Kestrel blown up by an exploding casino in a mission I did with some friends. This was back when I was losing 1 ship a day on trial account...

Posted - 2010.07.07 22:43:00 - [30]

Edited by: Odvian on 07/07/2010 22:59:18
Kuea thats just epic ;D

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