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Laereal Sekhi
Posted - 2010.07.08 22:43:00 - [61]

Posted - 2010.07.09 12:15:00 - [62]


Opiboble Inte
Hard Rock Mining Co.
The Jagged Alliance
Posted - 2010.07.09 15:56:00 - [63]

Agree, the API needs some major work done.

Mrs Inte
Posted - 2010.07.09 15:57:00 - [64]

API needs updating!

Posted - 2010.07.09 18:07:00 - [65]


Nathalia Itiero
Blue Republic
Posted - 2010.07.10 01:35:00 - [66]

/signed YARRRR!!

Posted - 2010.07.10 03:43:00 - [67]

Whole heartedly agree!

Krathos Morpheus
Legion Infernal
Posted - 2010.07.10 04:21:00 - [68]

Posted - 2010.07.10 04:23:00 - [69]


Yes the API is a great way to spend some development resources. It doesn't have combat "balance" issues or CCP likes 0.0/lo/carebear better - all would benefit. It doesn't require a client upgrade so it can happen in between the 6 months cycles. It is also very visible.

Yes to EVEGate using APIs

Yes Yes Yes to open standards!

Yes to realizing that as you move into the web in general and open standards and especially social networking, a good job is going to require CCP to move far, far away from their Microsoft comfort zone.

yes to now is the time to address EvEGate and the architecture before more gets built. Nor do you want to get the DUST integration started this way.

Garil Xolte
Posted - 2010.07.10 10:54:00 - [70]


Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.07.10 15:49:00 - [71]

Posted - 2010.07.12 10:51:00 - [72]


Gianna Mattioli
Posted - 2010.07.13 00:07:00 - [73]

I support this proposal.

Elle D
Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.07.13 01:19:00 - [74]


Posted - 2010.07.13 14:56:00 - [75]

yes, please.

Both to making eve gate actually useful (I keep forgetting it's even there), and to making it so we can do more with the api.

Sakari Orisi
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2010.07.14 19:17:00 - [76]


Serpentine Logic
Posted - 2010.07.17 07:30:00 - [77]

+1. Google has shown how open APIs benefit them just as much as their users.

Hel O'Ween
Men On A Mission
EVE Trade Consortium
Posted - 2010.07.17 15:29:00 - [78]

Originally by: Drake Draconis
API Improvments - Yes

Spacebook - No

Listen to this wise man's words!

API - Yes
Spacebook - No. It's a painful waste of resources. Bring the forum to today's standards. And after that, you might play around with that other web thingy.

Rikki Sals
Posted - 2010.07.17 21:02:00 - [79]

Do it the intelligent way!

Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.07.17 23:29:00 - [80]

More API is always better. Personally I think a contracts API would be the best. Imagine how happy currior runners would be if you could get info on contract location, destination, collateral and reward. It would make moving your stuff in space much easier, this info could be imported into a tool so they could plan their route for optimum profit. I think this would result in more haulers doing curior contracts for profit, which would result in a system that's much easier to move stuff around in while stil being player controlled.

It'd also be nice to fetch price updates on faction/officer items. =D

Ebisu Kami
Posted - 2010.07.17 23:40:00 - [81]

Catari Taga
Centre Of Attention
Middle of Nowhere
Posted - 2010.07.18 11:33:00 - [82]

Supported, another one for CCP's backlog to be considered when dev time and server performance allows it...

Write access via API authentication to EVEGate functions (which apparently has an XML-RPC backend already anyway) would be real nice though as I'm sure any player implementation of those features will be better (and more compatible) than the backwards official one they have so many people working on...

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.07.19 00:34:00 - [83]


And can I kindly have something like the S&I -> Corp Blueprints tab over the API? I maintain a database of all my BPOs and their ME/PE levels. Occasionally, my staff (or myself Neutral) **** up and all our numbers are off until someone catches it.

It would be a huge quality of life increase if I could get this data over the API and ensure accuracy.

Dodgy Past
Digital Fury Corporation

Posted - 2010.07.19 00:50:00 - [84]

Chi Quan
Bibkor Enterprises

Posted - 2010.07.19 10:48:00 - [85]

Abdiel Kavash
Paladin Order
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2010.07.19 11:17:00 - [86]

Going through the Assembly Hall, supporting awesome ideas.

Dierdra Vaal
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.07.23 10:00:00 - [87]

I agree with most of the points - I'll have to make it into an issue one of these days :)

Posted - 2010.08.01 05:48:00 - [88]

Edited by: aqil on 01/08/2010 05:50:52

Reliables Inc
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.08.01 09:36:00 - [89]

right on

CCP should really be smarter about third party apps.

Just think: how much dev time would it take to make EVEmon? Or eve-central?

All you have to do is give people tools, and they make all this stuff for free.

If only the UI were this way. Say what you will about WOW, you can't argue that the quantity and quality of the player-developed UI mods for that game are anything short of incredible.

Our players are smarter. I bet they could come up with way better stuff if you worked on opening up the code more.

Anna Weston
Holdings Inc
Posted - 2010.08.03 14:30:00 - [90]

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