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Posted - 2010.07.05 08:15:00 - [31]

Originally by: Kane Starkiller
Don't blob so much and there won't be any lag Razz

That's like saying: "Don't log into Eve and you will have NO lag"

Posted - 2010.07.05 08:36:00 - [32]

No, it's not. There is no need to bring in 1234567890 dreads, twice that on battleship and ^10 that in frigs.

Kane Starkiller
Posted - 2010.07.05 08:54:00 - [33]

exactly, solo and small gang is where it's at. Large fleets are just so boring . . .

Menace ll Society
Posted - 2010.07.05 08:56:00 - [34]

My EVEgate loaded flawlessly during the whole TTP fight.
And I managed to improve several PI chains.

Posted - 2010.07.05 09:37:00 - [35]

Originally by: Amarr Supremacist

Trying to do any kind of PvP with more than 20-30 people is a waste of time in EVE prime time.

Yeeessssss. Everything going according to the plan. Sooon no more threads about how blobs killed small gang warfare Cool

Corin Nebulon
Brutal Deliverance
Posted - 2010.07.05 10:34:00 - [36]

Well, people still don't seem to understand what happened. So basically a short report. We were roaming and one of our waypoints was Z-R in anticipation of a fight. We had about or less than 40people. In system was already another gang of approximately the same size.

Lag however started already in Empire, with module lag of about 3-6 seconds. While we made our way to Z-R lag increased, however scouts reported that this was pretty much the same in any of the surrounding systems.

After jumping into Z-R we decided to attack a sov blocking unit and lag keept growing, at the time we decided to disengage it was at aprox 1min30sec module lag. When we decided to jump out, all ships got stuck on the jump, grid not loading. Relogging seemed not to work aswell... after about 30min (in which the ships stayed at the gate, not emergency warping off) the situation cleared up and relogging enabled us to move to the next system under extrem lag. The further we got away from Z-R the less lag we encountered. Finally we managed to get home to empire.

During the time we were stuck at the gate, some of us filled stuck-petititions, only to hear that the GM's cannot interfere because " A large fleetfight is happening there". Large Fleet (40ppl) : NO Fight: NO since not possible. Real reason : unknown. Maybe the GMs had their own problems interfacing with the server or maybe CCP used us as guinean pigs to get some nice debug-logs.

But the real problem imho is that 40ppl on both sides isn't a real blob. And we see lots of nodes daily that can handle the same load in empire. What we experianced in Z-R and what happened to COW (lagging out a system with even less numbers) could indicate a problem in the code. Infinite loop or infinite recursion or other forms of memory leaks.

For small gang warfare this means if you are unlucky, you might end up in a system, where you aren't able to do a thing, sitting at a Gate for hours without disappearing. So far this was known in the real large fights to happen. Now it might also happen, if you have a small gang to roam in 0.0 or low-sec.

So yeah back to the big blobs i guess ... at least there you know where and when the big lag will happen. Oh and you will have a leet reinforced node at least.

Posted - 2010.07.05 11:03:00 - [37]

Fleet was not large by any standards, local neither.

Jumping into system, jump takes 4 minutes, grid load another 4 minutes. After grid loaded nothing responds. Getting tired and relog after 10 minutes of nothingness. Relog attempt for another 10 minutes.

Jump next system. After a few minutes people start to disappear in local, but ships do not jump.

GM saying "oh theres a big fight like 100 lightyears away, sorry."

Good job.

Posted - 2010.07.05 11:17:00 - [38]

Since the sov changes took effect, blob warfare is MORE needed than ever before.

Hubs has 112 mill armor hp.

How will anything but a blob be able to take that down ?

CCP fix the lag.... in 2010 please

Count MonteCarlo
Genos Occidere
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.07.05 17:33:00 - [39]

The best part is that CO2 actually did petition beforehand to get the node reinforced Laughing

Posted - 2010.07.05 19:04:00 - [40]

Edited by: GavinGoodrich on 05/07/2010 19:04:05
This sucks and everyone knows it. Almost A FULL YEAR later, it's gotten even worse.

We're only here because we're ****ing addicts and there's nothing else on the market to compete with a game like this yet. If/when it arrives, CCP is going to feel the sting. But they won't for now, because we have no other game in this genre (single shard, 60k online at once, etc) that can compete.

So right now we're at the mercy of a company who's top dogs believe after 8 months of problems getting worse and worse with no end in sight (yay, another mass test 2 months later, who ****ing cares) THINKS IT'S OK TO KEEP USING THE SAME PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.

Posted - 2010.07.05 19:23:00 - [41]


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