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Jus Lookin
Posted - 2010.07.02 07:19:00 - [1]

I am trying to plan out my skills to be able to fly carriers and supercarriers in a little over 2 more years. I am currently maxed memory with a little in all the other attributes. When I am done training drones I am going to switch to int high with remainder in memory and perception for a year to train cap electronics/eng/nav. When that is done I will switch to Per/Will high for another year the ship/weapons training.

So, before I switch my current mem high build, I need to know if the Advanced Drone Interfacing skill is ever useful on a Supercarrier at level 5. I realize that normal carriers are triage (healing) units, and do not really ever use Drone Control Units in high slots, but I do not know how Supercarriers are fitted nowadays. I am training level 5 on my last drone skill other than ADI, so I need to make the choice to train this skill or do my attribute change soon.


Furb Killer
Posted - 2010.07.02 07:29:00 - [2]

Normal carriers arent that often triage. Still it is useless, it is barely ever worth having it. Unless you are going to run anomalies with your super carrier you wont be needing it. I wouldnt waste time training it to lvl 5 if you train it at all. (I can fly carriers and never bothered even buying that skill, no plans to fit DCUs).

Elsymir Crystalblood
Posted - 2010.07.02 07:44:00 - [3]

Unfortunately, with the current state of things Drone Control Units are only useful in PVE. I sure hope you're not ratting in you carrier, so unless you have a nice upgraded system with a station and anomalies, and you really have nothing better to train, Advanced Drone Interfacing is sadly not useful.

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2010.07.02 07:50:00 - [4]

Train it to lvl 2-3. Its quick, and if ccp ever decides to buff DCU's, you are ready to fit. And still you only need lvl 2-3, cause that is how many you would be fitting anyway, cause a super should have atleast 1-2 neuts and 1-2 smartbombs in the highs, no matter what.

King Rothgar
Autocannons Anonymous
Posted - 2010.07.02 07:55:00 - [5]

DCU's are useful. Saying they aren't is like saying heat sinks are of no value on an abaddon. But you must fit your carrier for the task at hand. If you're out hot dropping people, DCU's are the best thing you can put in your high slots typically. Hotdrops are about DPS, not logistics or neuting. If you're in an actual fight, they are typically not the best thing to have as in that situation, carriers are logistics rather than dps.

Anyways, a 2 year skill plan is silly. You won't be sticking with that, I promise. You'll probably break from it within a month if you're anything like the rest of us.Laughing In any case, unless you're running a pure industry toon, you want to be spec'd towards perception and willpower. For every million SP in drones/electronics/mechanic and so on that you train, you'll probably put 3-4M into gunnery/ship command. So just max out your perception and willpower.

Jus Lookin
Posted - 2010.07.02 08:30:00 - [6]

Thank you for the replies. To clarify, I already have ADI at level 4. I am asking if there are any situations where having it at level 5 is useful. The only direct answer seems to be if I want to run anomalies. I can't see that happening enough to justify the 29 days it would take to train ADI to 5.

To the above poster, I am pretty good about sticking to muti-year plans. In the last year, I added 20 days extra when the latest expansion came out to train all the new skills to level 4 (and one to 5) and other than that I followed my plan exactly.

The only deviation I can see in the next couple years might be due to CCP adding in some new important skills when Dust is released.


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