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Belidos Goveko
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.07.01 09:16:00 - [1]

Just a quick query for clarification, i have recently started playing (i started the account in 2006 and never got through the tutorial until i recently tried again) and i'm looking at getting into manufacturing.

My question is, other than buying them from the market how do you get blueprints?

Most of the guides i have read tell me to buy them from the market, if that's the case then how did those people get them in the first place to sell them on the market?

I'm sure there must be some other way to get them because logically if there wasn't these people wouldn't have them to sell in the first place, but i just can't find references to it.

Estel Arador
Posted - 2010.07.01 09:41:00 - [2]

NPCs sell blueprints on the market, players can buy them from the NPCs and relist them on the market for profit (not all blueprints are available everywhere) or use them (once a BPO is used in any way, it can no longer be sold on the market).

You can distinguish between NPC and player orders by the duration: NPC orders have a 364 to 365 day duration, player orders have a 0 to 90 day duration.

Posted - 2010.07.01 09:43:00 - [3]

Edited by: Kaomond on 01/07/2010 09:44:28
Ah so it's basically buy them or buy them :(

I was hoping that there would be some other way to get them, at least as drops or at best an intricate system of reverse engineering looted items and inventing better.

Oh well need to find a way to earn some ISK to afford blueprints now.

EDIT: Bah silly post thingy defaults to my unused character, i really have to get used to these forums.

Lutz Major
Posted - 2010.07.01 09:53:00 - [4]

Only 'special items' blueprints drop, but then they are only copies - not originals.

If you buy a blueprint off the market, be aware that it is NOT researched and thus will have higher material need than a researched one (which are found on contracts). Also try to learn Production Efficiency to at least IV, better V to be competetive.

If researched blueprints are too expansive, try to obtain copies and produce from them.

Belidos Goveko
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.07.01 09:58:00 - [5]

Right, thanks i'll give it a whirl, have most of the research and manufactruring skills needed up to IV already, now i need to put them into use, was thinking about buying unresearched BP's and researching them myslf, but i checked last night and not one lab was available with the shortest wait being about 3 days :(

Lutz Major
Posted - 2010.07.01 10:09:00 - [6]

Originally by: Belidos Goveko
... with the shortest wait being about 3 days :(
Then you are extreme lucky and should use this :) But probably it was in low-sec. Normally you wait up to two weeks!

If you like, I can do some research for you for free. Only ammo or frigs, please!
Drop me a contract in Oursulaert with some colateral, if you like.

Belidos Goveko
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.07.01 10:17:00 - [7]

Thanks for the offer mate, but i do like to try and muddle through things by myself, i'll just have to work hard on getting to the point where i can get it done myself (just need to earn some ISK and get myself a new ship, didn't realise safe routes were bugged and jumped into a dozen or so gate campers trying their best to elongate their e-peens).

Who knows if i fail miserably i may take you up on it hehe :D

Tony Starmap
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.07.01 10:45:00 - [8]

Hi B, i recommend you start out with copies. They are cheap and you can find copies that have really good reasearch done to them. Look under contracts, youll find the copies there :)

Ryuga VonRhaiden
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.07.01 10:56:00 - [9]

Yea, better start with some researched copies, so you can check if there is enough market for a certain item to let you make some profit. Buying and researching a BPO is a long-term investment, often quite costly as well unless you are making just simpler t1 modules. It can take several weeks until you get a set of BPOs ready for mass-production, even if it is just some low-end ammo.

Lutz Major
Posted - 2010.07.01 12:00:00 - [10]

Originally by: Belidos Goveko
Who knows if i fail miserably i may take you up on it hehe :D
Anytime, but I don't think you will fail ... for now Very Happy
Prepare yourself for the market. Do some research before you start producing. Check the market window and the history bars. Create your own spreadsheets of what you can produce, how much minerals you will need and what the minerals are worth and what the end-price is/will be.
Use buy and sell orders to get the components needed and to sell your product.

Check out these links:, ... the latter is a bit out of date for T2 data and probably prices but you can play with ME/PE values and your industry and production efficiency skill attributes. Try several combinations of a small ammo (e.g. EMP S)

Dennmoth Ferdier
Posted - 2010.07.01 12:05:00 - [11]

And I'll offer you a chance to get past the long waiting queues for lab slots.

Talk to Kithran in-game, and tell him Dennmoth refrenced you. He'll get you in to Curaursi corp, who have their own POS for laboratory work, and you don't have to wait any for doing research. Doesn't cost anything either.


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