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Hulkageddon Jackpot
Hulkageddon Orphanage
Posted - 2010.06.17 19:05:00 - [1]

In an unprecedented political gamble, members of the Minmatar militia have offered a 1 billion isk reward to the Hulkageddon pilot that causes the most destruction in Amarr controlled territories.

This is the first time since the inception of Hulkageddon that the greater powers of the Four empires have tried to use the violent eco-terrorism to their advantage.

The matari spokesperson had only the following to say:

In the on going strugle to free our people, we have thusfar restrained ourselves from all out war on the Amarrian home worlds.
However, the time has now come to seek out, and destroy, the industrial backbone of the so called ‘enlightened ones’

To those who are overly cautious, everything is impossible.

It is time for the Matari to stop being cautious.

How this will affect preexisting racial tensions, or if the Amarr will throw their own wealth at the terrorists to “buy off” the aggression is, at this juncture, unknown.

No Amarrian spokespersons have been available to comment as of this writing


Riso Makaan
Posted - 2010.06.17 21:54:00 - [2]

Why would terrorists shy away from funding further terror not of their own making?

I realise it is slightly unfair to brand them as terrorists as a whole, but this act certainly doesnt dissipate this title they constantly deny, does it.

Bucky O'Hair
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2010.06.18 10:56:00 - [3]

How is this terrorism?

The Matari Republic is at war with the Amarrian Empire. Not just the few Capsuleers in the low security regions, but the entire Empire.

The best way to defeat your enemy is to take away their ability to wage war. This means to strike at their industrial base.

If you support the Amarrian Empire’s war effort, either directly or indirectly through industrial means, then you are an enemy of the Matari Republic.

Bucky O'Hair
Free our People

Karn Mithralia
Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude
Posted - 2010.06.18 11:08:00 - [4]

Nice one Bucky.

If its not too late to add to the prize pool, Ushra'Kahn will give 500 mill as second prize for regional prize in Amarr Empire.

And I'll add a Vagabond from my own hangers.

Bellum Aeternum
Posted - 2010.06.18 11:27:00 - [5]

All who give direct or indirect aid to slavers are legitimate targets. If you build a gun that helps kill a slave, have you not pulled the trigger yourself? If you mine the minerals to build the gun that helps kill a slave, have you not pulled the trigger yourself? If you pay taxes that will allow Amarr to buy the gun, have you not pulled the trigger yourself?

You have, and therefore industrials and missioners and traders are legitimate war targets.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.19 12:36:00 - [6]

The targeting of industrial vessel, to disruption of trade lines and the wage of war against logistics is and was the core of most wars in history. That finally the armies were going on each throats was just the result of this.

Everybody can see the kind of war that was thrown by the Amarr Empire against the Minmatar Republic.

The list of targeted industrial vessels is sheer endless. And thats the result of one of their pilots alone.

No, the Amarr Empire is targeting the Minmatar industrial backbone since the beginning of our struggle for freedom and before that they were exploiting our bodies and minds with putting our people under the whip.

Pay, Amarr, pay, pay, pay.

I got a bunch of exotic dancers from one of the infamous Matari nightclubs at Amamake who volunteered to dance for the winner and I offered them a free transport. In their name I repeat their words:

"We dance for freedom! We dance on the ashes of Amarr! Jump 'round turn around pick a Hulk of slavers!"

Posted - 2010.06.19 17:57:00 - [7]

Edited by: Jimmina on 19/06/2010 18:01:39
Edited by: Jimmina on 19/06/2010 17:57:31
Eco-Terrorism: acts of terrorism, violence or sabotage committed in support of ecological, environmental, or animal rights causes against persons or their property.

I guess by using that term here, we are describing the Minmatar as animals? I'm quite offended.

But I think the appropriate term you meant to use was "econo-terrorism".


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