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John castro
Posted - 2010.06.17 01:47:00 - [1]

Edited by: John castro on 17/06/2010 01:47:43
Ok so, 3 days ago i created an alt, one i'd hate to lose since its already tied up to my mains ingame life.

Heres the issues:

* i cant give the plex from my main since theres no contract interaction allowed for the trial account ( i actually had to go back to the main toon to cancel it ( ???? )

* I cant sell the the plex on the main and give the cash to the Alt for this to shop a Plex for himself without throwing away a substantial amount of isks in trading fee and seller/buyer difference

* i am, afaik, unable to get the time code number from the plex on the main, copy paste and plug it in on the website for the alt, since the number is inaccexible (?????)

* when trying to get the current offer from ur website ( posted Dollars on the add, but effectively counted as EURO on the bill( ????????????? ) i get the 5 activation fee for my alt,EVEN tho its created within the timeframe of the offer (????????????? )

Fix this plz, im sure im not the only one with this problem and further the stunt to lure me out of almost doublethe money by changing currency, not mentioning the sneaking 5 fee in, is below what i'd expected from u

So plz, get a grip, and tell me what ive missed, because surely, u cant be that ****ing blind to expect people not to notice this.

Kind regards.


Progressive Business Solutions
Posted - 2010.06.18 06:51:00 - [2]


Use a cardYARRRR!!

Posted - 2010.06.19 13:56:00 - [3]

Edited by: MadMuppet on 19/06/2010 13:57:13
Can you both dock up in the station that the PLEX is in and just trade it to the other player?

EDIT: I suppose that would require two computers since you cannot run a trial account on the same computer as the active account. hmmm.

Buga Buga
ROMANIA Renegades
Posted - 2010.06.20 23:44:00 - [4]

PLEXes can be placed in private hangars, corporate hangars, in contracts, on the market and into direct trade windows.

2 pcs (desktop and laptop?). direct trade.

Yes CCP should fix this stuff :) it's anoying.

Lt Expendable
Posted - 2010.07.03 15:54:00 - [5]

thanks for posting now that i know you need 2 comps to trade them i can let the trial im workin on lapse and doit by CC instead..

Leonardo Sabrioski
Red Horizon Inc
Posted - 2010.07.04 08:51:00 - [6]

Here's your answer.

Give 300 million to your alt from your main. (Isk transfer)
Buy plex off market

That's how I activated my trial acc. (with only one computer... and not having to be on both)


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