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Titan Core
Posted - 2010.06.16 21:58:00 - [31]

doubt m parts will be 50k more like 30k tops even with robot at 50k managing a pos is still good stuff if you know where the profit is: good reactions, mods yadayada;
I'm planing of getting more pos not lowering soRazz

Lost Hamster
Hamster Holding Corp
Posted - 2010.06.16 22:18:00 - [32]

Originally by: SencneS

OK So what we are right now.
695 Planets for Robotics
2,778 For Mechanical Parts
695 For Consumer Electronics
1,544 For Toxic Metals and Chiral Structures
6,173 for Precious Metals and Reactive Metal
Making a total of 11,885 Planets so far..

Now onto the extractors.... Well maybe not.....

Sorry, but this numbers are b*****.

So far each of you is thinking that one planet is exclusively used by one character. Which is none sense. It could be that 50 or 100 character will farm one planet. So that is drastically reducing the planet requirement.

What you need is people, lot's of people who are willing to play this tamagochi.

Eve has ~320k subscribers. That is around ~700k characters.
Let's say 10% of the players will do this, that is 32k players, probably some of them will use more than one character, so let's say that is 45k characters, which will produce this products.

So I believe that there will be no problem with the production.
On short therm, yes, there will be price increase, but in a week or two, it will normalize.

Dr Stratkanov
Posted - 2010.06.16 22:25:00 - [33]

Who cares about the Robotics?

Mechanical Parts are where it's at.

Stockpiling ftw.

Rebellion Against Big Irreversible Dinks
Posted - 2010.06.16 22:31:00 - [34]

Edited by: SencneS on 16/06/2010 22:36:08
Originally by: Lost Hamster

Sorry, but this numbers are b*****.

So far each of you is thinking that one planet is exclusively used by one character.

You're right... Rolling Eyes To the original question of "How many planets would it take to produce 1mil units of Robotics??"

The answer is... one
Everyone using that one planet, that one planet would need 11,885 players on it doing that stuff but hey, it's still only one Planet!

Sometimes you really have to spell it out for people apparently the Hamster is not the only thing lost.

Edit:- Wait wait... Mr. Obvious will point out that I'm assuming each player only can use 1 Planet so before he toots his horn again I have to re-adjust my number.

2,377 Planets/Players... Yes, that's assuming 2,377 players all have skills of 5 planets and all use the exact same five planets to produce on.

So it's an acceptable answer to 1 Million Robotics question is... 2,377 Planets.

I Heart Chaos
Posted - 2010.06.16 22:55:00 - [35]

Originally by: Akita T
I don't know, there should be at least 12k or so equivalent large tower POSes purely for reaction purposes.
Add another 5k for research purposes (ok, maybe less, but, meh).
Add another 2k deathstar-lookalikes for extracting somewhat valuable moon minerals without reacting.
Add all the temporary mining POSes and support POSes and whatnot, and you get maybe another 1k or so equivalent ones.
~20k overall sounds like the bare minimum, with 30k possible. 40+k does sound like a bit much though, true.

Well with 30k we get
30.000*24 = 720k per day

Then let's add the drones to that:

light t2 drones 21000*1
total 21000

medium t2 drones 11000*2
total 22000

heavy t2 drones 5000*4
total 20000

sentries 4000*3
total 12000

total from drones 75k

Then you get the additional load from all t2 guns as well
9 for each large t2 gun
3 for each medium t2 gun
1 for each small t2 gun

This makes the 1 million robotics daily trade very very real. This is still without the extra pressure of pos production which will consume a ton as well.

What is my main concern here is that a p3 item in such a position makes it the ultimate bottleneck and I'm surprised ccp didnt adjust the output of parts from Advanced Factories to mirror the projected usage and not just make everything produce the exact same amount.

This will indeed put robotics between the 50-75k unless a lot of players start playing on this market, which will happen without a doubt.

Lost Hamster
Hamster Holding Corp
Posted - 2010.06.16 22:59:00 - [36]

Originally by: SencneS

Edit:- Wait wait... Mr. Obvious ...

Mr. Obvious, I like it. Laughing
However my point is that when you write that you will need 11k planets to produce stuff, then everyone who reads it will panic:
-OMG we will have 100k price on robotics

etc.. And I do not like that.

Dr Stratkanov
Posted - 2010.06.16 23:12:00 - [37]

The 100k stuff is silly.

What we can definitely expect, however, is for the Robotics and Mechanical Parts prices going up.

Khun SP
Paramite Factories
Posted - 2010.06.17 01:59:00 - [38]

once the accumulated stock from NPC orders is gone, and we depend on player-farmed stuff, on such low production ratios, we will lol at high prices.


Reclamation Industries
Posted - 2010.06.17 02:15:00 - [39]

Originally by: Khun SP
once the accumulated stock from NPC orders is gone,

Shocked people didn't stockpile years and years of this stuff?

Posted - 2010.06.17 05:47:00 - [40]

Edited by: 10yps on 17/06/2010 05:47:59
At this point I dont see myself burning myself out to produce robotics for 12k (plenty at that price). On the other hand if you get prices in the 50k to 100k range you will find a lot of people getting into it and prices will then suffer some downward pressure.

Its all about supply and demand. Give people a viable reason to make robotics and they will come. Your biggest problem is the non fluid element of the market. Turning full on productions would take a few days. If you have no reserves it will be interesting to see how much you will pay on spot market. Laughing

Kudlow N'cramer
World Eaters Excavation
Posted - 2010.06.17 11:18:00 - [41]

Edited by: Kudlow N''cramer on 17/06/2010 11:20:27
OMA's may be the second most used P4 item, but one of it's inputs is bacteria (P1). The three P4 items that have P1 inputs won't suffer as much from stuttering production line issues as the ones with three P3 inputs will. The human side of managing the PI process has less room for error when making OMA's than for making Broadcast Nodes, for instance.

But I'll agree, the other uses for Robotics will keep it elevated above most P3's when the market finally stabilizes.

Steve Celeste
Posted - 2010.06.17 12:04:00 - [42]

Originally by: Breaker77
Originally by: Khun SP
once the accumulated stock from NPC orders is gone,

Shocked people didn't stockpile years and years of this stuff?

Only enough to run a pos for a few aeons :p

Hydra Investment Fund
Posted - 2010.06.17 12:17:00 - [43]

.... sorry n'all, my incessant transactions of Robotics and associated products apparently caused the server to crash ugh

Richard Christy
Posted - 2010.06.17 13:23:00 - [44]

Originally by: Droxlyn
Assuming you value each raw material at 2.5 isk each, which yields p4 prices in the $720,000.00 to $1,080,000.00 range. Robotics will be $40,000.00.

P1 products will be worth $375 each.
P2 products will be worth $6000 each.
P3 products will be worth either $60,000.00 or $40,000.00 each.


People are actually paying RL money for this stuff? And thousands, if not millions of it, at that.

Posted - 2010.07.06 19:18:00 - [45]

Robotics is up to 18000 in Jita, most other regions have a pathetic amount of stockpoils remaining. Probably will break 20000 barrier next sunday. This is going better than I planned. :D

mental maverick
Percussive Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.07.06 22:55:00 - [46]

Lots of people talking about the nr of planets required to produce robotics, are you taking into account the different yields of high sec, low sec and 0.0 planets?

Can a high sec planet support the planetary infrastructure you are suggesting?
Same goes for those kind enough to inform us of the fact that several people can use the same planet, if the planet can't support one players extractors at a sufficient rate, how would it then be able to support the suggested "lots" of players?

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.07.06 23:45:00 - [47]

Originally by: SencneS

I always consider the fact "If I'm doing other there has to be 100 others thinking or doing the same thing." This is no different.

Considering your track record with ebank and disdain for making billions in profits off npc-seeded items (really? you're still saying guidance systems were risky?), I don't think using yourself as a barometer for smart, economically self-interested players is wise.

Quallity Assurance Business Unit
Posted - 2010.07.07 08:54:00 - [48]

Yesterday robotics SELL orders were 15999 and today's BUY orders are 16299, so that's an easy 15.000.000 profit for someone who has bought 50.000 units yesterday. Of course, that someone should probably wait to cash out on at least 1000 isk p/u difference.

Uppsy Daisy
Deteis Industries
Posted - 2010.07.07 11:18:00 - [49]

Anyone want another 'bet on the price' thread?


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