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Posted - 2010.06.13 13:42:00 - [1]

I'm possibly looking for a new corp, I pvped in 0.0 and low sec before and have done griefing. I flew in Vivicide/Vivisection and my corp leaders were ex-tri pilots who flew with Hydra Reloaded. If I can get in contact with a reloaded recruiter it would be nice.

I fly t2 interceptors, Stealth bombers, cruisers, battlecruisers, and soon to be battleships (pulse --> 5, medium pulse spec -->4 , traj to 5, then pulse spec. Gonna have it by july 20)

I am a decent scout/tackler. I have participated in Cap warfare ( the defense of Wicked Creek. Which failed due to the lack of decent pvpers in the surroudning area) I am a quick learner, eastern standard time. Vent/Ts/Mic capable.

I am 16 but this never stopped me from being a capable pvpers/fc in corps that weren't pvp capable but I made it so.

I don't talk alot if thats what you think of a 16 year old.

I am not interested that much in blob warfare, I like roams where it takes into account the actually player skill and not who can have 100 battleships lock a cruiser.

I'm an amarr pilot so space with something other then Angels is nice. I'm self-sufficient with my level 4 misisons.

THIS IS JUST AN ALT. Leave contact information and I will contact you.

Toushi Kimura
Posted - 2010.06.13 13:53:00 - [2]

Hi there

Duty is currently recruiting.

Our killboard can be found here

Our recruitment post can be found here

Drop me a line if you would like to know more.


Unexpected Company
Posted - 2010.06.13 14:32:00 - [3]

Please hit me up in game and I will mail you info


101st Space Marine Force
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2010.06.13 14:53:00 - [4]

Have a look and give me a shout if it takes your fancy

Niamo Higate
The Concordiat
Posted - 2010.06.13 18:02:00 - [5]

Send me a mail or convo next time you are online.


Angelic Resolution
The Arcanum
Posted - 2010.06.14 13:21:00 - [6]

If you can handle an up-hill battle.. I'm rebuilding this corp I started.

Need a few good people, it won't be easy so don't contact me if you're not up for battles, both internal and external ;)

Assisted Genocide
Unprovoked Aggression
Posted - 2010.06.14 13:36:00 - [7]

Posted - 2010.06.12 22:56:00 - [1] - Edit - Quote


Infinite Improbability Inc or 3-I as its known is a corporation founded nearly 5 years ago, well known for its high calibre pvp players, strong industrial backbone and logistics. The corporation based in deep 0.0 in the Fade, Pure Blind and Branch regions is a member and founder of the alliance Mostly Harmless currently a long term member of the Northern Coalition along side MM and Razor. The corporation is highly experienced and well established with a solid and strong leadership and very well balanced and friendly atmosphere perfect for the pvp player of today. The corporation itself has a lot if can offer its pilots with an almost unlimited wallet and the means to produce and replace any ship or equipment used in eve today, making the corporation a very stable and beneficial home for its members.


1. Permanent 0.0 home and space to live in and enjoy.
2. FULL ship and equipment replacement program (you lose it we replace it!).
3. Daily pvp operations with experienced and well organized fleet commanders.
4. Small and large fleet warfare with like minded and dedicated players.
5. Empire logistics route to move any equipment to your new base of operations free of charge.
6. Full T2 and T3 equipment and ships sold by the corporation cheaper than empire for your needs.
7. Killboards, website and teamspeak provided for all members to use and access at anytime.
8. Corporation based events for active and high killing players (want to be the best on the killboards? Get paid for it!).
9. Alliance and coalition operations (so no matter what there’s ALWAYS pvp 24/7).

NOTE: Any ships you bring to 0.0 needs to be insured to the full platinum price and upon losing the ship you will be provided with a new ship fitted EXACTLY like you lost down to every module and drone. (Faction ships and modules not replaced).


1. Focused and dedicated pvp players.
2. Teamspeak and microphone are mandatory.
3. At least 10million skillpoints in pvp traits and able to fly a full T2 fitted Battleship, battlecruiser and HAC.
4. Able to understand English and speak it if required.
5. Be self sufficient and put isk making behind pvp operations.

If Infinite Improbability Inc is exactly what your looking for contact “Rhetoricus” in-game view eve-mail or join the III channel to speak to a recruiter.

Thank you.

Lord Ryan
Posted - 2010.06.14 13:43:00 - [8]

Marn Prestoc
Maelstrom Crew
Paradigm Alliance
Posted - 2010.06.19 22:17:00 - [9]

Hello Loraes.

If you are considering becoming a mercenary Maelstrom Crew is currently recruiting.

In over 3 years of mercenary history we are past the 150 contracts completed mark, and are boosted by the experience and expertise of the ex-leadership of Trinity Nova. We are currently in the Paradigm Alliance (PARAS) which we formed in April 2010 and have been active in a number of contracts and counter wars since May.

We fly all different ship classes depending on the situation, mostly that means cruiser/bc sized ships so your frig/cruiser skills will be of great use.

This is what we offer:
- Friendly Corp environment where we work as a team.
- Vent / Teamspeak.
- Kill Board and Forum.
- Excellent FC's.
- Long standing tradition of having a good time.
- Disciplined pilots when the situation requires it (talking over FC during a fight cos you got a KM = slapping).
- Well organized corp planning, support and long range logistics.

If you are interested contact Khul Drukath (EU TZ) or drop into MCREW-PUB and ask for a MCREW recruiter.

Invictus Australis
Posted - 2010.06.21 05:06:00 - [10]

I saw your post on the forums and thought I'd drop you an evemail. Not sure if you signed up with a corp yet but wanted at least make you aware of our 0.0 PVP corp. I added a link to the forum post and some general info are below.

*Cowboys From Hell*is recruiting

Our FC's and CEO's are 2003 chars and over 7 years experience. we range 10+ mil Skill Points

We PVP...Thats what we do.

-We love to PVP
-Experienced FC's
-We do have access to upgraded PVE/for isk
-Daily roams
-Oh and we love to PVP

Other notables
-We can help with logistics
-We have real lives
-We are settled in 0.0
-We like to have fun
-We like to PVP (did I mention that)

check out our killboard - Killboard -

Join THERANCH chnl and say hello. or contact Me, Kurt Armstrong, iron Maiden, Uagen, firestrm for info


Neo Gabriel
Percussive Diplomacy
The Phoenix. Consortium
Posted - 2010.06.21 16:22:00 - [11]

I offer you intense lowsec pvp.

The link above will get you more information. Feel free to mail or convo one of us so we can have a chat.

New Eden Regimental Navy
Rebel Alliance of New Eden
Posted - 2010.06.21 16:49:00 - [12]

3 Red Fish need moar fish! There are currently 4 of us beating up the khanid low sec area. Here's our start so far: Killboard
We are mostly late night US tz but looking to grow. Contact me in game for more details.


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