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Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.04.10 03:55:00 - [2851]

Edited by: Calathea Sata on 10/04/2011 03:55:00
Thank you Akita T for being the voice of many - I have the same complains (as I have already shown) but I'm too lazy to type; your committment to getting the message across is highly supported and appreciated.

Originally by: Akita T
Already supported this thread in the past.

By the way, I personally thing that just having them "commit to excellence" is not enough.
How that can be accomplished, I don't know, but it needs to happen, and it needs to happen soon.

Anybody remember that annoyingly smug comment by a CCP representative regarding the company direction ?
Can anybody link it ?
You know the one I'm talking about... the one with "new features sell, polished content doesn't"...

Ed Rush
Erasers inc.
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2011.04.10 09:29:00 - [2852]



Lev Aeris
United Amarr Templar Legion
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.04.10 12:26:00 - [2853]

Edited by: Lev Aeris on 10/04/2011 12:36:52

crafts·man (krftsmn)
A man who practices a craft with great skill.

Malicious Destruction
War Against the Manifest
Posted - 2011.04.11 04:18:00 - [2854]

Supporting this because it deserves to be supported, even though dear god 96 pages and ccp still rushes crap out the door. What little remaining faith I had in CCP just died I think Sad

Posted - 2011.04.11 08:40:00 - [2855]

signed while I still can

Eternal Night Dynamics
Posted - 2011.04.11 11:28:00 - [2856]


Heavenly Blues
Posted - 2011.04.11 11:32:00 - [2857]

Edited by: Heavenly Blues on 11/04/2011 11:32:40
They already acknowledged this thread with words last fan fest.

Time to acknowledge it with Actions.

Talk is cheap.

Super Whopper
I can Has Cheeseburger
Posted - 2011.04.11 12:15:00 - [2858]

Edited by: Super Whopper on 11/04/2011 12:18:07
Originally by: Ed Rush


Fix lag? So, we can pile even more players in a system? They are always 'fixing' lag. Lag becomes irritating when there're only 100-200 in system, like after Dominion when 50 vs 50 fights were almost impossible. Now we can pile over 1000 in system with manageable lag.

Character may only support each topic once.

Crying or Very sad

Kristina Vanszar
Posted - 2011.04.11 13:43:00 - [2859]


Posted - 2011.04.11 15:37:00 - [2860]

Originally by: Akita T
Anybody remember that annoyingly smug comment by a CCP representative regarding the company direction ?
Can anybody link it ?
You know the one I'm talking about... the one with "new features sell, polished content doesn't"...

Originally by: CCP Incognito
Things that are new are things that sell EvE and bring in new players, are also cool and shiny... Reworking old stuff only has a small impact, so is less cost effective...

Sad cold truth there....

From here.
Originally by: CSM-CCP Meeting minutes
It was mentioned by CCP that the data does not seem to support that polished quality sells better than new features.

From page 6 of CSM-CCP Meeting minutes.

Posted - 2011.04.11 18:13:00 - [2861]

I wonder if 100+ pages of hate might get CCPs attention.

Focused Annihilation
Detrimental Imperative
Posted - 2011.04.12 05:07:00 - [2862]


Wen Jaibao
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.04.30 06:42:00 - [2863]


The Scope

Posted - 2011.05.02 17:45:00 - [2864]

Edited by: Duvida on 02/05/2011 17:47:09
Could we get this stickied?

Merciless Reckoning
Executive Solution
Posted - 2011.05.02 22:29:00 - [2865]


Six months is plenty of time, they just need to prioritize based on how much time they have. Can't cram an elephant into a thumbnail. Small iterations over time will lead to less bugs each iteration, show constant improvements, and allow for smaller grained feedback rather than massive bursts of "this sucks".

Posted - 2011.05.09 20:06:00 - [2866]

I believe that any product that is truly excellent must go beyond normal constraints.
I am a fan of Diablo, 1 through LOD I am a fan. Today I wait for Diablo 3 with
Anticipation and excitement. Yet I believe that I must be patient.
But in Eve we already have our Diablo 3. The game sits before us waiting
for us to take hold and enjoy. So today I ask for something I think only a truly
Dedicated fan can ask for, Please CCP take your time, I will continue to pay my dues
and peer at your art through a tiny computer screen. You have worked long and hard,
The foundation is formed, now it is time to plant the garden and paint the walls.
It is time for a classic to be formed.

Jana N'dori
Posted - 2011.05.12 18:36:00 - [2867]

More free gametime. Three years and so little has changed. Still praying for that miracle

BetsyAnn Tractorfarmer
Posted - 2011.05.13 08:48:00 - [2868]

Supporting this.

CCP should start at least showing some degree of working toward excellence instead of the crap that they're doing now.

Posted - 2011.06.17 06:52:00 - [2869]

Edited by: Dierdra Vaal on 30/05/2010 12:58:59

A year later we are still heading down the failed path...turn it around, help us, help you. We have ideas for gameplay, we have experts on balance, economists who predict your market behaviour. And computers we would volunteer via programs like folding@home if you want simulations run.

This is not an un-fixable game. This game is not expensive to fix. Get started. Confused

Notified I already supported.[had to wait 2 mins Crying or Very sad]

The Black Legionnares
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.06.17 07:40:00 - [2870]

Meh, I would say it is way past time to work on content such as Faction Warfare and other previous releases.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.18 01:44:00 - [2871]

Still supported... even if this "forum" won't let me support it as often as would apparently be necessary


Regards, Lax

Old Nimrod
Posted - 2011.06.22 22:06:00 - [2872]

After watching CQ, and the Aurum, and overall a lot of wasted dev time, I'd liek to bring this back up

Bieber Fever
Posted - 2011.06.22 22:58:00 - [2873]

Incarna makes this the most hilarious thread on the forum, except that monocle ganking one.

Ryona Highwind
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:58:00 - [2874]


Not that it will do much good, ccp doesnt care what we think. I wonder if they will care if they lose all there subscribers?

Amaldor Themodius
Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2011.06.23 03:03:00 - [2875]

+1 great write up OP

Amoes Sten
Posted - 2011.06.23 07:15:00 - [2876]


Ransom and Kill
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:16:00 - [2877]

This thread makes me sad now.

Posted - 2011.06.23 16:28:00 - [2878]

I approve.

Diamaht Nevain
Avatar Union

Posted - 2011.06.23 16:58:00 - [2879]


Tony 2fingers
The Scope
Posted - 2011.06.23 17:31:00 - [2880]

Great Idea Dierdra, fully support the intent of this post.

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