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Oresome Force
Posted - 2010.05.28 19:16:00 - [1]

Edited by: Oresome Force on 29/05/2010 21:27:23
Closed due to time wasters

Edited by: Oresome Force on 28/05/2010 19:19:32
Want to sell my beautiful Hulk Pilot
She's a clever girl with excellent qualifications
she stayed a little longer in uni than most


Relevant skills are 20 or 21 :)

She has recently been brushing up on her exhumers and qualified in Hulk in the last few days.

She has:
+ve sec
+ve wallet
npc corp

Shes a content girl and always up for a mining op or 2 :)

So in summary
Good learning skills
Hulk Pilot

Available for immediate transfer on BO of 1.5b no offers

Next skills are bestower for 20k hauling, drones and targeting :)

Speak soon

Oresome Very Happy

Jennifer Huh
Posted - 2010.05.28 19:20:00 - [2]

Edited by: Jennifer Huh on 28/05/2010 19:20:42

Khader kan
The Scope
Posted - 2010.05.28 19:53:00 - [3]

sorry had a chat with my corp leader your right please consider my buy out of 1.5b please chat me in game.

Oresome Force
Posted - 2010.05.28 20:00:00 - [4]

Accepted - transfer isk please

Khader kan
The Scope
Posted - 2010.05.28 20:09:00 - [5]

Edited by: Khader kan on 28/05/2010 20:12:58
mail sent we will try tomorrow then

battleclinic fits
Posted - 2010.05.28 20:15:00 - [6]

Will transfer tomorrow - need new debit card - sent isk back for now



Khader kan
The Scope
Posted - 2010.05.29 16:20:00 - [7]

Bid retracted please message me in-game and i will explain...

Bump For Oresome

Posted - 2010.05.29 16:24:00 - [8]

I will buy it out in that case. 1.5b

Oresome Force
Posted - 2010.05.29 18:21:00 - [9]


New bid accepted - char is ready for transfer

Please send the isk and an evemail confirming your bid and the account to transfer to

I will send tonight



Posted - 2010.05.29 19:03:00 - [10]

Oresome Force
Posted - 2010.05.29 20:22:00 - [11]

Still waiting for isk and buyer is uncontactable at present,

Other bids accepted until isk transfered

Oresome ugh


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