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Obsidian Hawk
RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2010.05.03 23:13:00 - [31]

Edited by: Obsidian Hawk on 03/05/2010 23:13:50
I love how when someone posts a topic that is actually cool to talk about, every forum alt and whiner comes out in force to trash it.

Sure the game isnt the trailer but the trailer is still cool. I hope in the future we have a Trinity 2 expansion that has those graphics, but I suspect eve will double in size again because of it.


+10 internets to the movie team.

PS. Rumor is clear skies 3 in december.

PPS. page 2 snipa!

Imminent Ruin
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2010.05.03 23:18:00 - [32]


but seriously, the lack of content is apparent since 90% of that trailer was pretty much what has always existed in eve, with a tiny portion of it dedicated to the planetary interaction. Oh, and a 2 second cameo of the new scorp.

I guess your fighting over control of the worlds, so in that sense it does work.

Still, very nice.

The Pricer
Posted - 2010.05.03 23:19:00 - [33]

Cool video, allthough would be nice if a IGN VIP uploads the hi-res to evefiles or something, as ive noticed the tranis features page has no linking for downloading the vids (not including its not even on the offical site yet) Crying or Very sad

Posted - 2010.05.03 23:19:00 - [34]

So when do we get to see the high-res version? Because the pixels in that IGN "highres" version were HUGE.

Lost Troll
Lethal Dosage.
Violent Society
Posted - 2010.05.03 23:36:00 - [35]

Originally by: randomname4me
Originally by: Malcanis
That's a rather.... idealised version of how fights look in EVE, but a nice trailer.
45 minutes of a black screen and shouting on vent followed by the interior of a clone station in empire would not have been interesting enough for a trailer.


The video is nice, but I do like the older videos that used real ships and players piloting them and not the cgi scripted stuff they are using now.

Kweel Nakashyn
shadow and cloaking
Posted - 2010.05.03 23:45:00 - [36]


Native Freshfood
Posted - 2010.05.03 23:52:00 - [37]

I detect a reasonable attempt to appeal to a female demographic? I hope it shows results.

Star Frontiers
Posted - 2010.05.03 23:52:00 - [38]

Very nice trailer CCP good work with that. Yes it would be nice to see a proper HD version of that video too.

Have you considered making a mini series or short film? I would watch it :)

Now then CCP try and get the game to look more like that trailer and you will have my praise. Very Happy

November Corporation
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:05:00 - [39]

Not the worst or the best they've done. One big meh.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:09:00 - [40]

Originally by: Kuar Z'thain
Let's see.... Europa, Europa.....

Nope, guess Clark was right. It's not ours. Laughing


Mara Rinn
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:14:00 - [41]

All I see is some text:
Originally by: IGN Tyrannis Trailer
300: Player initialization failed: Error: Error: #2134

Is this video available somewhere that doesn't use an in-house Flash-based player?

Origin of Sanshaa
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:20:00 - [42]

Why do I get the feeling that the entire script was written by Ankh?

Just throwing that out there.

Cute Joe
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:20:00 - [43]

nice trailer and stuff, but when do we get those gfx effects and SOUND? also battle raging on with capitals because of that planet? i don't think so

and to answer my first question myself, NEVER Crying or Very sad

The Scope
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:23:00 - [44]

Holy crap, that was amazing.

el Sabor
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:26:00 - [45]

Edited by: el Sabor on 04/05/2010 00:30:29
Edited by: el Sabor on 04/05/2010 00:25:47
Very cool vid :)

I think all the hologram style pop-ups around the ships with fittings, information, etc. are exactly how the drop down menus need to be. Right click in space get a hologram info box!

EDIT: Specifically referring to this bit

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:29:00 - [46]

The trailer probably sucks for bitter old vets, is probably "meh" for regular vets, but is actually quite good in terms of its marketing scope.

Think of it this way: "all that hectic crap from those big ego's and their fancy toys that just doesn't do it for me on my own, I'm just going to do my own solo stuff on planets, build myself a virtual empire of stuff and all those big ego's up there can do whatever they want it is not going to bother me cuz at the end of the day they all come knocking on my door begging for my stuff that I made on my own while having fun with just myself".

So to speak. Trailer is aptly tuned to a different perspective, a different entry, a different (newly targeted) subscriber niche. For that purpose it really is quite good.

Titan Core
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:32:00 - [47]

Very cool vid if the fleet battles in the new expansion are that smooth then it will no doubt attract thousands of new players.

Galactic Rangers
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:33:00 - [48]

i reckon they should make 2 trailers when they do them , one for "how we wish it looked like" and the other "how it really looks like"

i prefer the pre Empyrean age days where you could see a full trailer of actuall ingame footage i could show to my friends and say "Thats all EVE in game footage not pre-renderd crap you get from other games"

come on CCP you can do better

Posted - 2010.05.04 00:43:00 - [49]

For all the self-important gits that whine about trailer realism:

Its not for you now, is it? Its for new players. I know of quite a few, some of em rl mates, who got especially interested because of the new-style trailers. They are also in no way desillusioned - EVE is very capable of carrying itself.

If you feel it doesnt, then why the hell are you still here? If you find it that important that the game's limitations are showcased as opposed to what your imagination can make from it, then you are indeed only worth the 15 bucks you send to ccp every month, nothing more. We intelligent and imaginative players will happily continue to feel nice and content with the way it looks while you wallow in self-pity. Thanks for all the fish Very Happy

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:52:00 - [50]

On one hand, I like the direction the trailers are heading, from a cinematic standpoint.

On the other hand, I kind of miss the "you could have filmed it yourself in-game" look of the old trailers.

On the gripping hand, I fear some (if not most of the) newcomers might be disappointed when they actually get to experience the game after just watching those trailers... even the old realistic trailers were a bit much in the hype department compared to the realities of EVE gameplay... so I doubt it's the best marketing move, bringing in truckloads of people that will just quit soon whining about how it's nothing like they expected it to be.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:53:00 - [51]

Originally by: el Sabor
I think all the hologram style pop-ups around the ships with fittings, information, etc. are exactly how the drop down menus need to be. Right click in space get a hologram info box!

I'd also like to see many of the overview items converted to 3D objects, such as target broadcasts. Rather than a "S1" crosshair, I'd like to see "S1 target" as a clickable item on the screen that stays put (kinda like a target icon) with a link to the actual target, with the target encased in a glowing sphere - autoscaled to viewpoint the same way the scanner probe movement box is done.

It would also be nice for planets and moons to have "holographic" (ie: 3D object) tags hovering beside them so it's easier to click a planet or moon when you're in a hurry :)

I have a sneaking suspicion that putting these holographic labels in the 3D world would be less CPU intensive than the overlay.

But all this doesn't help me watch the video on IGN which seems to be broken :)

Posted - 2010.05.04 01:00:00 - [52]

Undoubtly much better than the first one. Though I like to remember those times when CCP trailers were based on actual ingame graphics, not this...

Unless they are planning to finally scrap this archaic UI we have to live with and put *something* like shown in that vid. Same goes for explositions and stuff.

Posted - 2010.05.04 01:01:00 - [53]

I loved every part of it except the Tyrannis parts. Shocked

Posted - 2010.05.04 01:05:00 - [54]

Remember the days where every trailer would start with: "This is ingame footage"?

They aren't even trying anymore.

Also glad they dropped the "Ruthless Tyranny/Benevolence" crap, since that is in no way going to be in the game for the foreseeable future.

Dr BattleSmith
PAX Interstellar Services
Posted - 2010.05.04 01:24:00 - [55]

Can they post it to youtube?

The quality, interface and speed of IGN sucks.

The video stalls halfway and the cache is broken so it won't continue downloading.

Xyla Kador
Posted - 2010.05.04 01:35:00 - [56]

Edited by: Xyla Kador on 04/05/2010 01:36:54
loved it

and actually it does look like in game graphics with just a few tweaks for cinematic purposes and cool camera movement and effects

almost annoyingly tho, the past few weeks and edged me closer and closer to minmatar.....thats it, im getting a ****ing naglfar

and i dont care what any of u say about how good it is....ur talking to a guy that has kills with a Sigil and attempted to make a smartbomb Procuror

then even posted into Amarr local a fit i had made for an exploration cyclone that had quad beam lasers on it, a measly active armor tank, and a code breaker and a worked and im just that crazy :P
(nt all the well tho, i forgot how bad quad beams tracked >.<)

(btw the rage in Amarr local over my fit was gloriously funny Laughing)

(and no it wasnt a noob fit, i know exactly what im doing)

Posted - 2010.05.04 01:53:00 - [57]

The non-gameplay parts are very shiny and cool.

The actual gameplay parts reminded me of Spore.


Feng Schui
Cruor Evertum Dominicus
Posted - 2010.05.04 02:02:00 - [58]

sweet trailer.

to all the naysayers about how it isn't exact game footage; well, i suspect, that CCP had to "one-up" the player made videos Laughing

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2010.05.04 02:26:00 - [59]

While it's obviously been tweaked, it at least does show the in-game UI, which is more than can be said of the last few trailers. Yeah, it's moving around and looks like holograms, but at least it is the in-game UI. I see an overview, the NeoCom, etc.

EVE Mercantile Exchange
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2010.05.04 02:31:00 - [60]

Well I for one loved the trailer. Not so much for the eye candy, but for the fact that it's probably the first one that actually, specifically speaks to those of us who like *creating* more than *destroying*.

Although it could have done without that greed comment...

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