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LonTas 5
Posted - 2010.04.28 22:52:00 - [1]

Every year, thousands of ships are lost. millions, if you count NPC ships. What they leave behind is far from what they should. Instead of being a "box" with loot inside, they should be objects in themselves. This means that you would be able to "scoop" entire wrecks from space into your cargohold using special modules. This would not only create new professions but new styles of gameplay; for example, getting a ship with a cargohold large enough to hold an entire wreck yet still maintaining enough tank and DPS to stay safe. Since the ship had been destroyed, some of the materials that went into it would be vaporised and lost. The lost amount would be about 40% of the materials that went into a ship. Modules inside a harvested wreck will take up extra space unless the player goes to a station and selects an option that says "seperate modules". These modules would aappear in the items hanagar, you cannot reprocess a wreck until you have extracted the modules. The wreck sizes should be in the middile of half the assembled size and the repackaged size. Ships that take wrecks that they didnt create will be flagged with aggroe and the corp hat made the wreck will get kill rights. The only problem with this is that the materials that will have been "lost" are now back on the maraket. Im not completely sure of the market effects, but depending on how many people decide to haarvest wrecks the price of tritanium (for example) could drop from anywhere in 0%-15%. Ideas?

Posted - 2010.04.28 23:42:00 - [2]

i had a idea similer to this a while back with a salvage barge. in essence if you came across a dead ship you could try and "grab" it and pull it into your hold, the salvage barge itself was a sub capital with 3 sizes each size able to handle bigger ships. once you managed to get a ship back to station you could repair it by using minerals /t2 components for t2 ships.

Demio's Corporation
United Stellar Alliance
Posted - 2010.04.29 00:08:00 - [3]

LonTas 5,

I like your idea here about wrecks, they should have their loot float in space and you should pull them in.
However the current method of displaying a wreck and it's loot is a work around.

The wreck is a container for the purpose of lowering how much junk must be rendered by the engine.
While still giving the impression of loot from a wreck of a ship.

Shana Matika
Posted - 2010.04.29 09:43:00 - [4]

There were many thoughts about wrecks and how you could do more with them.

However an option to reprocess wrecks to get any amount of minerals back is bad.
Actualy even the minerals from modules out of missionloot are crashing the mineral-market. Only reason why there is a semi-basefloor for minerals are insureance frauds. And at a moment where player sell ships for less then their insurace-value something went wrong with minerals.

I would rather go with something to burn minerals.
How about the "chance" to salvage a BPC from an wreck. Your salvager may be able to analyze the wreck and will bring back a schematic. You need several schematics (according to T3 I would go with Hull, engeneering, weaponsystem, propulsion, defensive, sensoric) and some kind of decryptor (T2 Invention interfaces). Put all into an reverse engeneering slot and you can get a bpc.
Every shipclass and faction will get their own schematics.

For example: When I salvage a small bloodraider wreck I could get a "bloodraider frigate schematic: Hull"

base-T1 Wrecks would be for example "Minmatar frigate schematic: Hull"
T2 would get prefix "elite-" before shipsize: "Minmatar elite-frigate schematic: Hull"

The final BPC's would be ME0 / PE0 / 1run

As you need 6 schematics (one for each of 5 systems+hull) and there would be just a chance to get a schematic you need many wrecks to get enough schematics for just one BPC.
Mission wrecks would get a very low chance on a schematic. 1:100 or so.
Officer-Wrecks would get the best chance. 1:2
Playerwrecks would grant at least one schematic.

This would add an additional source for Faction/T2 BPC's + bpc's of T1 Ships (for invention for example).
As there would be capital player wrecks...well that's an other bonus ;)


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