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Posted - 2010.04.24 07:14:00 - [1]

Name's Aerieth, I am a Minmatar pilot who specializes in Caldari ships.

I can fly anything that fits electronics. Including EWAR (Jammers) Frigates, Cruisers, and their T2 variants, as well as covert ops and force recon ships. I am training for a Widow one day.

I also run one hell of a mission fit Raven, I can solo most level 4 missions with ease.

BUT theres a catch, I've been a mission runner my whole life, don't have a lot of PVP experience and I need someone to show me the way.

As for the corporation play style the following would be the best (in order of importance):

I am not a hard core player, I have a life outside of EVE and that needs to be respected.
I live in GMT -5 and play mostly in the evening so 22:00 - 04:00 GMT.
I have no problems running missions (in fact I plan to continue) but would like to learn to PVP.
Talkative community so I don't go insane from the silence of space while I play.
I'm more interested in protection PVP than piracy (I feel guilty a lot, but not opposed)
I am currently established in Heimatar running missions for Brutor Tribe.
Active but not ENORMOUS corporation would be best.

Character Sheet: Aerieth on EveBoards

Thanks for taking an interest.

The Forsaken.
Posted - 2010.04.24 07:40:00 - [2]

Krytek Armaments provides a PvP academy where you will be trained for PvP Fleet ops and Solo runs. We are a PvP corp with a Industrial backbone, we are also in the need for mission runners so it sounds like you might be a good fit for us. we are based in 0.0 sec but have high sec homes as well. If you are interested please join the "Krytek Public" channel so that we may conduct an interview and answer any questions you may have.

War Machine Syndicate
The Forsaken.
Posted - 2010.04.24 07:49:00 - [3]

Edited by: ksolis2 on 24/04/2010 07:48:58
we are a small corp currently in alliance in 0.0

we offer ship replacement programs and help when needed
we wont force u to be on real life stuff always comes first
contact me ingame for more info

Posted - 2010.04.25 06:36:00 - [4]

Ok, I have begun the process of joining a corporation. Sorry for those I couldn't accept.


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