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Posted - 2010.04.14 00:07:00 - [331]

Ok, I just got to say...WTF!?

*takes aim at the idea and fires*

Fix the lag issues before you even look at this. You should start at the top in dealing with issues and then work towards the bottom, no the other way around.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.04.14 00:10:00 - [332]

The Arrow Project
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.04.14 00:18:00 - [333]

i support this topic.

Posted - 2010.04.14 00:26:00 - [334]

Twisted Evil

SSN 609
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.04.14 00:30:00 - [335]

Edited by: SSN 609 on 14/04/2010 00:31:06

Seth Ruin
Ominous Corp
Posted - 2010.04.14 00:45:00 - [336]

Evil or Very Mad

Quedrin Vornel
Posted - 2010.04.14 00:49:00 - [337]

supported. This is silly.

Posted - 2010.04.14 00:52:00 - [338]

<sigh> Mad
Having solved all the vitual worlds problems, CCP begins to attack "harmless" issues that thier customers use to get around thier laggy code.


Kronos Hopeslayer
Lorentzian Traversable Corporation
Posted - 2010.04.14 01:15:00 - [339]


I suggest moving all the offending objects withint 10 AU of the sun.

Mistress Frome
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.04.14 01:16:00 - [340]

Posted - 2010.04.14 01:19:00 - [341]

Further discussion is required. Deep Safe points are unfair yes, but this is not the way they should be handled.

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.04.14 01:32:00 - [342]

/signed. CCP please reconsider your decision. Respectfully request you delay this decision at least until the Fall/Winter expansion to allow more time for a discussion and possible alternative ideas. Thank you.

Tui 1
Posted - 2010.04.14 01:44:00 - [343]

Wow this is a new low for CCP, destroying and basically poding everyone that has a deep safe. Not a good idea.

Salvage and Relocation

Posted - 2010.04.14 01:50:00 - [344]

Nice Melons
Galactic Union
Posted - 2010.04.14 02:00:00 - [345]

dumb! FIX LAG! FIX anything! You guys need to take a look at making the game better not limiting players abilities. FIX THE BROKEN CRAP FIRST!

Dirt Nap Squad
Posted - 2010.04.14 02:19:00 - [346]

Lady Miah
Alternative Solutions

Posted - 2010.04.14 02:54:00 - [347]

CCP needs more clue

Marcus Akhellan
NEMAS Corporation

Posted - 2010.04.14 03:06:00 - [348]

Whatever the devs have been smoking.... I want nothing to do with, cause it *clearly* rots your brain. Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2010.04.14 03:19:00 - [349]

I find this action reeks of laziness, why not level the playing field by making a mechanic to allow any pilot (with correct skills assets or whatever) instead.

Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2010.04.14 03:21:00 - [350]

If these spots are "virtually impossible to find" or however CCP said then why not instead of hurting players and removing functionality add functionality and create a mechanic to enable the finding ships at these locations!

Posted - 2010.04.14 03:24:00 - [351]

I can not yet fly anything bigger than a battleship. I find it abhorrent and cruel to destroy ships in these locations.

So what if they are exploiting? Why give warning then. If you want to punish people for using this exploit then punish equally and give no warning.

Posted - 2010.04.14 03:28:00 - [352]

I am running out of things to say about this issue. Perhaps because it is simple and clear cut.

Posted - 2010.04.14 03:30:00 - [353]

Deep space has so much potential for awesome features, your closing a door on your own foot CCP. I am not impressed.

Posted - 2010.04.14 03:31:00 - [354]

I can't remember the last time an assembly hall topic has exploded so rapidly. CCP your players love this game and the signatories of this thread believe you are hurting EVE.

I also don't remember the last time I supported a thread with all my accounts!

Posted - 2010.04.14 03:32:00 - [355]

[03:29:20] Miesterio > Also, i'm 100000000000% against the deep safe nerfs, as the effort they spent on that could have been better suited in rooting out whats causeing lag since dominion, and improving logging functions.

Maverick 52
Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.04.14 03:33:00 - [356]

:thumbs up:

4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.04.14 03:33:00 - [357]

Mimiru Minahiro
Posted - 2010.04.14 03:38:00 - [358]

Edited by: Mimiru Minahiro on 14/04/2010 03:39:00
I beleive the last time the player base was this against an idea was when CCP nerfed the base resistance rate on EM and EXP dmg.

Supporting thread

(But still making my 9.99 AU bookmarks, so that when CCP ignores us, like they did back then, so it doesnt take long to make a bookmark "just" inside the wall.....)

No need to gimp a setup with cloaks so i can go AFK in safety anymore Laughing

Edit...forgot to clicky duh support box

Epiphyte Mining and Exploration
Posted - 2010.04.14 04:58:00 - [359]


Bemos dei
4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.04.14 05:00:00 - [360]

Am relatively new player and can see the consequences of destroying the user items in game, lots of hard work to go bye bye in a badly thought out game engineer's plan. Rethink this one CCP. Idea

Support the OP motion.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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