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Posted - 2010.03.04 02:40:00 - [1]

I am posting on an alt so I am looking for a US TZ corp that has 0.0 access and have an active us tz. I also have a friend who will be joining. We both are 50M+ sp and both fly caps and both have caps. We are looking for a corp with a good scene of humor. We both like to pvp and do regularly. Feel free to ask questions.

Eve Defence Force
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2010.03.04 03:16:00 - [2]

We may be what you are looking for. We're a group of experienced players looking for grow. We are located in 0.0 Scalding Pass. We're interested in fellow players who just want to enjoy the game with friends, so if that sounds like you, take a look at us...

Harbingers of Chaos INC

Wanting to be part of something? Want to learn and grow with a corp? Well look no further, you have found your Home. HoC offers a home to all, regardless of SP, or Race. Join 'HoC Recruiting' for more info.

We are in relative safe 0.0, in some rather "decent" systems. Most of them are fully upgraded allowing our pilots some of the best options in game to build up isk to support our "habits". These habits include being part of one of the most active allainces in game, with around the clock roams, with a group of very good FCs.

Ne0 MaTrIx
We See Dead People
Chaos Theory Alliance
Posted - 2010.03.04 04:03:00 - [3]

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bump for a friend

Nestor Laurenitis
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.03.04 16:12:00 - [4]

STIMULUS is a US TZ based small gang combat corp. We are based in northern Syndicate (0.0 NPC)

We do occassionaly leverage our Capital assets but for the most part (95%+ of the time) our gangs are sub-cap in nature focusing on roams through Syndicate and the surrounding regions.

We have vent, forums and our own killboard:

Rote Kapelle Killboard

If you and your mate want to learn more convo/evemail myself or request a recruitment officer on our public channel STIMULUS

Posted - 2010.03.04 16:49:00 - [5]

Hey man my corp is looking for more pvp toons. give me a shout in game and we can go over what we offer. if you want you can check out our killboard. IT

Or just convo me and we can have a chat.


Posted - 2010.03.04 18:36:00 - [6]


Posted - 2010.03.04 18:44:00 - [7]

Geo Inc was formed by 30 high skill point, experienced, mature, English speaking, 0.0 pilots looking to build a close nit, democratic corporation.

Arrow What makes us diffent is our togetherness as corp, often over half on line with all on voice chatting away.
Arrow So Join our Public channel Geo Public for a chat right now or read on. :)

Arrow40 odd highly active experienced members.
ArrowSmall gang sub battleship PVP.
ArrowReal support of new members.
ArrowGreat logistics.
Arrow1.85m bounty rats.
ArrowPlexing gangs.
ArrowHigh end Roid and Ice mining operations.
ArrowMassive range of researched BPC’s.
ArrowAccess too the most productive system in Wicked Creak.
ArrowMembership of Omega. Alliance.
ArrowStation and sov holding Alliance.
ArrowLevel 4/5 missions when in highsec.


Read on ---

With many equipped combat and logistic capital pilots, excellent individual PVP records and many years 0.0 experience we will help you get established in 0.0 space.

Our pilots we are all highly active and many UK – US TZ times you will see up to half our members on line at the same time, all on voice, all working together.

Across the corp we have high average skill points, with most over 20m, many over 30m and some over 50m.

What we are looking for are English speaking pilots with a minimum of 7.5m SP who want to live in 0.0. You may or may not already have 0.0 // PVP experience, but don’t worry either way we will help when the time comes.

As we stand for anti-piracy, we actively seek to engage anyone under a -5 security rating in lowsec and expect all members to maintain a positive security rating.

Positions in Geo Inc are limited, but at this time all disciplines / races will be considered as there are great opportunities for all 0.0.

What we want more than anything is a willingness to join in, to get on Teamspeak and speak up.

To meet the guys or discuss a possible application please join our public channel "Geo Public" or contact Elrock Storm or Natbackett or Kubol in game for a chat.

Cloak and Daggers
Posted - 2010.03.05 00:01:00 - [8]

Edited by: messeduphair on 04/03/2010 23:54:22
Established 0.0 alliance- 7m SP req:
Ihatalo Navy
-Upgraded 0.0 systems
-PvP Focus
-Cap/fleet battles
-Active and experienced!

Also, the recruitment thread for our corp. is:

We have an large amount of active US players
contact US through are recruitment thread please (if interested ofc) :)

Thirsty McDrinkerston
Posted - 2010.03.05 20:47:00 - [9]

Bump for the second coolest person in Eve

Posted - 2010.03.05 21:05:00 - [10]

We may be able to accommodate your needs here at Full Bore Inc.
We have 0.0 access and do both industry and PVP. We have several cap pilots already and are always looking for more.
Contact me in game (Devis Devine) and get to know us and see if you fit in.

Posted - 2010.03.07 21:41:00 - [11]


Posted - 2010.03.07 22:37:00 - [12]

You look like you know what your looking for .... me and some buddies are making a corp in Stain ... no requirments ... no hassle ... just hanging out with 10 to 15 guys killing nuets and reds...Bs'ing on Vent

High Flyers
Posted - 2010.03.07 22:50:00 - [13]

swing by "Poe public" for more info if u wan't

We've currently joined an alliance in 0.0, in a high tense area with lots of pvp.

Trauma Ward
Posted - 2010.03.08 01:11:00 - [14]

Hey Turd how you doing man? You know Hydro Chronic fits everything in your list and we are currently growing! We are super laid back group of stoners and friends of stoners who love to pvp. WE ARE ALL ABOUT IT! We've just recently joined the Vivisection alliance and we are back to kickin ass! We don't claim to be the best but i think we are pretty damn good for what we have. I'll link our board and a few fights and let you be the judge.

Recruitment info
Alliance Killboard
AAA Fight
Clown Puncher Fight
Some Antipiracy

Well i hope you like what you see and drop by our pub channel to chat us up. The Smoker's Lounge is where we do our thing, stop on by we'll joke some and toke some. Oh ya i almost forgot, We specialize in small gang warfare mostly. we just bring a mix of whatever we like flying. Right now our gangs are consisting from 3-10 {corp fleets} and 10-20 in alliance fleets.

If you like to pvp and need a way to sustain it we also offer that. Isk is made easily out here as we have access to decent ratting space and constant anomalies and 10/10 plexes.

If you have any questions you can talk to Myself,BoomEZ,TwilightMadcat, or Captain Mac.

Hope to hear from you soon until then i gotta pew pew.



Audi Amarr
First Flying Wing Inc
Posted - 2010.03.08 01:50:00 - [15]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Brave enough to PvP as one wishes.....

Space Perverts, is a mercenary corp. based in Pure Blind, Vale of Silent, and Branch it is manned mostly by former members of the “Privateers”, and has proven to be a decisive factor in the outcome of some wars in its area of operation.

Our Definition of PvP is our own, We do not define our Corp by anyone else’s standards


Space Perverts (ACE5) is accepting applications from PvP pilots with a passion for good, dirty, old school PvP and new stomping grounds . You need an average of 5 million SPS to apply.

What we offer members:

Arrow Highsec PvP "Yes"
Arrow Lowsec PvP "Yes"
Arrow Nullsec PvP "Yes"
Arrow WH work "Yes"
Arrow Fleet Roams "Yes"
Arrow Gate Camps "Yes"
Arrow Plex Ganks "Yes"
Arrow Mining Opp Ganks "Yes"
Arrow Eve-Voice "Yes" or Alliance TS
Arrow High Sec WarDecs "Suspended"
Arrow Website "Yes"
Arrow Killbourd "Yes"
Arrow Capital Training "Yes" (Dread, Carrier & Mothership)
Arrow Noob or New to PVP Training "We will send you to "Basic PvP" and "Wolfpack 101" Training at Agony Unleashed for free."

Arrow Forum Recruitment URL:

Question Contact Audi Amarr for Questions and Recruitment

Arrow CEO – Audi Amarr
Arrow Director/Recruiter - Petrai
Arrow Director/Recruiter - Mr ZVER


Posted - 2010.03.08 05:34:00 - [16]


Posted - 2010.03.08 18:05:00 - [17]


Blade AOI
Out of Order
Posted - 2010.03.08 18:59:00 - [18]

I'm not exactly sure what are you are looking for but maybe we have something for you..

A lot of us are from the old CA days
The Corp is not large but we all get along pretty well
The Corp is 100% USA based mostly EST
The alliance Has US, EU, and assuies players

Alliance Killboards

The alliance controls SOV space
The Corp is semi Cap heavy
We do have Corp Dreads (insured by corp and alliance)
The Corp has extended Ship insurance
The alliance has ship insurance on a few types of ships
We are a PVP Corp.. PVP 1st rat or however you make isk 2nd
Chat, have fun and get along with others
Semi older avg age is about 28 ish maybe more

pretty much sums it up..


Posted - 2010.03.08 19:12:00 - [19]

Hi buddy, sorry to see no luck yet. Give my main a shout in game "maddeb" and we can have a chat by the look of it it could not hurt.


StephenHawkings Voicebox
Posted - 2010.03.08 22:03:00 - [20]

bump this guy for being awesome. hope you find a great place to reside

Ne0 MaTrIx
We See Dead People
Chaos Theory Alliance
Posted - 2010.03.10 18:46:00 - [21]


Faldran Ivas
Posted - 2010.03.10 21:26:00 - [22]

Edited by: Faldran Ivas on 10/03/2010 21:26:48
If you're still looking around, Foundation would be happy to meet and greet you. Say hello in our recruitment chan (FND REC) or public chan (Foundation). More information about us can be found here:

We look forward to talking with you Smile

Derivi alicon
Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2010.03.10 22:20:00 - [23]

Hey mate you should take a look at us. We are currently recruiting pvpers!

Chagal Civ
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2010.03.11 10:49:00 - [24]

If you are still out on the look check us out , we are a serious pvp corp



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