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Posted - 2010.03.19 18:57:00 - [31]

Supporting YARRRR!!

Nifter Telfo
Posted - 2010.03.19 19:08:00 - [32]


Chi Quan
Bibkor Enterprises

Posted - 2010.03.19 23:17:00 - [33]

Anna Lifera
HAWK Alliance
Posted - 2010.03.19 23:34:00 - [34]

that'd be good but just in case it doesn't go through... maybe it's the tons of exhumers littering the belts?

Dethmourne Silvermane
Black Legion.
Posted - 2010.03.20 00:47:00 - [35]

10/10, would support again.

Mimiru Minahiro
Posted - 2010.03.20 06:53:00 - [36]


I am concerned about the ability of CCP to accurately come up with figures regarding meta0 items though. I am not saying it cant be done, but knowing if a melted 425mm Railgun I came from a mission, was built using minerals from a different melted mission item, or built using minerals from a different item that was originally built using mined material is most likely a nightmare.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include a full disclosure of the methodology employed in determining such things so the player base can have meaningful information!!! We all know the results of data can be heavily scewed by the collection method used aquiring it.

Super Whopper
I can Has Cheeseburger
Posted - 2010.03.20 08:59:00 - [37]

Eventhough I doubt CCP will give us this information I fully suport this.

Posted - 2010.03.20 09:00:00 - [38]

Supported in the name of Allah and my mining beams.

Posted - 2010.03.20 09:11:00 - [39]

Adding my support.

The Hag
Posted - 2010.03.20 10:01:00 - [40]

Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
The Fourth District
Posted - 2010.03.20 11:40:00 - [41]

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.

Posted - 2010.03.20 15:41:00 - [42]


Jack Cardigan
Toon Enterprises

Posted - 2010.03.20 18:36:00 - [43]

Six Degrees of Separation
Posted - 2010.03.21 16:05:00 - [44]

Edited by: Daemonspirit on 21/03/2010 16:08:08
I thought for sure when I saw this thread, it was less than 12 hours old... Can't believe, with all the people that are calling for "nerf lvl 4's", "do away with insurance", etc., etc., that there would be a larger demand for this information...

Supporting this call for information - better information = better decisions...

Stealth Edit...Rolling Eyes
Originally by: Future Mutant
stealth edit- i was going to leave it at that but i feel a rant coming on....

Everyone babbling about the economist being "clueless" needs to get it through their heads he doesnt work for you. His job is NOT to print out little graphs showing what you should invest in next. He will NOT be giving you sure fire tips on where to invest, on whats hot, and whats not. If ccp did go down that road- it would be a madhouse. Ie. you are all a bunch of mindless lemmings.

That said- i have nothing against generic information being released. Generic as in NON SPECIFIC like it has been. Last thing we need is the official ccp economy guy telling all you twits that alloy x or mod y is going up.

Re-read the post, no one is asking for projections (i.e. - where to invest) they're asking for specific information as to volume of minerals produced in each area... Nothing to do with investing...

you should re-rail your rant to have something to do with the topic...Rolling Eyes

Aineko Macx
Posted - 2010.03.21 20:35:00 - [45]

Yes, please shed some (updated) light on this.

Tres Farmer
Gallente Federation Intelligence Service

Posted - 2010.03.22 04:24:00 - [46]

Cyberman Mastermind
Posted - 2010.03.22 09:34:00 - [47]

Aliea Konovalev
Posted - 2010.03.23 01:42:00 - [48]

Boraf Flux
Posted - 2010.03.23 14:12:00 - [49]

Land0 CaIrissian
The Scope

Posted - 2010.03.23 19:01:00 - [50]

Garr Anders
The Red Circle Inc.

Posted - 2010.03.24 09:03:00 - [51]

Also coming back to the

"remove T1/meta 0 items from all loot tables"

It would also seriously help new player producers/manufactures getting into the buisness.


Robbert Smith
Posted - 2010.03.25 03:57:00 - [52]

Kara Sharalien
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2010.03.25 04:21:00 - [53]

I will definately support the request for information on this matter.

Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2010.03.25 07:24:00 - [54]

Edited by: ShahFluffers on 25/03/2010 07:25:18
I can see both good and bad things happening with the release of information.

On one hand, seeing this information can give one an understanding as to what forces are dominating the current game market and help one decide on what skill points and effort to invest in.

On the other hand, with the release of this data people here in the Assembly Hall can better articulate their points for or against ideas (by virtue of having FACTS rather than the usual "Most people say/feel..." or " In my experience..." being thrown around), allowing for more meaningful discussions and a possible cut-down in ******ed pseudo-economic bull**** petitions (probably not so much the latter).


edit: spelling

Giulio Peruzzi
Posted - 2010.03.25 08:46:00 - [55]


IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.03.25 11:33:00 - [56]


Posted - 2010.03.25 11:51:00 - [57]

Originally by: Chainsaw Plankton
hell yes, and this chart should also go in every econ dev blog published too.

yani dumyat
Pixie Cats

Posted - 2010.03.25 12:41:00 - [58]

Yep more info is good

Gerard Deneth
Pavlov Labs GmBH
Independent Faction
Posted - 2010.03.28 01:54:00 - [59]

I support this idea!

Sebiestor Tribe

Posted - 2010.03.28 22:21:00 - [60]

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