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Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.23 22:42:00 - [1]

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Edited by: Belatrix Ventox on 24/02/2010 02:54:29

I am for ends when buy out is reached!

Highlights: Jump Freighter / Freighter, Orca, Hulk, Transport ship....

This character is a logistics dream. Comes with two +3's and two +4's, no kill rights, positive wallet and sec status. Strong fundamentals like drones 5 rounds out this toon. Only 18 days from a Rorqual!! Get her now before she is gone!


Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.23 23:10:00 - [2]


Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.24 02:19:00 - [3]

Night time bump a roo. Make an offer folks, online now!!! Very Happy

Kuroi Yuki
Posted - 2010.02.24 04:45:00 - [4]

0/ good toon for a good price!

Mind Games.
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2010.02.24 12:44:00 - [5]

its a nice char but at only 10mill sp, i'll start u off at 2.5b.

Maybe somebody else will pay more for a char like this, and maybe i'll up my offer at a later stage.

Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.24 13:10:00 - [6]

2.5B - Great starting offer...lets go up from there! Only 10M SP yes, but this toon has had very few wasted SP.

Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.24 16:42:00 - [7]

morning bump!

Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.24 17:51:00 - [8]

obnoxious bump...this toon has it all miners!

Hulk Pilot
Orca Pilot
Freight Pilot
Jump Freight Pilot
Covert Transport Ship Pilot

She has it all! 4.5B You could pay 1.5B for a measly hulk pilot alone, let alone a jump freighter pilot WITH THE SKILL ALREADY TRAINED. No more buying 90M isk skill books after you have dropped a couple bil on a toon!

Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.24 20:09:00 - [9]

buy me bump

Posted - 2010.02.24 21:35:00 - [10]

I Only looked Briefly (at work) But this hardly seems worth the price.. You can Fly hulk but I don't think you can use any t2 harvesting crystals and maybe not even t2 strip miners.. you can also fly covert ops transport ship but you can't use a covert ops cloaking device.. Maybe I made a Mistake as I said I only looked briefly and If so sorry but even at that 10M sp for the asking price seems like a lot.. I mean i have seen accounts with all this and specialised for Mining and t2 transports with x3 or even x4 the SP sell for less..

Not intending to flame in any respect it looks like a great starter account for an Industrialist but very very pricey for a starter account.. I'm currently looking for a basic Orca Pilot and I don't care about Mining in the least so this account would work for my needs but 3b + makes me wanna just wait to see what comes along tomorrow..

Good Luck In any event and would at least like to hear what your planing to except for it before you sell if it's not to much bother you can catch me in game on CalinaNightCyn , Depending I may make a counter to your best offer..



BlackWatch Industrial Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.02.24 22:07:00 - [11]

2Bn offer otherwise no ta.

Belatrix Ventox
Posted - 2010.02.24 22:31:00 - [12]

Originally by: Blydchyld
2Bn offer otherwise no ta.

There has already been a 2.5B offer. Thanks for stopping by though. :P


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