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Ran Khanon
Swords Horses and Heavy Metal
Posted - 2010.02.21 00:16:00 - [31]

I think photobucket allows you to set the maximum filesize for scaling: increase it for larger pictures.

Better yet: as .png is an uncompressed format, use a picture editing program save it as a jpg or gif for smaller file sizes (or even better; use a "Save for the web" option like in Adobe programs)

Posted - 2010.02.21 00:30:00 - [32]

Originally by: Taua Roqa
Edited by: Taua Roqa on 20/02/2010 20:26:00
iirc the op runs a noobfarming scam-corp whose members can't escape fast enough. this is probably a faekpoast to get the corp members to give more isk to him.

all in all, such slanderous accusations against a man like jonny 101, a paragon of virtue and probity, are as likely in truth as a pregnant goldfish.

additionally, he has been known on many occasions to give sizeable gifts with the aim of helping new players, players of the kind the OPs corp seeks to rip off, spit out and turn away from eve. The most recent act of generosity was was on the 18th of this month - the gifting of a Raven Battleship!
name one corp that we wardeced and asked for money from? we are not a noobfarming scam corp and that raven that was gifted was the one i contracted to jonny 101 to do a job for me.

Mara Tessidar
Posted - 2010.02.21 00:52:00 - [33]

Edited by: Mara Tessidar on 21/02/2010 00:52:23

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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