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Navi Yarg
Lone Star Industries
Posted - 2010.02.14 21:09:00 - [1]

I want to go in a new direction in Eve I want to try my hand at trading. I've been reading some blogs espically Letrange's blogs and he makes it seem very interestin. I am thinking about creating a new account for this. With building a character from scratch what are some suggestions in the direction of what I should train?

Posted - 2010.02.15 19:12:00 - [2]

Well all of the skills are pretty straight forward.

Some of them increase the amounts of orders you can put up while others gives a slight increases to marginal. Oh, and you have the ones that increse how much jumping around you have to do.

In general it can be said that you need to invest very little to "get into it" while the skills still gives benefits worth having.

Posted - 2010.02.15 19:19:00 - [3]

Hi I am at work so no access to EFt to tell you the skills, but I remember these ones,

Broker Relations

you can try EFT , certificates and go under Business Mogul, then you can plan the level that you want to achieve, Basic, standar etc


Cecilia Syal
Blood Inquisition
Posted - 2010.02.17 12:07:00 - [4]

Edited by: Cecilia Syal on 17/02/2010 12:13:04
I recommend:

Procurement LVL4 (Allows remote buy orders 20+ jump)
Visibility LVL4 (Allows buy range up to 20+ jump for remote)
Daytrading LVL4 (Allows modification up to 20+ jump)
Marketing LVL4 (Setting Remote Sell orders 20 Jumps)

Unless your just sitting in a trade hub like Rens, Jita, Hek these really come in handy especially in 0.0 region's for trading, buying and selling, without even leaving station.

You can choose some of the broker skills to reduce the 1% tax but those aren't really worth the time unless you dealing in billions per week of sales, or very low margin .01 isk game.

Trade and Retail lvl4 will give you something like 48 buy/sell orders. you can do them higher if you need more but thats a good amount for managing.

Thats all like 400,000 in skill points, so maybe 12-14 days total of training depending on attributes and you got everything you need,

edit: if you add in some basic skills for a racial industrial to lvl3, and some nav skills to lvl3, about 20 days to train an alt with just doing learnings to lvl3 and about 30mil in skills (i think), most do this 3x over on a separate account and keep in three good regions for buying/selling, but can be done on your main too, its not much time to sacrifice.


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