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Alia Noree
Posted - 2010.02.14 14:17:00 - [1]


Iíve played eve since launch and Iíve just returned from a 2 year break, I have four characters a 33m BS pvp pilot, 40m carrier pilot, 25m industry character and a 12m miner/hauler character.

Iím looking for a large 0.0 based corp I enjoy mining Very Happy, fleet battles with my carrier and BS roaming and support ops. Iím also intrested in exploring the new things that have appered in eve wormholes ect. Iím from the UK and play most days, I can be contacted in game via this character.

Pony Tail
Martyr's Vengence
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.02.14 17:10:00 - [2]

Martyr's Vengence

-SOV holding alliance
-Roams everynight lots of kills
-great indy program for ship making
-Great people who have flown together for years
-Training and education on low and null
-Miners welcome and Indy
-TS and VENT available
-SISI practice for members

contact pony tail in game or eve mail him

Our corp is an active one with good people we roam camp and fight together, thers no *****ing or drama, just gaming and having fun. We have SISI matches with betting for a laugh, and as CEO i totally sponsor ripping each other as much as possible for laughs.

Once again Contact Pony Tail for info and Applications

Alia Noree
Posted - 2010.02.15 16:24:00 - [3]

Still looking.

Sanctus Maleficus
Lambent Enterprises
Enforcers of Serenity
Posted - 2010.02.15 17:45:00 - [4]

Hey Alia,

You might be interested in Lambent Enterprises. We're in the small, but up and coming Enforcers of Serenity alliance. Our corp is a multi-faceted corp that focuses on personal freedom and liberty. We are strictly 0% tax, no mandatory ops, the corp is funded through donation, and we have a mature player base with experienced leadership.

For more info, check us out at and join channel LAMBENT-RECRUIT

Thanks, and good luck finding a corp that's right for you!

Markhas Andemar
Chooch Inc.
Twilight Federation
Posted - 2010.02.15 21:11:00 - [5]

Contact in-game for the complete story. Suffice to say we offer anything anyone else would. Mature, fun group. Solid opportunity that just keeps getting better.

Alia Noree
Posted - 2010.03.05 21:42:00 - [6]

Still looking.

Alia Noree
Posted - 2010.03.06 20:07:00 - [7]

Still Looking.

Xeno Metamorph
Posted - 2010.03.07 00:49:00 - [8]

Hey Alia,

You sound like you could be a potential match for RAGE. If you would like to chat I will do my best to be online tomorrow afternoon around 1600-1800 GMT. Unfortunately this weekend my time is limited as I am at work, however you can still join our public channel in the meantime ( R-A-G-E )if you want more information sooner rather than later.

Our official post is here: so feel free to contact Lathrael or Jorune if I am not available.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Alia Noree
Posted - 2010.03.07 20:45:00 - [9]

One more time.

Cloak and Daggers
Posted - 2010.03.07 22:55:00 - [10]

We got to celebrate one more time?


Established 0.0 alliance- 7m SP req:
Ihatalo Navy
-Upgraded 0.0 systems
-PvP Focus
-Cap/fleet battles
-Active and experienced!

Also, the recruitment thread for our corp. is:

if intrested Contact me ingame (send me a mail/ whisp me)

Alia Noree
Posted - 2010.03.08 22:07:00 - [11]


Audi Amarr
First Flying Wing Inc
Posted - 2010.03.09 01:25:00 - [12]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Brave enough to PvP as one wishes.....

Space Perverts, is a mercenary corp. based in Pure Blind, Vale of Silent, and Branch it is manned mostly by former members of the ďPrivateersĒ, and has proven to be a decisive factor in the outcome of some wars in its area of operation.

Our Definition of PvP is our own, We do not define our Corp by anyone elseís standards


Space Perverts (ACE5) is accepting applications from PvP pilots with a passion for good, dirty, old school PvP and new stomping grounds . You need an average of 5 million SPS to apply.

What we offer members:

Arrow Highsec PvP "Yes"
Arrow Lowsec PvP "Yes"
Arrow Nullsec PvP "Yes"
Arrow WH work "Yes"
Arrow Fleet Roams "Yes"
Arrow Gate Camps "Yes"
Arrow Plex Ganks "Yes"
Arrow Mining Opp Ganks "Yes"
Arrow Eve-Voice "Yes" or Alliance TS
Arrow High Sec WarDecs "Suspended"
Arrow Website "Yes"
Arrow Killbourd "Yes"
Arrow Capital Training "Yes" (Dread, Carrier & Mothership)
Arrow Noob or New to PVP Training "We will send you to "Basic PvP" and "Wolfpack 101" Training at Agony Unleashed for free."

Arrow Forum Recruitment URL:

Question Contact Audi Amarr for Questions and Recruitment

Arrow CEO Ė Audi Amarr
Arrow Director/Recruiter - Petrai
Arrow Director/Recruiter - Mr ZVER


Alia Noree
Posted - 2010.03.09 23:12:00 - [13]


Chagal Civ
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2010.03.10 11:17:00 - [14]

Hello if you are in to pvp check us out here


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