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Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2010.02.13 13:46:00 - [61]

Edited by: Istvaan Shogaatsu on 13/02/2010 13:47:29
Originally by: AdmiralJohn
I named my Nemesis "Krasny Oktyabr".

Fans of Tom Clancy will understand this reference.

Watch out for the galley cook.

I used to name my ships with a theme, religious names for Amarr, Kilrathi names for Caldari. A few remain like that:

Crusader - Clarity of Purpose
Malediction - Black December
Zealots - Theocratic Dominion
Sacrilege - Zaragram's Heresy
Armageddon - Excessive Negation
Apocs - Chorus of Angels
Abaddons - His Will Manifest

Falcon - Strakha
Manticore - Paktahn
Crow - Dralthi
Raven - Hvarkann

Nowadays I just pick whatever sounds cool.

Legion - Vesuvius
Tengu - Kodiak
Daredevil - Hatefang
Slicer - Wrathspite
Dramiel - Death's Sickle

Banana Torres
The Green Banana Corporation
Posted - 2010.02.13 13:58:00 - [62]

My current ship is the USS Fruitbowl, atm she is warping to the Xleen system in the Argelius sector.

Normally I name my ships using the format <random players name>'s Velator.

Zofe Stormcaller
B4D W01F
Posted - 2010.02.13 20:38:00 - [63]

Dominix - Mt. called Monkey (Gorillaz : Fire coming out of a monkey's head)
Tempest - Soft Insanity (Kanno Yoko: Velveteen)
Maelstrom - Angelic Layer (Anime)
Stiletto - Primary Target
Hound - No Friend of yours (Elvis, kinda)
Cheetah - Dangerously Cheesy (like my humour)
Comet - Baconmobile (Whoop Whoop sound of tha poliiice)
Probe - Every day is owl (old meme)
Navy Vexor - Camo Hairdryer
Megathron - Something Bashful (old bash quote)

Mixu Paatelainen
Ore Mongers
Posted - 2010.02.13 20:44:00 - [64]

Daredevil - That was expensive...

Lue Tango
Classis Facta
Posted - 2010.02.13 20:53:00 - [65]

Two Retributions named:

-Pocket Rocket
-Golden Shower

Might as well get some laughs :)

Cozmik R5
Dock 94
Posted - 2010.02.13 23:07:00 - [66]

Edited by: Cozmik R5 on 13/02/2010 23:07:55
I'm a sucker for those threads.

Mission Maelstrom: Stormy Weather (tribute Clear Skies)
Sniper Tempest: Shambler (big nasty Classic Quake monster)
AC-fit Hurricane: Swiss Cheese Maker (cuz that's what it does!)
Arty-fit Hurricane: Instagib (that's also what it does!)
Tacklers: Facehugger/Headcrab/Fiend/Pinky Demon
HIC: Fugu (hyper poisonous puffer fish, with tasty parts!)
Salvager: Sucker
Hauler: Fat Georgette (quebecois spin on Big Bertha)
Sheik Yerbouti: T1-fit jihad cruiser
Vagabond: Packard Goose
Dramiel: WFO (faction-fit for OMGWTFWEEEEEE speeds)

The Ratfink
Posted - 2010.02.13 23:18:00 - [67]

Edited by: The Ratfink on 13/02/2010 23:17:50
I call my mothercarrier c lit commander

Rionnag Alba
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2010.02.13 23:33:00 - [68]

Wyvern - Weapon of Choice
Lev - R-Type

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2010.02.14 00:21:00 - [69]

whatever comes to mind at the time.

all my ships are either named boobs, or poo

Savatar Mei
Posted - 2010.02.14 01:03:00 - [70]

I try to name my ships after the ships in the culture novels, (Ian Banks).

pity theres a limit on size of a ship name though

Sahriah BloodStone
Black Skull Squadron
Posted - 2010.02.14 01:21:00 - [71]

Well :D

Thorax - Spectre
Hyperion - Forgotten Asylum
Myrmidon - White Rose
Crow - WobbleGutz
Gedden - Cruor Imperiosus (Blood imperium in latin)
Nighthawk - Hammer of possum
Malediction - Onryō

some other random names
Law of Effect

Friend and i started naming our ships 'X like a fish' to confuse ppl
Looks Like a fish
Smells like a fish
Acts Like a fish
Feels like a fish
Thinks like a fish
Tastes like a fish
Fluffy like a fish

i get great pleasure thinking about people trying to work out how my blackbird looks like a fish :D

Mashie Saldana
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.02.14 01:31:00 - [72]

I just give them numbers so if you see me flying a ship named 8 I have 7 more of the same type fitted and ready to go in the hangar.

Lance Fighter
Posted - 2010.02.14 01:37:00 - [73]

Usually I name mine a person ..

An Abaddon might be named "The Lawmaker", or my absolution, "The Gatekeeper"(i was wh camping with it at the time >.> )

Viktor Fyretracker
Emminent Terraforming
Posted - 2010.02.14 01:39:00 - [74]

if i ever get a stealth bomber i might have to name it "Wobblin Goblin"

Dane El
Posted - 2010.02.14 02:00:00 - [75]

Dominix - Titanium Turd.

The rest are uninspiring.

Galius Zed
Posted - 2010.02.14 03:00:00 - [76]

Welp, I finally got motivated to find that text file. Don't say I never gave y'all anything!

Velvet Anvil (Abby)
Pregnant Space Cow (Damnation)
96% Biodegradable (Hulk)
Emotionally Unstable
Ruby Slippers (Guardian)
Your Shoe's Untied
Grand Illusion (Covops)
Flying Circus
Stiff Ripples (Orca)
Refried Boogie
Murder To Go
One Night Stand
Big Cheese
Choice Is Yours
The Only Way
Outer Limits
Second Coming
SS Panic Button
S.S. Tinfoil
Chafing Dish
Double-Barrel Death
Double-Barrel Luvin
Boom Stick
Flying Brick
Bigger Bang
Cheese Doodle
Out On Parole
Applying Makeup
Pipe Dream
Barely Awake
Chicken Of The Sea
Haggis On A Stick
Warp This
Silent Alarm
You Should Leave Now
Bullet Stuttering
Nasty Habit
Shaken, Not Stirred
Flounder Pounder
Flounder Of Fortune
Flounder Fillet
McFish & Cheese
Crash Test
Space Buoy
Brace Yourself
Premature Ejection
Lights On For Safety
Our Little Secret
Second Job
Outta Control
Plan Number B
Almost Free
Finding Nemo
Barefoot & Topless
Chill Out
Special Treat
Starter Kit
One Too Many
Group Therapy
Puddle Pirate
Heads or Tails
School's Out
At Last
Conduct Unbecoming
Lead Ingot
Boobie Trap
High Seas Drifter
Wet Dreams
Breakin' Wind
Sugar Shack
Chilli Pepper
All Organic
Champagne Supernova
Here and Now
Stray Cat
This End Up
Mixed Blessing
Fine Line
Suspended Solid
Medium Rare
Enough (Already)
Trojan Horse
Oxy Moron
Melted Snow
Vital Signs
And So Forth
Dry Humour
Chuck Waggon
I <3 Uranus
Worthless Crew
Just Add Water
As Seen On TV
HMS Pumpkin
Keep Back 50 Ft.
Final Approach
Assume The Position
Grief This
Playing Through
Rock-Ness Monster
Secret Ingredient
Formal Complaint
Complaint Department
Asymptotic Momentum
Down In Front
Spinal Clacker
Repeat Until Done
This End Up
Anger Management
Objection Overruled
Screaming in Space
Agent of Entropy
Signal To Noise
Waiting 4 the Rhyme
Statistics Maker
Candygram for Mongo
Bigger Frog
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Longer Lever
You Go First
You Hold That End
Prosthetic Conscience
Isn't That Dangerous
It'll Be Over Soon

Morgan Luminaire
Posted - 2010.02.14 08:57:00 - [77]

Very Happy

Lors Dornick
Posted - 2010.02.14 09:40:00 - [78]

Edited by: Lors Dornick on 14/02/2010 09:41:19
I often go with some play on the name of ship type.

Such as:
Raven - Corax (Corvus Corax is latin for Raven)
Cormorant - Black Shag (which is a cormorant, really)
Caracal - ***** Galore (it's a cat after all)
Drake - Mallard (well, it's a duck)
Hulk - Jennifer (it's a ship, so it's a she, ergo a she-hulk, so Jennifer Walters ;))
Blackbird - Oxcart (name of the project leading to (A12) SR71 Blackbird)

And more stupid dog latin / geek names like that ;)

Oh, struck by profanity filter, a *****cat is obviously bad ...

Holly Nitall
Posted - 2010.02.14 13:17:00 - [79]


Masked Rider Project
Posted - 2010.02.14 13:33:00 - [80]

Mine tend to have a theme for each ship type. For example, my Vexor cruisers I use for combat are all called the Argos Vexor [Greek Letter] (where the letter changes up every time I get blown up and replace the ship). My mining ships are called the Rockhammer [letter], where the letter is the initial of the system that ship is based in.

I called a Tristan Isolde once, because I didn't have the willpower not to.

My cargo haulers are the River King (because I was thinking of a song about riverboats at the time) and Tuggy the Tugboat (because I am, in fact, five).

You Got A Purty Mouth
Posted - 2010.02.14 14:00:00 - [81]

I usually try and think of random names.

Drake: Unicorn Giggles
Hulk: Roid Muncher
Obelisk: Bertha
Probing Ship: Probah
Orca: Wicked Boostah
CNR: Baby Farts
Itty V: Space Train CHOO CHOOO
Occator: Cheesy Doodle

To name a few

Recycled Heroes
Posted - 2010.02.14 14:27:00 - [82]

I've got a rifter named 'Tasty Morsel'
Jag named 'Totally not a Rifter', sometimes I'll name a rifter that too
WH Pilgrim 'Nodoze'
Rupture 'Ingersol Rand'
Gank Abby 'Facemelt Inc.'
covert ops '-☼#0╪►╓≥╪►↕◘₧╤'

My first ever cruiser hadn't even earned itsself a name before I got it blown up in the first mission I took it to, so I named my second cruiser 'Keen Overconfidence'

The Excecutorans
Posted - 2010.02.15 04:49:00 - [83]

I get in moods on names, currently I'm using HP Lovecrast style names.

Nota Ero
Gr0und Zer0
Posted - 2010.02.15 15:30:00 - [84]

"Armageddon Your Mom"

Jint Hikaru
OffWorld Exploration Inc
Posted - 2010.02.15 15:50:00 - [85]

If i am in the mood to name a ship I will just go with what feels right at the time.

Orca - Caution Wide Turns
WH Dominix - Deep Core
Salvager Ships - Junker
Typhoon - Narwal

Owain Redemptio
Posted - 2010.02.15 16:09:00 - [86]

I'm currently missioning in the S.S. Minnow

My retriever is referred too as the LilMule
And of course my salvager is Sanford's Son

Of Unsound Mind
Posted - 2010.02.15 16:30:00 - [87]

Edited by: Wendego on 15/02/2010 16:35:13
Originally by: Galius Zed
Welp, I finally got motivated to find that text file. Don't say I never gave y'all anything!

Velvet Anvil (Abby)
Pregnant Space Cow (Damnation)
96% Biodegradable (Hulk)
Emotionally Unstable
Ruby Slippers (Guardian)
Your Shoe's Untied
Grand Illusion (Covops)
Flying Circus.......

See, this is a naming convention I can wrap my head around. Names like "Gutter ****", "Swamp Donkey", "Pocket Tosser", or "The Angry Carnie" ring true to me.

Edit: For some reason, it didn't occur to me that a slang term for a woman with questionable morals would be filtered.

Commander Azrael
Red Federation
Posted - 2010.02.15 16:59:00 - [88]

All my ships are generally called 'Spacemoship' or the PvP one's are called 'Your mum'. Mainly cos I die a lot and it's amusing for peoples combat logs/notifications to say 'Your group of heavy Pulse Laser II's deactivate as your mum begins to explode'.

Juvenile I know..... Wink

Nicholas Barker
Deez Nuts.
Posted - 2010.02.15 17:09:00 - [89]

Old Generals, VC/GC and Medal of Honour recipients, or soldiers who were just well known for being brave (Jack Churchill and such).
Oh, and people i know who were/are soldiers.

Idea from The Rodger Young from starship troopers.

Diabolus Ex Machina
The Amazing Onjoi and his Educated Rodents
Posted - 2010.02.15 17:14:00 - [90]

Am I the only one who just hits something random on the keyboard, so it isnt the standard name

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