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Phantoms wife
Posted - 2010.02.04 15:34:00 - [1]

Edited by: Phantoms wife on 04/02/2010 15:40:32
Today by excedent, i saw that my caldari battlship skill lvl 5 has been removed, for some reason its gone.
next to that it still alowes me to fly every ship where i need bs 5 for.

any one have a cleu what that is?
or how to fix it.
got i petetioned btw.

greetings. Phantom Silver.
*excuse for my worse writing*

ps. i tryed relogging, and restarted even the whole computer, problem still stands.

James Tritanius
Posted - 2010.02.04 15:42:00 - [2]

Did you get podded recently?

Did the skill disappear on EVE or third-party programs like EVE-Mon?

Phantoms wife
Posted - 2010.02.04 15:44:00 - [3]

i wasnt podded for months,
and yes even in eve mon its gone.

i still got no reply from ccp about this btw

Zzander Solus
Posted - 2010.02.04 16:06:00 - [4]

It can take a couple of weeks for CCP to process your petition, so be patient. They stay backlogged on petitions (mostly on lag-related issues I believe). Check your email that you set up your game account with for acknowledgements.

Posted - 2010.02.04 17:16:00 - [5]

Podding wouldn't remove the skill anyway as the skill loss is capped to a percentage of the skill with the highest SP. Probably a bug.

Marine HK4861
State Protectorate
Posted - 2010.02.05 00:16:00 - [6]

It's capped to 50% of the skill, so it can indeed knock you down a level, which is what the OP reported in his topic title, but not in his post.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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