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Roga Dracor
Mental Disorders Inc.
Posted - 2011.08.27 12:34:00 - [871]

Open your eyes.. Ocho, is eight.. Interesting..Wink

Throw some hints back at ya.. P.I.E releigion, The Conformists, Sarum..

Think concept, people, not literal.. Nothing in human experience is truly original, anymore.. I have a saying, science fiction becomes science fact. The Hindu religion has a maxim, too.. "All this that we see in the world is Brahman" ("everything in this material world is Maya, illusion")

Posted - 2011.08.28 00:04:00 - [872]

After Alyce's funeral, Kenneth and Alaric return to Rhemuth for Brion's coronation, but the ceremony is delayed by the death of the Archbishop of Valoret. The remaining bishops travel to Valoret to elect their new leader, a process that is finally completed in early March. Brion decides to travel to Valoret to meet the new archbishop, despite concerns for his safety by several of his ministers. Additionally, the Camberian Council has become increasingly concerned that Zachris Pomeroy may attempt to kill the new king. After arriving at Valoret and witnessing the enthronement of the new archbishop, an assassination plot is discovered by Jamyl Arilan, a Deryni secretly working for the Camberian Council. Jamyl is forced to reveal himself to Kenneth, and the two successfully disrupt the plot before Brion can be harmed. During a battle in the cathedral itself, Kenneth is saved from Zachris' magic by the timely intervention of Sir Sť Trelawney, a mysterious childhood friend of Alyce's who kills the rogue Deryni with a single arrow......

.... Afterwards, Kenneth tells nobody of Jamyl's Deryni heritage or Sť's presence in Valoret. Upon returning to Rhemuth, the final preparations for the coronation are made, and King Brion Haldane is crowned on March 24, 1096. Sť briefly appears to pledge his service to Brion, and Kenneth once again dedicates himself and his son to the protection of the Haldane line.

Posted - 2011.09.06 14:16:00 - [873]

The directory probably means they're adding something into dust 514, or they're adding the ability to walk inside of those when the incarna patch that allows you to walk in stations is released.

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