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Posted - 2010.01.23 20:27:00 - [31]

best solution i saw to the gold farmer market and a great encouragment to get rid of that lot and generate money for ccp. i don't beleive it's not profit making like someone else suggested. never bought any game currency ever from slavers,hackers and cheats but i had no problem with boosting my wallet a bit after a break knowing the money is going to the people who make the game.

Crewman Jenkins
Malicious Demi-Lancers
Posted - 2010.01.23 22:31:00 - [32]

People are playing and buying plexes that otherwise wouldnt be able to afford to play, so CCP does make money. I'm conflicted on this issue, I really like being able to play by playing, but I hate that if you have extra money IRL you can get ahead in-game.

Posted - 2010.01.24 00:11:00 - [33]

If CCP removed GTC's and PLEX's at this point, the massive gold seller spam that would follow would just makes this game outright teh *******s.
Mineral prices are already resting on insurance...
And what you say makes no sense. CCP makes a quick buck of this?
CCP is one of the few MMO's that have actually had a continued increase in playerbase over several years..?

Posted - 2010.01.24 00:34:00 - [34]

Edited by: Dacryphile on 24/01/2010 17:52:27
Originally by: Desiree Cousteau

yes but if u mean u play eve for free ( ie u buy timecodes for isk ) thats fine. tbh you can buy plex cards now anyways which would make timecodes rendundant.. but my problem is not with the ability to buy game time with isk, my problem is with selling game time for isk as in the isk goes to the players :-)
Are you for real? GTCs are converted into PLEX. Timecode = plex where is the redunancy? The only difference is you pay for someone else's month of gameplay for however much isk you can get on the market.

The more newbs buy GTC to sell and get easy isk, the less isk they will get since supply will be greater than demand.

CCP's system is awesome. Person A has excess amounts of isk, person B has little isk and wants more. Person B buys a GTC, converts it to a PLEX, and sells it to Person A.

Person B paid for a month of time for person A, and got paid for it in isk. In the end, CCP get the ammount of money for time played by all players.

You seem to think that PLEX is an NPC item that people can buy like blueprints. Its not. It is a GTC that is converted into an in game item.

You don't have a problem with buying PLEX, but you have a problem with selling it. Seriously, wtf?

Stain of Mind
Posted - 2010.01.24 00:41:00 - [35]

Originally by: Desiree Cousteau

im a 2003 character (this is an alt) and i have been playing eve since second genesis.. i have 80million skill points and about a billion isk worth of assets like carrier, hacs, faction ships etc.. isk in wallet im about 33 million..

thing is all my ingame wealth comes from mining, mission running, rat chaining in 0.0 where i used to reside. i know there are younger characters (some i know) that have billions in their wallets, multiple capital ships in hangars.

now i know CCP must be making a quick buck out of this, just like ISK sellers as in any game some players allways want to buy themselves to the top, but to me this is wrong. becuase it de-values items in game.. for e.g. i could spend months mining for a ship where as someone else can just flip out the credit card and make 500 million isk in minutes? it also makes residing in 0.0 harder because, because no one cares if they lose their ships, they just buy another. for e.g i know a newbie that has lost 7 navy ravens consectuvly. i can't even afford one lol

i have been away from eve 3 months because i got bored of eve, because to me if u can just easily buy the things u want in eve? whats the point in mining, mission running. ratting?? i prefere to reside in empire these days because of this and other reasons..

but please concider this ccp. i would not mind paying a little extra subscription if it meant the end of eve timecodes, or at least players been able to sell them for isk anyways :-)

If your really from 2k3 post with your main. Unlike you i've been here since castor which is less time. i also have 80million sp. Every 2k3 player i know has at least 90 and almost all have over 100. Really prove it. There is no issue with gtc.

ellena allente
Posted - 2010.01.24 09:10:00 - [36]

Edited by: ellena allente on 24/01/2010 09:11:10
i think timecodes should stay. i will definitely quit eve if they are removed. i can't justify spending hundreds/thousands of dollars from my wallet on 1 video game. buying timecodes with isk is part of what keeps me in eve.

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