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Posted - 2010.01.19 07:40:00 - [1]

I assume that most Tier 1-3 ships are purchased off the marketplace and the way capitals are handled will be irrelevant to me for quite some time. E.g., there are several dozen Apocs for sale in Amarr atm with a bid/ask spread of < 10%. But when you move up a level of ship, things get a lot less convenient. And less efficient I assume.

But say you wanted to but an Orca or a freighter:
a) You could buy from a market sell order (Jita?)
b) Place a market buy order (Jita?)
c) Read the WTS forum - you can either buy a built one or "reserve" one in progress or play the WTA games
d) Post a WTB request in the Want Ad forum
e) Buy from a contract - immediately or bid on one
f) Put up a WTB contract (many of these are frauds; do many people take these seriously?)

And then how do you know what is a reasonable price? You can look at the sales history from the market for the Apoc. But it is much more difficult to figure out the history for these less efficient markets.

There is more than one way to do it, but is there one place/method that is more typical? I suppose for many readers, "stolen from corp hangar" might be the most common source of ships.

Posted - 2010.01.19 08:34:00 - [2]

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it's easy, buy cheapest offer

edit: try every option and see which one gives you better income

Wolfgan Boisvert
Posted - 2010.01.19 09:18:00 - [3]

Set up a buy order for a ridiculous price
Go to the "Ships" channel, ask "WTB: xxx", try to make a deal, usually don't get one.
Wait a few hours, watch ships channel until the ship is needed urgently enough.

End up buying a ship off the market or contracts.

Watch the buy order I forgot about being fulfilled, have two ships now.

But quite often I see a ship and say "Hey, I'd like that" and buy it on impulse.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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