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Alexander Leviathan
Posted - 2010.01.13 10:26:00 - [1]

Hi there, even if I have just 7.5M SP they're all on pvp (2M gunnery, 1.5M engineering ecc) because I'm not new of EVE. I'm an old player, owned many characters from few millions SP to 80+M ones, then I decided to give everything away and start from 0 with my own char.
I'm looking to join an Amarr corp of any kind but industrial. PvP, PvE, FW even pirating may work, I'll be nice to join a Providence corp also Very Happy
My employment list is a bit long for just 7.5M guy but most of the corp was created by me Laughing

Alexander Leviathan
Posted - 2010.01.14 07:01:00 - [2]

nobody?Crying or Very sad

Spoon Thumb
Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2010.01.14 13:51:00 - [3]

Edited by: Spoon Thumb on 14/01/2010 15:05:40

Hi, my corp, Mamaleek, is recruiting. I can also suggest some others in the Provi area that may be suited to you as well if mine isn't quite what you're looking for.

Edit: Evemail me as I may not be on tomorrow, but I'll definitelty get back to you

Nelios Ran
New Eden Regimental Navy
Rebel Alliance of New Eden
Posted - 2010.01.14 15:17:00 - [4]

New Eden Regimental Navy is looking for a few good pilots to come join us in high/NULL sec operations.

Currently we run mining operations out in the Goram area, missions out of Mani and are working out in Providence doing Ratting, plexs and soon mining.

Regular weekly operations; 1 to 2 missions operations, 2 to 3 mining operations and try to do at least 1 pvp run a week. We are a real life first Corp/alliance which means our numbers pulse up and down based on holidays and real life fun.

We are the Executors of the Rebel Alliance of New Eden (RANE), which is a gathering of like-minded people in EVE, mostly industry based. Corp/Alliance website can be found @ this site doubles for alliance use with eve centric news feeds, and Alliance radio feed called RANE Radio.

Here is a little Q&A:

ArrowWhere is your current HQ, and which systems do you usually mine in?

We are currently working out the Goram in the Tash-Murkon region; we have Corp offices located in Goram, and generally mine the areas around it. No low/null sec runs as of yet.

ArrowHow long are your ops, and about how much m3 do you mine per op?

Op length with vary depending on how people feel. As an orca pilot too it gets really boring sitting there providing bonus' and just pulling cans in. But average op length is 4 hrs. The amount of M3 pulled per op varies but usually 2 and a half freighter full.

ArrowHow do you distribute earnings after an op is over, particularly if I was using an orca?

We use a heavily modified version of the mining buddy system that has been refined and reworked in house to meet the needs of the Corp and hopefully soon of the alliance. The mining buddy system works off of raw ore that the Corp buys from its members at 25% above the average median buy price off Eve-Central. Additional functionality that has been added to our version that is not in the original:
Invoicing System for Ore/Salvage
Missioning module for splitting the value of salvages and refined minerals from op
T1 Ordering System Allows Corp members to buy discounted Ships/Modules from Corp. All non-named T1 items produced on request.
Character Skillz Allows you to share your skills with Corp Member securely.
Navigation Application Basic app that tells number of belts in given system and their radius.

ArrowDo you manufacture at all or are the minerals just sold directly to stations?

All ore is used in the production of ships/modules for the Corp/market.

ArrowDo you do any mission running?

There are 1 to 2 regular Corp ops a week. You will always find someone running missions somewhere for the Amarr Empire.

ArrowHow old is the Corp and do you think it will be around for a while? Most of the mining Corps I've joined closed almost instantly, or within a month. :(

New Eden Regimental Navy is 2 years old. The leadership is too stubborn to give it up. At one point we had three active members but maintained and started profiting. Now NERN is sitting at nearly 100+ toons roughly 80-85 actual people.

ArrowWhat's your average age?

Average age of the Corp is about 20-60s. With the alliance following the same age cycle; though we are a bunch of crazies and some nights you would think we were a bunch of kids. Or is that drunks? /me looks over his shoulder to quiet the voices.

ArrowDo you mine in wormholes, hidden belts or low sec, or do you plan on doing it eventually?

With the continued growth of exploration in Corp it seems as though daily we are getting hidden belts to mine, combat sites to clear and worm holes to jump. Not a fan of WH space, so dont go out there often; have been working more on getting low/null sec ops running and doing stuff out in Providence with CVA space.

CEO generally posting from work; you can join NEW NAVY pub chat or look for Nelios Ran or Bellum Veritas online. Or join our forums!


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