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Knights of the Silver Dawn
The Fourth District
Posted - 2009.12.31 03:04:00 - [1]

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From the Office of our Lord Scagga Laebetrovo, Tur Estichari and Founder of Our Movement

Greetings, Our Amarrian Lords, Fellow Ammatar, Friends and Foes from New Eden,

As we enter the Age of Dominion, the Ammatar Free Corps awakes to the dawn of a new era. Behind a long-held semblance of silence, our labours have borne fruit. Behold our outpost, ‘The Rubicon’, bulwark of Amarrian North Providence, eternal friendship bridge with the glorious Mandate and the hitherto grandest symbol of Ammatar capsuleer achievement.

Pause a moment, ponder, for the younger amongst us may inadvertently ask, “What is the significance of this achievement in the context of our most glorious cause?” Recall, dear Ammatar, that our history is rich. It is our unspoken duty to bequeath it unto them.

Take your minds back, patiently, for we are one with the space we live in. Who amongst you were there when more than three years ago we, a group of not more than 10 souls, but burning with righteous fury, harassed Ushra’khan from our ramshackle base in Mendori in support of the CVA? Indeed we flew under the flag of Delictum 23216 with the minimum of supplies, but it was these very systems that we live in now that we fought over. Our goal was clear – we would secure the southern reaches of the Mandate from tribal presence.

Indeed, as Delictum 23216, we were not naive to operating in 0.0. Recall the days we fought for our existence against mercenaries in the once desolate scraps of 18XA-C, now controlled by the Aegis Militia and a pilgrimage site for some as it marks the site of our first public execution. Never forget, when almost three years ago we fought alongside the CVA, committing ourselves towards the capture of QR-K85 and 9UY4-H from the terrorist forces of Ushra’khan. Our pilots joined the secret mustering of the loyal for the first strike, as well as many of the battles that followed. For many months after, the renamed former bastion of contagion in 9UY4-H became a home for us and an experimentation ground for Ammatar social betterment programmes.

One should remember our roots, my children. In our heyday we would declare war on prominent tribal influences without hesitation, trawling the terra irridente many a time thirsting tribal blood to spill. Often we fought outnumbered and outgunned. Over time, we also learned from mistakes of misguided zealousness. Never forget the Chidah setback, the march on Dysa or the eastern experiments of Thiarer and beyond. Do not forget the dead days we idled away in the beauty of Sasta, watching the skies spin round us. Once it was farfetched to discuss securing Assah, the then infested south-west border of the Mandate. Yet together, that promised victory came upon us through unerring Devotion, Fanaticism and Tenacity.

On June 12, YC 110, the flag of the Ammatar Free Corps rose a mere fortnight after instituting the short-lived San Matari alliance, out of hopelessness that followed the rampage of the elder fleet pretenders and the simultaneous unveiling of unthinkable corruption at the highest levels of the Mandate’s erstwhile legitimate governing establishment. With our faith in the Empire unquestionably intact, our eyes turned in just vengeance to the Bleaklands. It was a time of deeds, for we knew the actual continuity of the great Mandate depended on them. No quarter would be given by our enemy, nor would we be so foolish as to offer it. Indeed, there in the Bleaklands we rallied and fought stalwartly alongside our Amarrian allies to turn the tide and recover lost ground. We spearheaded Operation Plague, a retaliatory campaign of bold moves to contest space deep behind enemy lines. Our achievements did not go without mention, and many amongst us served with distinction.

Knights of the Silver Dawn
The Fourth District
Posted - 2009.12.31 03:08:00 - [2]

The situation at home did change, however; the great Lord Ardishapur’s appointment signalled a time of much needed improvement in our troubled state of affairs. His wise administration has worked thoroughly, expunging elements of Mandate management even under suspicion of acting at variance with proper procedures. With the situation stabilised on the factional frontlines, we returned to our beloved, tastefully rejuvenated Mandate to remake permanent settlement in Assah, once a prize we could never have fathomed. Fellow peace-loving, civilised residents began to band together against regressive tribal and piratical influences, culminating in the co-establishment of the North Providence militia. Amongst these many valued friendships are respected alliances, Tread and I-RED. At this juncture, the vision of the ‘Ammatar co-prosperity sphere’ was closer than ever, our safety patrols harrowing the lanes of the glorious mandate as far as Sendaya, ready to deliver justice wherever legitimate. We continued to build upon our valued friendship with the CVA, as our plans worked in perfect concert with ‘Operation Deliverance’.

In this time of rising from strength to strength, we joined the CVA in March YC 111. The CVA has since been kind to our noble cause, most notably in the authorisation of our outpost purchase from the venerable Lady Grr of Epitoth Guard. In this effort, we have invested in such an unprecedented manner, that the sum all past internal projects pale in comparison. The moment of transfer marked our most solemn hour. In that time of unmatched glory, some could not believe their eyes, for they were either victims of institutional pessimism or subconscious spies.

Verily, The Rubicon has become the beating pulse of our cause, our heirloom. It is the celestial anvil upon which we shall strike out the next stages of the grand plan. This begs the question, ‘Where do we go from here?’

This golden age will surely see the G-5EN2/Assah border flourish in keeping with the vision of the great Ammatar Co-prosperity sphere that we have laboured for. It is an age for the accomplishment of our greatest dreams, where the establishment of the station was but one step towards empowering the Ammatar, strengthening of our ailing Mandate and demonstrating of our worthiness to the most glorious motherland, the Amarr Empire.

Every bona fide, capacious member of the Free Corps must swear an oath upon the threshold of the Rubicon, to defend it and its interests in concordance with the eternal principles of Devotion, Fanaticism and Tenacity. It is our home; it is the symbol of our cause. We are not gypsies, nomads, peasants or otherwise mentally defective. We will thus recognise this: that which harms or otherwise impedes the natural growth of The Rubicon is an enemy of our cause, false and hated.

While other, less faithful individuals might lose hope, the AFC always remember that life is a never ending test of faith. Peace and rest only awaits on the other side of the gates of Paradise.

Denique Ammataria!

"I will not hesitate when the test of Faith finds me, for only the strongest conviction will open the gates of paradise. My Faith in you is absolute; my sword is Yours, My God, and Your will guides me now and for all eternity." - The Scriptures, Prophet Kuria, Paladin's Creed"

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2009.12.31 03:13:00 - [3]

Pretty picture.

Scagga Laebetrovo
Failure Assured
Posted - 2009.12.31 03:31:00 - [4]

Denique Ammataria

Dame Death
Core Impulse
Posted - 2009.12.31 04:09:00 - [5]

Always gonna have a soft spot for you guys Keep it up.

*ELiza grins* Dosent mean I wont blow you to hell given the chance though.

Hevaka Agreement
Posted - 2009.12.31 15:13:00 - [6]

Denique Ammataria

Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.12.31 21:50:00 - [7]

Denique Ammataria!

The Legion of Spoon
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.01 12:02:00 - [8]

Hrr? :D

Posted - 2010.01.01 15:04:00 - [9]

Edited by: Graelyn on 01/01/2010 15:05:40

God Save the Mandate.

Few have served Amarr (and none have served the Mandate) as well as the esteemed AFC.

Fly Strong.

Red Katherine
Ammatar Free Corps
Posted - 2010.01.02 23:33:00 - [10]

Denique Ammataria, comrades.

The favor of fortune changes and once again the Ammatar are ascendant.

Isaac Starstriker
Frontier Venture
Posted - 2010.01.03 09:19:00 - [11]

May your hulls continue to gleam and your troubles be few as you continue on.

Amarr Victor!

Ammatar Free Corps
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.04 12:37:00 - [12]

Denique Ammataria!


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