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Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.12.16 02:44:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kamikazie on 16/12/2009 02:47:16
Born from the ashes of Earth & Beyond, a multiracial band of elite warriors, explorers, miners, and traders traveled to EVE, where they formed AWE, a corporation dedicated to ascendancy in warfare and excellence in all things. A home to all, a corporation where the best warriors, explorers, miners, builders, traders, and scientists of all races could band together to create a new world, with a group dedicated to perfection, destined for greatness, unwilling to bend or pay tribute, and unafraid of pirates, raiders, other corporations, or the mysteries of uncharted space.

These same pilots dauntlessly explored Omist, Impass and Feythabolis regions as part of the Xetic Federation [XF] and, after the fall of XF, AWE became a Charter corporation of Ascendant Frontier [ASCN]. Having survived many wars, including the BoB war which brought about the dissolution of ASCN, they partnered with Dragon's Rage and gave birth to Intrepid Crossing [IRC], a 0.0 alliance, originally affiliated with an AWE Empire recruiting corporation.

Initially forced to pay tribute to BoB, IRC rebelled and joined with Coalition forces against BoB and allies. Alas, at the time, BoB was simply too strong. Despite months of heroic warfare against the vastly superior BoB capital fleet of Titans, Motherships, Carriers and Dreads, IRC lost its two Outposts in Feythabolis. To add insult to injury, even temporary respite was not to be found in Omist and a trap resulted in even further losses.

After the constant attacks by BoB, the loss of 2 Outposts, and being driven out of 2 homes by overwhelming forces, most alliances would have crumbled. Instead, with an incredible dare I say, Intrepid determination, our members emerged even more dedicated and committed.

Intrepid Crossing [IRC] alliance made the Intrepid Crossing to Drone Space in the Northeast, built several Outposts, developed a powerful capital fleet, and became a top Alliance in both size and power.

Alas, it was not meant to last, despite impossible odds we held out for months with over two dozen alliances siegeing our space. Currently we are residing in Cobalt Edge.

We are Crossing over into being yet another major player in EVE. This will be exciting, dangerous, exhilarating, and FUN! Do you have what it takes to join us?

Intrepid Crossing, IRC, is accepting applications from corporations. While not actively and openly recruiting, we are accepting exceptional corporations. We currently reside in Cobalt Edge and enjoy daily PvP roaming and while not in Home Defense or Offensive operations pilots can do as they wish. We support members in all aspects of game play from Wormholes to Mining and Ratting. If you do not meet the minimum requirement and think that you would be a good match, or meet the requirements and would like to schedule an interview, feel free to contact a diplomat.

Contact: Kamikazie; Axexut; Z0batar

Minimum requirements:

Pilots - 50
Dreads Capable Pilots - 5
Self Sufficient Industry

Incentives and Bonuses:
2 Stations
2 Constellations
I-Hubs and upgrades installed for the corps.
Alliance Dreads handed out to corps before operations.
Low Taxes
Forums / Website / Vent Server
Custom Web tools written for exclusive IRC use.
Contact a Diplo for a complete list

Ghost Prophet
Mugen Industry International
Tricell Coalition
Posted - 2009.12.16 04:42:00 - [2]

Nice to see IRC with some sov and recruiting again.

Free bump and cheers from ex-IRC black ops. ;)

Hellfury Resurrected
Posted - 2009.12.16 05:19:00 - [3]

Intrepid Crossing RELOADED??? Shocked

Doraxis Blie
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.12.16 11:57:00 - [4]

I have been in Intrepid Crossing for almost 3 years, and it has had it's ups and downs. What alliance hasn't? From the trip out to Feythobolis, to our current residence in Cobalt Edge, the trip has been full of drama, adventure, comedy, action, and theme music. All the things necessary for a good movie.

Resiliency, determination, and just plain stubbornness mark the core group of folks that I am proud to fly with, the guys that make IRC what it is. Teetering on the brink of extinction after our rout from Etherium Reach, they pulled themselves together, once again, to rebuild and renew.

Some thing are the same from before, some are new and different. Hopefully we have shed the bad habits and started all good ones. Time will tell. And time, is the test of all things. IRC, has stood that test, and still stands. I stand with them.

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.12.16 19:41:00 - [5]

Thanks for the kind words guys, were still taking applications.

Doraxis Blie
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.12.17 12:27:00 - [6]

intrepid \in-TREP-id\ , adjective;
1.Fearless; bold; brave; undaunted; courageous; as, an intrepid soldier; intrepid spirit.

HongHi Choi
AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.12.18 10:45:00 - [7]

Edited by: HongHi Choi on 18/12/2009 10:45:44
Although I'm still a little green in the big team (about 6 months or so), I can claim that you will find some of the oldest characters and most skilled players in eve here. Whether it's FCing, PvP, PvE, production or whatever is your favourite flavour of eve, these guys know it well and do it all at a grand scale.

Nowdays, IRC has a lot of activity, active communication, clear goals, and is forming up a steady team. With the recent adition of M-X and SFEP corporations, our path towards becoming an elite force in eve universe just got a lot shorter.

Not everyone can take the heat though. Can you?

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.12.19 00:27:00 - [8]

IRC is still taking applications, do you think you have what it takes?

AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.12.19 16:34:00 - [9]

Thanks Ghost!

The next age of IRC is beginning!

Research Associates
Posted - 2009.12.19 18:26:00 - [10]

Very Happy

Omie Achinarse
Posted - 2009.12.20 05:07:00 - [11]

Good people, good fun. ..... and cookies

AWE Corporation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.12.23 22:03:00 - [12]

Let's not forget the punch and pie!

Eye of God
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2009.12.24 04:35:00 - [13]

/me respectfully salutes old mates

Lord Nagumo
Posted - 2009.12.29 16:21:00 - [14]

Maybe you could send me a message in game I am new to eve but looking for a corp if you do not need new members then I guess ill go somewhere else but if you do need fresh meat for the grinder ill be happy sign up.

Posted - 2009.12.31 20:32:00 - [15]

Big Green Blob on Verite Map!


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