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Posted - 2009.12.14 21:49:00 - [1]

As a fan of the game, I have to say it is a great experience and I have never played a game so deep.

As a fellow game developer I have to say CCP has done a great job in the technology, the way the game looks, how the game plays, and in assembling such a great team of talented people.

As a forum user I have to say CCP is terrible, they have no clue what they are doing and should go commit suicide by driving off a cliff with all of their family in the car. Cool story bro, can I has your stuff, 1/10, first, tl;dc.


Empyrean Age:

- I didn't have the standings base setup that older character have so when you also nerfed piracy in the “serious security” business, it was very difficult to 'repair' my security status.

+ I joined the faction war, and it was a good addition to the game for me.

Quantum Rise:

- I enjoyed a crow doing 15k for about 6 hours before the patch was deployed, then it was nerfed.

- I was tired of the pointless fights in the faction war and turned back to piracy, so the faction war occupying so much of low sec became something difficult to deal with.


- The new stealth bomber is really cool and much easier to fly, but you got rid of my difficult to fly killing machine.

- I was in the Falcon for a month before it was nerfed.

- You made scanning easier, which is also cool, but making it so easy made it much more popular and watered down one of my main focuses in the game.

+ Wormholes are great.


- The Moros was nerfed, luckily I had enough notice to stop training for it. (month out)

- The Titans super weapon being able to be used in low sec is a guarantee that I will never undock in low sec and agro anything in a capital ship. (WTS fit Moros, unfit Thanatos w/fighters)

- The sov mechanics looked super cool, but the price tag on the sov disruptor is LAME! It is just another thing to carebear the crap out of null sec.

+ The faction ships are now awesome!

/// Final Verdict \\\

Since I started playing Eve, every patch has made low sec living more and more difficult. The Titan's super weapon being able to be used in low sec is the final straw. I can not beat people who tailor the game rules to meet their needs. Instead of pushing me to null sec, I have been pushed into to high sec.

Virgil Travis
Posted - 2009.12.14 21:55:00 - [2]

The use of the Titan super weapon was removed from low sec with the last patch, they realised the error and have at least corrected that, so you may wish to hold off selling your caps right away.

Gun Gal
Posted - 2009.12.14 21:57:00 - [3]

Edited by: Gun Gal on 14/12/2009 21:58:47

From the Dominion 1.0.2 patchnotes.

Titan Doomsday Devices can no longer fire in low security space. They are restricted to null security only.


they realized thier error and fixed it.

most developers would wait to read the patchnotes, before they started a post just to whine.

therefore your a poor developerVery Happy

Destination SkillQueue
Are We There Yet
Posted - 2009.12.14 22:00:00 - [4]

L2Rpatchnotes & enjoy highsec.


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